How to Use SocialBee to Create the Perfect Social Media Content Strategy



Are you currently looking for effective ways on how to create a content strategy for social media? To achieve social media success, you’ll need a powerful social media content calendar under your belt and a tool to get you on the right track. 

With the help of SocialBee, a top-rated social media management tool, crafting a social media content strategy can be both simple and straightforward. In this article, we’ll show how you can use SocialBee to create an effective content plan that will increase engagement, reach more customers, and grow your brand’s presence. 

We’ll also discuss how to get started with the perfect content strategy and how to use SocialBee to craft it. So let’s get into it!

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Do Social Media Content Batching

Discover how to plan and diversify your social media posts with an actionable step-by-step guide on content batching.

SocialBee Content Batching Worksheet

Table of Contents

What Is SocialBee?

SocialBee is an all-in-one social media management tool that allows you to create, schedule and share your posts across all your accounts from one place.

  • It allows you to manage your presence on various platforms, helps you achieve your business objectives by being consistent on social media, and provides you with the tools and insights necessary to create, schedule and publish your content.
  • SocialBee’s AI content generation feature is also a game-changer, since it allows you to generate social media posts, summarizations, and ads from product descriptions without any effort and as quickly as possible.
  • The robust team collaboration feature that allows you to leave feedback points via internal notes, invite users and assign new roles, and use a content approval feature to make sure that the content is perfect.

With SocialBee, it’s never been easier to have a successful and consistent social media marketing strategy. With our app, you’ll be able to schedule and publish content to Facebook pages, groups, and profiles, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google Business Profiles, TikTok, and YouTube. 

What You Need to Do Before Creating Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Creating a spot-on social media strategy is important for all businesses, regardless of size. A well-crafted strategy can help you attract more customers and help you become a thought leader in your industry. With time, your bold social media objectives will come true if you will choose to stick to them.

Stand out from the competition by creating unique content that resonates with your social media audience. 

Here are five steps you need to take before creating your social media marketing strategy:

  1. Start by setting your social media goals
  2. Define your target audience
  3. Choose the best social platforms for your brand
  4. Discover your social media content pillars
  5. Establish guidelines for your social media strategy

1. Start by Setting Your Social Media Goals

Before kickstarting the content strategy process, it is important to set clear and achievable social media goals. Goals will help you determine how much you should be investing in social media marketing, how to structure your content calendar, and how often you should post new content. 

It is also important to make sure that your goals are SMART, so that you can keep a close eye on the the success of your campaigns. The efficiency of your social media content strategy depends on this.

Here are some social media goals worth considering:

  • Increase brand awareness 
  • Drive traffic to your website via social platforms 
  • Generate qualified leads from social media channels 
  • Improve engagement levels

2. Define Your Target Audience

A vital component of a great social media content strategy is defining a target audience. Doing audience research will allow you to know who you are trying to reach across your social platforms. Ultimately, this will help you craft targeted content that resonates with them, thus improving your social media metrics. 

To reach the right audience, it’s crucial to consider how different types of content will affect them, and how it can be tailored accordingly. 

SocialBee Analytics - demographic data fans

Get to know your audience by leveraging SocialBee’s demographic data!

Start our 14-day trial now!

With SocialBee, you can get a deeper glimpse into your audience’s demographic information, such as age and language distribution, and take note of the content types they prefer to see from you.

Here are three ways to define your target audience:

  • Based on demographics – Define your audience’s age, gender, location, and income in order to identify who you should be targeting with your content strategy. This information will help you build reliable buyer personas.
  • Based on interests – Use analytics tools to discover the topics, brands, and content types that are more likely to resonate with your potential customers. That way, you’ll be able to create content that directly appeals to them. 
  • Based on behavior – Look at how your audience behaves online using monitoring tools and discover how they interact with different types of media. This will help you understand how best to reach them through your content strategy.
[Free Template] Buyer Personas in Social Media

Discover all there is to know about creating your very own buyer persona and learn how to do it like a pro by downloading our free template.

buyer persona template

3. Choose the Best Social Platforms for Your Brand

Choosing the right social channels to promote your brand is an underrated yet vital step before actually creating social media content. In fact, developing a successful social media content calendar is heavily reliant on how well you identify the channels your audience is showing interest in. 

For example, Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest are perfect for visually-oriented brands. Meanwhile, LinkedIn is perfect for professionals looking to establish themselves as thought leaders in their industries. 

Here’s how you can identify the best social platforms for your brand:

  • Identify the ones that are actively being used by your target audience
  • Research which platforms work for your competitors
  • Consider your social media goals and think about how efficient each platform is for your specific needs

Once you have identified the platforms you should use, you can begin crafting your content strategy with SocialBee.

SocialBee makes it very easy for businesses, entrepreneurs, NGOs, and creators to create effective social media marketing strategy. The platform provides automated solutions for creating and scheduling posts, streamlining teamwork, and leveraging analytics to understand how well each post performs.

4. Discover Your Social Media Content Pillars

Creating content pillars is a detail worth noting if you want to build a great social media marketing strategy. 

As far as the types of content you create are concerned, they should reflect your business’s values, mission, and goals and what your audience wants to know or consume in terms of content.

Here are three examples of content pillars:

  • Quality content – Ensure that the content you’re posting resonates with your audience and is high-quality. It should be relevant, engaging and it should give people an incentive to share it.
  • Variety – Focus on providing variety so that your followers don’t get bored or overwhelmed by your content. SocialBee’s content categories should help you achieve this in no time. Create categories around written content, educational content, video content, or even quizzes and polls. You can also use the 4-1-1 rule for optimal results.
  • Consistency – Maintain a consistent posting schedule across all platforms in order to build a solid relationship with your followers. For great results, try content batching and make sure you always post at the best times, according to your own analytics or by following the guidance of social media experts.

SocialBee makes it especially easy to establish your content pillars. Through its insightful analytics, you can easily identify your content pillars while analyzing how well your posts are performing.

Additionally, SocialBee provides insights into how different post formats or times work best for your target audience as well as which topics garner the most engagement from followers. With such helpful information at hand, you can quickly determine which content pillars to focus.

Use the 4-1-1 Rule to Diversify Your Content Mix

As mentioned above, the 4-1-1 rule has become a staple when it comes to content creation. 

According to this rule, for every six posts you create on your social media channels four should either entertain or educate, one should be a “soft sell,” and one should be a “hard sell”. 

Here’s what each post type means:

  • Entertaining – Share lighthearted content, such as memes, trivia, or inspirational quotes.
  • Educational – Create tutorials, how-to videos, or articles that can be valuable to your audience.
  • Soft Sell – Discuss promotions, special offers, or events without trying to sell. For example, showcasing a new product or service in a subtle way.
  • Hard Sell – Highlight the advantages of a product or service, use strong calls-to-action, or offer limited-time deals to encourage sales.

5. Establish Guidelines for Your Social Media Strategy

Before your social media team starts creating a content strategy, it’s important to establish some basic guidelines first. Once you decide to follow clear guidelines, your social media activities will remain consistent with your overall business objectives. 

Here are three examples of social media strategy guidelines:

  • Find your tone of voice
  • Define your visual identity
  • Prioritize community management

A. Find Your Tone of Voice

Finding your tone of voice can improve your social media marketing efforts. How? By establishing you as an industry expert and making you instantly recognizable across your chosen channels.

Here are three ways to find your tone of voice: 

  • Consider your brand’s personality – As you start crafting content for social media, take the time to think about what your brand stands for.  What’s your brand’s personality? How do you want to be perceived by your target audience? What emotions do you want to evoke with your content?
  • Get inspired by other brands – How are your main competitors expressing themselves online? Furthermore, how is their audience responding to them? This should give you an idea about what kind of tone and language you should use.
  • Keep your target audience in mind – Keep your target customer in mind at all times and create content that speaks to them directly. Use language and incentives that appeal to their interests and needs and do it with confidence.

B. Define Your Visual Identity

Brands can easily reinforce their visual identity across any given social media platform by consistently using visuals that complement their brand’s identity. 

To start, add your logo to each social media graphic you intend to post, use your company colors, fonts, and search for some fitting photographs or illustrations that will give you a unified look across your channels. 

SocialBee and Canva Integration Create high-quality visuals in Canva directly from the SocialBee app.

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SocialBee makes this easy to achieve, thanks to the Canva integration we have in place. Design visuals directly from our platform and obtain a consistent and instantly recognizable look and feel for your brand on all of your social media accounts.

C. Don’t Forget About Community Management

Doing proper community management can be a challenge, even for the most established brands. Unsure where to start? We have some tips for you!

Here are three community management best practices:

  • Stay active – Remaining active on each platform can be the recipe for success. Always make sure to promptly respond to comments and messages, follow relevant influencers in your industry, and publish posts consistently by using a content calendar.
  • Connect with your audience – It’s important to understand who your target audience is so that you can speak their language. Then, make sure to always have a respectful and friendly tone. No one appreciates a brand that uses a patronizing tone. Instead, aim to connect and build relationships with them by consistently keeping them engaged and on their toes.
  • Encourage engagement – Encourage engagement by asking questions, hosting giveaways and contests, or collaborating with industry influencers. This will get more people talking about you and your brand. 

How to Craft Your Entire Social Media Content Strategy with SocialBee 

Crafting your entire social media content strategy with SocialBee is worth it because it eliminates the time-consuming tasks out of your workflow and helps you manage all your social accounts from one dashboard.  

With SocialBee, you can easily create a content calendar that aligns with your business goals, manage your team, and monitor your content performance in real time..

Here are the 10 steps when crafting your entire social media content strategy with SocialBee:

  1. Sign up for a free SocialBee account.
  2. Connect your social media accounts to SocialBee.
  3. Invite team members and assign roles.
  4. Create content categories for all your content pillars.
  5. Set a posting schedule for your content categories.
  6. Organize your hashtags in collections.
  7. Create your content in batches.
  8. Design & import your visuals from SocialBee.
  9. Monitor your social media analytics.
  10. Adjust and improve your strategy.

1. Sign Up for a Free SocialBee Account

First things first, you should create a SocialBee account. Luckily, the 14-day free trial is waiting for you with open arms. 

Here are the steps to creating a free SocialBee account:

  • Click the “Sign Up here” link
  • Enter your email address and create a strong password
  • Enjoy our 14-day free trial

2. Connect Your Social Media Accounts to SocialBee

The next step would be to choose the social media platforms you want to connect to SocialBee. 

Right now, SocialBee allows you to connect your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google Business Profile, TikTok, and YouTube accounts and manage them from one place.

SocialBee dashboard

Manage your social media presence from one place: SocialBee!

Start your 14-day free trial today!

Here’s how you can connect your social media accounts to SocialBee:

  • After creating your account, the Onboarding Wizard will prompt you to connect your first social media profile
  • If you skipped the initial onboarding, go to Dashboard
  • Under “Connect a new profile”, select your desired social media platform
  • Authorize SocialBee’s access to your account
  • Start creating, posting, and scheduling content to your profile/page/group like a pro

Create, Schedule, and Post all Your Social Media Content with SocialBee!


3. Invite Team Members and Assign Roles

Before we start, you should know that inviting team members and assigning roles is a functionality that is only available on the Pro plan. Please note that during the 14-day free trial you get to enjoy all of the benefits of having a Pro plan.

To start, each invited user will have a different set of permissions, according to their status. At SocialBee, we offer four different types of roles (Owner, Manager, Publisher, Contributor).

Here’s how you can invite team members to your workspace:

  • Open the Settings drop-down menu
  • Go to Workspace Users
  • Press the “Add new users” button
  • Enter the person’s email address
  • Select their user role
  • Press the “Invite” button

4. Create Content Categories for All Your Content Pillars

Leveraging the power of content categories can be a game-changer. SocialBee allows you to create content categories for all your content pillars and finally get organized.

SocialBee Content Categories

Create a content category for every type of social media post you plan to share on your accounts and stay organized while planning your content with ease.

Start your 14-day free trial at SocialBee today!

Here’s how you can create a content category in SocialBee:

  • Go to the “Content” menu to see your existing categories, including the preset ones
  • Click the “Create Category” button in the upper-right corner of the screen
  • From the new window, you’ll see 3 different tabs
  • Select the “Setup Category” tab to add a name, description, and color to your new category
  • Select the “Default Settings” tab to change the preset settings of the category’s posts
  • Select the “URL Settings” tab to edit the category’s short links or UTMs

Also, make sure to use content categories in a way that matches the 4-1-1 rule. This rule is going to update your social strategy and keep your audience properly engaged.

Example: Let’s say you are a business coach that specializes in providing digital marketing consulting for small business owners. Here is how you could use the 4-1-1 rule to establish your content pillars and design your social media content strategy:

Content Pillar

Content Idea

Post Example

Promotional Posts (Hard-Sell)

Announce a new product launch

“Excited to announce the launch of my digital marketing guide! 

As a business coach, my goal is to help small businesses navigate the digital world and increase their online presence. 

To celebrate the launch, I’m offering a limited-time 10% discount on all my digital marketing consulting services. 

Get your hands on my guide and let’s work together to attract more customers to your business.”

Educational Posts

Offer your followers 3 strategies to improve their time management skills

“Many people struggle with time management, but the good news is that there are simple strategies you can use to improve your skills. 

In this post, we’ll explore five effective strategies that you can start using today to make the most of your time.”

  1. Set clear goals and priorities – Understand what you want to achieve and which tasks are most important. Then, set clear goals and priorities and organize your to-do list around those goals.
  1. Use a timer to stay focused – One of the most effective ways to improve your time management skills is to use a timer. Set a timer for a specific amount of time and focus on a single task without any distractions. 
  1. Take regular breaks – Taking regular breaks can help you stay focused and productive throughout the day. 

Inspirational Posts

Encourage your followers to have a positive mindset in digital marketing

As a small business, you might encounter a few stumbling blocks here and there. Don’t let that discourage you.

Instead, embrace the challenges and see them as opportunities to learn and grow. Remember why you started out in the first place.

As for your failures, they can be your greatest teachers. There is no right way to do digital marketing, so you’ll always have to experiment with various strategies and see what works and what doesn’t.

Lastly, set some audacious goals! We know it’s scary, but it’s totally worth it! You got this!”

Interactive Posts

Challenge your followers with a digital marketing quiz

“We have a three-question quiz for you. Do you accept the challenge?

What does SEO stand for?

a) Social Engineering Optimization

b) Search Engine Optimization

c) Social Engagement Optimization

d) Search Engine Outreach

Which social media platform has the largest number of active users?

a) Instagram

b) Facebook

c) Twitter

d) LinkedIn

What is the purpose of content marketing?

a) To promote products and services directly

b) To create engaging content for social media

c) To provide valuable information to attract and retain customers

d) To increase website traffic through paid ads

Let us know your answers in the comment section below!”

Fun Posts

Share an epic digital marketing fail with your followers

True story: I once had a client who thought that ‘SEO’ stood for ‘Some Extra Olives’ 🍕🤦‍♀️ Don’t worry, I set them straight and now their website is ranking #1 on Google.

Moral of the story: even if you’re not a digital marketing expert, don’t be afraid to ask for help! I’m here to make sure your business is on the right track (and that you don’t confuse SEO with pizza toppings).” 😂👨‍💼👩‍💼

Promotional Posts (Soft-Sell)

Let your audience know why they should hire a digital marketing coach

“Did you know that hiring a digital marketing coach can be a valuable investment for your business?

By working with a coach, you can save time and resources, stay up-to-date with the latest trends, and achieve better results. 

If you’re interested in learning more, contact us today to see how we can help you achieve digital marketing success!”

5. Set a Posting Schedule for Your Content Categories

SocialBee’s posting schedule is widely recognized as a must-have for any marketer. You can easily create valuable content and see all your upcoming posts from one place, namely the Schedule Setup.

SocialBee posting schedule

View and adjust your posting schedule from SocialBee’s social media content calendar.

Start your 14-day free trial at SocialBee today!

Here’s how you can set up your posting schedule for your content categories:

  • Navigate to “Schedule Setup” from the left-side menu
  • Select either “Calendar View” or “Compact View”
  • Click anywhere to start scheduling your categories
  • Define your posting time by selecting your desired profiles, choosing the correct category, and the desired day and posting time
  • Click the “Create” button and see your category scheduled

Establish Your Social Media Posting Frequency

Knowing when to post and how often usually makes the difference between successful brands and those that are struggling to make it to the top. For that, we’ve decided to share with you the best social media posting times.

Optimize Your Social Media Posting Schedule!

Download the Best Times to Post on Social Media sheet and start adjusting your content calendar for maximum engagement.
best posting times sheet

6. Organize Your Hashtags In Collections

If you’re still writing or copy-pasting hashtags to your posts as you go, we’ve got some news for you. You don’t have to do that anymore. 

Get organized with SocialBee’s hashtag collections. Save time and mix and match your collections so as to not get shadowbanned by social media algorithms.

SocialBee hashtag dashboard

Save all your hashtags in dedicated collections and add them to your posts with just a few clicks.

Start your 14-day free trial at SocialBee today!

Here’s how you can organize your hashtags in collections:

  • Go to “Content”
  • Go to “Hashtag Collections”
  • Click on “+ Add Hashtag Collections”
  • Give your hashtag collection a name and add them to your category
  • Click the “Create” button

Also, here’s how you can add a hashtag collection to your latest social media post:

  • Go to “Add Post”
  • Create your post like you normally do
  • When you’re done, click the “#” symbol in the lower-right corner of the description box
  • Select a saved hashtag collection
  • Click the “+Save post” button

Last, but not least, did you know that SocialBee has a full-blown hashtag generator? Put it to the test as soon as your social media copy is ready. Based on your image and copy, our generator will give you the best hashtags for your content.

7. Create Your Content in Batches

Have you ever heard of content batching? It is an increasingly popular practice of creating content in large quantities. 

It saves you time, increases productivity, and helps you be consistent across all social channels. With SocialBee, you can start batching your content weeks in advance. 

How to Create Social Media Content with SocialBee’s AI Post Generator

The prevalence of AI technology has caused an ongoing uproar across various industries, including on social media.

What if we told you that you can generate as many social media post captions and ideas as you like? No effort on your part, just a compelling prompt and the creative power of artificial intelligence.

With SocialBee’s AI post generator, you can achieve just that, and so much more. However, you’re going to have to learn how to use it to enjoy its clever outputs.

Here is how you can create social media content with SocialBee’s AI post generator:

  1. Access SocialBee’s 1K+ AI prompt library and personalize
  2. Select your brand voice
  3. Choose the number of approximate words
  4. Include hashtags or emojis
  5. Insert the number of posts you need
1. Access SocialBee’s 1K+ AI Prompt Library and Personalize

If you lack the knowledge of how to leverage AI for content creation, then you’ll certainly find SocialBee’s 1K+ AI prompts useful for your upcoming social media marketing endeavors.

This powerful content generator for social media enables you to select and customize prompts tailored to diverse social media platforms, industries, and post categories. Additionally, you can use the AI tool to summarize, edit, rephrase, clarify, or elaborate any information you feed it.

socialbee ai post generator Generate more social media captions and ideas than ever before with SocialBee’s 1K+ AI prompt collection.

Start your 14-day free trial today!

Sometimes the ideas that the AI suggests might be good, but they might not contain all the important information about your business. If that happens, you can help the AI by giving it more context, like what you do and what you sell.

To do this, you need to go to the “Your Prompt” box and either change or improve the initial prompt. It’s important to give the AI as many details as possible so that it can assist you better.

2. Select Your Brand Voice

Whenever you post something on social media, you should make sure that it sounds like something coming from your brand. This means that you should select a tone of voice that matches your brand voice.

SocialBee’s AI tool can help you do this easily. It lets you control how your social posts sound so that they match your brand’s personality.

Here are the tones of voice available on SocialBee’s AI post generator:

  • Polite
  • Witty
  • Enthusiastic
  • Friendly
  • Informational
  • Funny
  • Motivating
  • Assertive
  • Casual
  • Professional
  • Serious
  • Technical
  • Confident
  • Conversational
  • Curious
  • Detailed
  • Educational
  • Formal
  • Neutral
  • Poetic
3. Choose the Number of Approximate Words

Next, you should think of how long or short your social media posts needs to be.

For instance, if you need to write a detailed how-to post for Facebook, make sure to select a generous amount of words. If you need a short and sweet caption for an Instagram photo, choosing around 7-8 words should certainly help.

4. Include Hashtags or Emojis

If you’re uncertain about what kind of hashtags and emojis to use for your next social media post, rely on SocialBee’s AI generator to help you out.

Before generating the posts, make sure to toggle the “Generate hashtags” and “Include emoji” buttons. If they’re green, then you can expect some pretty epic hashtag and emoji suggestions.

5. Insert the Number of Posts You Need

Finally, you should insert the number of posts you need for your social media accounts.

Let the AI know and insert at least 3 posts for good measure. Once they’re generated, read them carefully and try to rephrase them in a way that makes sense to your brand. 


Once you’re ready to post the caption to your social media channels, make sure to create a SocialBee account. That way, you can easily create your upcoming posts, plan them according to each social platform you use, and schedule them with the help of SocialBee’s schedule setup.

The best part about having a paid SocialBee account? You can finally take control of your social media presence and limit the time you spend on content creation and manual posting. Start your 14-day free trial now and use AI daily, no credit card required.

Lastly, if you wish to test the magic of AI, make sure to try our AI post generator for free and see for yourself exactly what it’s capable of.

How to Batch Social Media Content 

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to do content batching on Facebook:


Posting Frequency: Three times a week

Best Posting Times: Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 8 AM – 1 PM

Week 1 

  • Step 1: Create a Facebook post about the benefits of one of your products/services and schedule it for Tuesday at 9 AM. 
  • Step 2: Create a Facebook post about a motivational quote that inspires you and schedule it for Wednesday at 10 AM.
  • Step 3: Post a “fill in the blank” post (example: If I was on a desert island, I will take with me the following three items: (____, ____, ____.) and schedule it for Thursday at 12 PM.

Week 2 

  • Step 1: Create an educational Facebook post about an interesting industry statistic and schedule it for Tuesday at 8 AM.
  • Step 2: Create a Facebook meme about a cliche from your industry and schedule it for Wednesday at 10 AM.
  • Step 3: Create a Facebook post to share one of your blog posts and schedule it for Thursday at 12 PM.

Week 3 

  • Step 1: Create a Facebook post about the importance of using a product/service like yours and schedule it for Tuesday at 10 AM.
  • Step 2: Create a Facebook quiz about the top 3 misconceptions in your industry and schedule it for Wednesday at 9 AM.
  • Step 3: Create a Facebook Reel to share your latest giveaway and schedule it for Thursday at 11 AM.

Week 4 

  • Step 1: Create a Facebook Reel of a client testimonial and schedule it for Tuesday at 8 AM.
  • Step 2: Create a Facebook post featuring a set of photos of your team having fun at the office and schedule it for Wednesday at 12 PM.
  • Step 3: Create a Facebook post to share one of your blog posts and schedule it for Thursday at 10 AM.

Get access to the entire guide below and set your social media strategy for success!t

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Do Social Media Content Batching

Discover how to plan and diversify your social media posts with an actionable step-by-step guide on content batching.

SocialBee Content Batching Worksheet

Customize Your Posts for Each Social Platform

Despite sharing some common features, social media platforms are highly distinct from one another. While on Facebook, hashtags don’t have a significant impact, on Twitter they can boost post visibility and help users find content on certain topics. 

Hence, it’s usually necessary to create separate posts for each platform, taking into consideration its specific requirements and recommended practices.

SocialBee allows you to create a single post and customize it for all the social profiles you manage. This eliminates the need to produce multiple posts to adjust your tone and messaging for each platform and profile.

Here’s how you can customize your posts for each social platform:

  • Open a new post or edit an existing one and go through the usual steps of creating one
  • Click on the “Customize for each profile” button beneath the post editor
  • Once you clicked it, you’ll be able to see the posts separated by each social channel you’ve selected
  • Edit each post variation to fit each platform’s requirements
  • Click the “+Save Post” button once you’re done

SocialBee Post Preview

Adjust your social media posts for each platform to enhance their performance to the max.

Start your 14-day free trial at SocialBee today!

8. Design & Import Your Visuals from SocialBee

With Canva’s drag-and-drop design tools, social media managers around the world can create visually appealing social media templates. This saves you quite a lot of time and helps you to do content batching at a much faster pace.

Using SocialBee’s Canva integration, you can automate and schedule posts in advance. Canva integration also lets you easily create and import captivating visuals directly from SocialBee for a more efficient posting process. Create Canva graphics directly from SocialBee for a quicker posting process.

Here’s how to design & import your Canva visuals from SocialBee:

  • Select your profile from the post editor
  • Add your caption
  • Click the “Canva” button to open the integration
  • Search through templates or browse your folders to create a new visual
  • Click the “Add in SocialBee” button once you’re done

⚠️ Important: Designs created in SocialBee via Canva are treated as one-off designs, and will NOT be added to your Canva account. For them to be saved, please use a pre-existing design you have created outside of SocialBee. ⚠️

SocialBee and Canva Integration

Design and import your social media visuals with Canva directly from SocialBee’s post editor.

Start your 14-day free trial at SocialBee today!

Curate Free Stock Photography and Dynamic GIFs with Unsplash and GIPHY

In addition to Canva, SocialBee also provides users with Unsplash and GIPHY integrations. Both are outstanding when you need to create quick content for your online followers. 

With Unsplash, you can curate free stock, high-quality photography that is on-brand and ready to be shared at any moment’s notice. As for GIPHY, it provides an impressive library of dynamic GIFs for more lighthearted posts.

GIPHY Integration in SocialBee

Don’t have time to design a social media graphic? Search for a free-stock image or a fun GIF straight from SocialBee to complement your copy.

Start your 14-day free trial at SocialBee today!

Here’s how to use SocialBee’s Unsplash integration:

  • From the post editor, click the Unsplash logo beneath the post description
  • Use the search bar to find the free stock photos you’re looking for
  • Once you found it, select it and it will be added to your post
  • Click the “+Save Post” button once you’re done

Here’s how to use SocialBee’s GIPHY integration:

  • From the post editor, click the GIPHY logo beneath the post description
  • Use the search bar to find the free GIFs you’re looking for
  • Once you found one, select it and it will be added to your post
  • Click the “+Save Post” button once you’re done

9. Monitor Your Social Media Analytics

They say that analytics are a marketer’s best friend. SocialBee surely understands the assignment and offers its users insightful analytics for each of their social profiles.

Here’s the kind of data you can track with SocialBee:

  • Audience demographics – The distribution of your followers based on their age, gender, or location 
  • Page analytics – Follows, unfollows, and engagement levels (how many likes, comments, and shares your posts get)
  • Post analytics – The number of impressions (number of times your content was shown), reach (number of people who saw your posts), engagement (clicks, likes, comments, and shares), average post performance (engagement during a specific time frame), best-performing content (top 3 post types, content types, and categories)

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10. Adjust & Improve Your Strategy

Once you’ve learned how to leverage the information provided by analytics, you’ll notice that you’ll have an easier time improving your existing strategy.

Here are three easy ways to adjust and improve your strategy:

  • Identify new customer segments – To achieve this you can try conducting surveys or focus groups to leverage new insights about your latest customer segment. Furthermore, use data analytics to get some insights into customer behavior.
  • Conduct a content audit – Analyze the content you’ve produced in the past to determine what has worked and what hasn’t. This will help you make informed decisions when deciding which content types to pursue.
  • Revise your existing goals – Take a closer look at your current goals and see whether they are still aligned with your business strategy. You can also consult with stakeholders to get their input as well or identify new marketing opportunities, such as new social media channels.

Frequently Asked Questions

A social media content strategy is the process of planning, creating, and promoting your social media content. It’s the overall framework that dictates how, when, and what type of content you will post on each platform.

Before crafting a social media content strategy, it’s important to consider how much time and resources you can dedicate to creating and maintaining a consistent presence across all social platforms. 

A social media management tool is a platform that is designed to help you create a successful content strategy for social media.

Not only can it make your life easier by automating tedious tasks, such as creating and scheduling posts, but they also provide valuable insights into how well your content is performing.

The type of content you should focus on creating on social media depends on your goals, target audience, and the platform you are using.

Here are some types of content that typically perform well on social media:

  • Educational and informative content
  • Behind-the-scenes content
  • User-generated content
  • News and current events

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