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Create, edit, schedule, and post content on LinkedIn from one place. SocialBee is an all-in-one social media management tool that optimizes your social media workflow and improves your online presence.

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Share Your LinkedIn Content with SocialBee

Post on LinkedIn while maintaining a consistent social media presence on all your other platforms Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, YouTube, and Google Business Profile accounts.

With SocialBee you can post content on both LinkedIn personal profiles and LinkedIn company pages.

Supported Post Types

Text: Share your industry expertise with your online network.

Images: Add engaging visuals to your posts to boost your reach and engagement levels.

Video: Triple your social media engagement by posting video content for your online audience.

AI Post Generation

Streamline your LinkedIn strategy and generate unique, high-quality captions and images in seconds with SocialBee’s AI content generator.

Social Inbox

Streamline your community management by monitoring all your comments and mentions from a single social inbox. Engage with your LinkedIn network effortlessly and maintain a loyal following.

LinkedIn First Comment

Schedule your first comment at the same time as your LinkedIn posts.

Get ready to initiate an interesting conversation with your audience and keep the interaction going. 

Diversify Your Posts with Content Categories

Create content categories based on topics and maintain a solid mix of posts that will engage your audience.

Recycle Evergreen Posts

Some posts are too good to only share once. So, schedule them to post multiple times on your LinkedIn.

LinkedIn posting schedule
schedule LinkedIn content

Create a Posting Schedule for All Your Profiles

Create specific posting schedules for each one of your platforms.

Customize your posting times for each channel to optimize your reach and engagement.

Schedule & Expire Time-Sensitive Content

Some social media posts have a short life span.

So, schedule them to post and expire at a specific time, so you don’t have to worry about reposting them by mistake.

Import RSS Feeds

Import your RSS feed to SocialBee and the platform will automatically create LinkedIn posts for your articles. Just add your caption and share it on social media.

Generate Hashtags and Create Collections

Once you have the social media copy and visuals ready, SocialBee can recommend multiple hashtag ideas relevant for your content that you can organize in different collections.

Customize Your Posts

Create multiple variations of the same post, experiment with different formats and keep your evergreen content good as new.

Add Link Previews

Boost your LinkedIn posts’ visual appeal and engagement by effortlessly adding captivating image previews to your shared links.

Design Your Visuals

Too many open tabs? No worries, with SocialBee you can create and import your designs right from our platform.

How? With our Canva integrations.

Personalize Your Video Thumbnails

Capture your audience’s attention instantly by adding captivating thumbnails to your videos. Simply choose an intriguing frame from your video or add a customized visual to effortlessly pique your viewers’ interest.

Add GIFs and Stock Images to Your Posts

Don’t have time to design a new graphic?

Use Unsplash to find amazing stock-free images and click on the GIPHY button to choose from a generous library of fun GIFs.

Crop, Rotate, and Flip Your Images

Do your images need a little trimming? Well, now you can do that from the SocialBee platform.

You can also flip and rotate images to your liking, no photo editor needed.

Use Font Styling Options

Give your LinkedIn posts a little more personality with font styling options such as bold, italic, and strikethrough, and make sure you get your point across.

With SocialBee’s multiple integrations you can gather new content ideas, improve the way you publish content, and customize your links:

  • Content editors: Canva
  • Visual media: Unsplash and GIPHY
  • Content publishers: Zapier, Buffer, and Hootsuite
  • URL shorteners: Rebrandly, Bitly, RocketLink, JotURL, Replug, PixelMe, Switchy, and BL.INK. 
  • Content curation: Pocket and Quuu

Use a Top-Rated Platform Like SocialBee!

It only takes a few minutes to get started with SocialBee.
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Make Teamwork a Productive and Easy Process

Create the best possible LinkedIn content with the help of your team.

Workspaces & Users

Managing multiple companies at the same time can get overwhelming — but we will not allow it on our watch.

With SocialBee you can make separate workspaces for each one of your businesses and assign roles for every team member.

Content Approval

Save your social media posts as drafts and let your team review them.

To better collaborate with your team, use our internal notes feature to give additional information and provide feedback.

You can even tag specific users in your comments.

Concierge Services

Use SocialBee’s Concierge Services and get in touch with a social media specialist that will create and post content for you.

SocialBee team workflow

Monitor the Performance of Your LinkedIn Account

Analyze your social media progress by accessing your LinkedIn analytics from the SocialBee dashboard.

SocialBee LinkedIn analytics

Reach & Engagement

Check out your LinkedIn post analytics to see how many people you reached and how your audience interacted with your content (number of likes, comments, shares).

Audience Growth

Is increasing brand awareness on your marketing goals list?

Then you might want to monitor your audience growth.

Find out how many people started following your account and see if you are on the right track.

Post History

With so many social media platforms it is hard to remember what you have been posting on each channel.

With SocialBee, you can see your past posts in chronological order to assess your content strategy and plan diverse new LinkedIn posts.

PDF Export

Don’t waste time by creating social media reports manually!

From SocialBee, you can download your analytics in a PDF format that can be easily shared with your team members and clients.

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SocialBee is a great platform that allows us to organize the content and post on multiple social platforms.
matthias allred
Matthias Allred
Owner, Skyline Insurance Agency
SocialBee is the very best way to schedule your posts, besides having the very best customer service ever!
michael neuvirth
Michael Neuvirth
CEO, Accessible DIY
SocialBee is one of the most Powerful Social Media Content Marketing Tools in the industry.

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Asit Sharma
Founder, iMe & Nomadic Nerds
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