SocialBee for Non-Profits

Make a Positive Impact through Social Media

SocialBee is an affordable all-in-one social media management tool that brings all your content creation and distribution tasks to one place.

NGOs or non-profits can now bring awareness to meaningful causes—faster and easier than ever before.

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A Great Cause Calls for Amazing Social Media Management

Socialbee for nonprofits

Raise Awareness

Half of your job is to spread awareness about your NGO and highlight the importance of your cause.

With the help of a consistent posting schedule and a strong content strategy, you can educate your audience and inspire action.

Increase Donations

Businesses use social media every day to convert leads and boost sales.

So, why not use this marketing channel to do good and raise donations online without having to allocate your resources to organizing fundraising events. 

Build a Loyal Community

A consistent social media can help you increase your donor retention rates.

Keep your community engaged by sharing all your victories and accomplishments and showing your gratitude to your community of supporters.


of donors say that social media communication inspires them the most to give.

(Source: Global Trends in Giving Report)


of nonprofits worldwide say that social media is effective for online fundraising.

(Source: Global NGO Technology Report)


of NGOs worldwide regularly use social media to engage their supporters and donors.

(Source: Nonprofit Tech for Good)

Heroes Need Help Too!

If you’re a registered NGO, use the code DOGOOD50 at checkout and benefit from a 50% discount on all SocialBee tool plans!
Discount code: DOGOOD50

Overcome Your Social Media Content Challenges with SocialBee

Generate Content with AI

Say goodbye to the stress of social media content creation.

SocialBee allows you to generate images and posts based on prompts, summarize content, and turn product descriptions into promotional posts.

Plan Your Social Media Strategy with AI

With SocialBee’s Copilot, brands can seamlessly navigate social media planning by leveraging AI tailored recommendations on platforms, content types, and best posting times.

SocialBee scheduling functionalities

Maintain a Consistent Posting Schedule with Ease

Plan your posts ahead of time so you won’t have to constantly worry about sharing content for weeks at a time.

Create customized schedules for each platform, schedule posts in bulk, and visualize your content strategy in a calendar-like format.

Engage with Your Audience

Manage all of your social media comments and mentions from a central inbox without the stress of community management.

Respond promptly, acknowledge your audience, and turn followers into loyal donors.

Teamwork & Collaboration

Improve Team Work & Content Quality at Once

Invite team members to your workspace and start creating better content together.

Tag users to leave feedback and control the content that gets shared by editing, approving, or dismissing posts.

Measure Your Social Progress

Track your social media impact by monitoring both your page and content growth.

Keep an eye on your reach and engagement levels and discover new insights about your audience and best-performing content in real-time.

SocialBee for NGO
Quotation Created with Sketch.

Before trying SocialBee I had tried: HootSuite, Loomly, Sprout Social, Air Table, Buffer, Zoho, and more.

After spending an entire day trying platform after platform, getting frustrated by each one for a variety of reasons, I finally stumbled upon SocialBee.

From the moment I tried the platform, I was put at ease. It really worked! The onboarding process was clear and easy. The step-by-step instructions took me quickly and easily through the process.

As the leader of several nonprofits, I appreciate SocialBee because it truly helps lift up organizations and messages that are truly about saving our environment for present and future generations and giving constitutional power to secure true environmental justice.

Maya Rossum
Maya K. van Rossum
Founder of the Green Amendment For The Generations Movement, Leader of Delaware Riverkeeper Network & Author

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Get SocialBee's NGO Discount?

To benefit from SocialBee’s NGO discount, you have to run a registered non-profit/ NGO and use SocialBee to manage only your NGO’s social media accounts.

What If I Don't Own a Registered NGO?

If you don’t own a registered NGO, but you are still doing work that makes the world a better place, then you can get in touch with us and let us know why your work is important.

Email us at to apply for an exemption.

How Long Will the SocialBee Discount Be Available?

The discount will be available as long as you stay true to your cause and continue to make a change through your work.

NGOs and Non-Profits Love SocialBee!

Organizations like yours use SocialBee to share content across multiple social media platforms from one place.

14-day free trial, no credit card required

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SocialBee's content calendar with post ideas resource

Get the Social Media Content Calendar

Access 500+ content ideas, post examples, and Canva templates.

Use SocialBee’s Free AI Post Generator to create content for your social media profiles.

🎙️ Customizable tone of voice ❤️ Several variations to choose from 📄 1,000 pre-made AI prompts