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Whether you are a small business owner, a freelancer, or an entrepreneur, SocialBee has the features and plans to match both your needs and budget.

Make your life easier by having all the tools you need for creating, scheduling, and publishing your social media content in one intuitive platform.

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What Can You Do with SocialBee?

Stop waiting around for the perfect time to take your social media presence up a notch. SocialBee is here to do the heavy lifting! 


Run your social media accounts from one social media management platform.


Generate captions and images with AI and edit your social content from SocialBee.


Stay active on social media and post frequently to grow your following.


Engage with your audience, and track all your comments and mentions from one place.


Collaborate with your team by inviting users, assigning roles, and providing feedback.


Analyze your social media performance and export reports in PDF format.


Enhance Your Social Media Presence with Effortless Content Creation

SocialBee takes the hassle out of content creation, so you can easily create engaging posts that are tailored for each social platform.

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Generate captions and images based on prompts, summarize complex content, and turn your product descriptions into highly converting posts.

SocialBee’s Copilot serves as a digital social media manager, using AI to guide users in planning and scheduling content tailored to their brand.

Content Categories

Organize your posts into content folders for different topics and schedule them alternatively to surprise your followers with fresh posts.

Content Customization

Tweak each post to fit the best practices for each network, but still keep it linked to the same social media post.

Post Variations

Keep your social media evergreen content looking fresh and updated thanks to unlimited post variations.  

Bulk Editor​

Change multiple posts from one category at once: assign to more profiles, approve, delete, and more.

Emoji Collection

Click on the emoji icon to open up a list of emojis you can use from SocialBee’s content editor.

Hashtag Collection

Organize your hashtags in multiple categories and add them to your posts with a few clicks.

Hashtag Generator

Get your social media copy ready, add your image and allow SocialBee to generate the best hashtags for your content.

Post Previews

See exactly how your posts will look on each social network even before publishing.

Short URL Domains

Keep your links short and sweet with our integrations: Rebrandly, Bitly, RocketLink, JotURL, Replug, PixelMe, and BL.INK.

Image Alt Text

Make your social media posts accessible for everyone by adding alt text to your visuals from SocialBee.

First Comment Scheduling

Schedule and automatically post the first comment under your Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn posts.

Canva Designs

Our Canva integration allows you to design and import visuals directly from SocialBee’s content editor.

Free Stock Imagery

Make your posts pop with SocialBee’s Unsplash and GIPHY integrations—search, upload, and add amazing visuals to every post.

A Picture-Perfect Finish

Crop, flip, rotate images, and add the finishing touches to your visuals in no time.

Video Thumbnails

Choose intriguing frames or add custom thumbnails for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, and YouTube videos to boost viewership.  

LinkedIn Link Previews

By adding image previews to your LinkedIn shared links, you can instantly boost visual appeal and drive higher engagement rates. 


Take the "Hassle" Out of Social Media Posting

Stay one step ahead of the competition—plan a balanced mix of posts and set them to be shared on social media at the best times.

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Social Media Platforms

Schedule and share content on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google Business Profile, TikTok, and YouTube.

Customized Scheduling

Have full control over what gets posted on each one of your social media profiles thanks to the category-based calendar.

Re-Queue Posts

Don’t spend time scheduling the same content multiple times—set your top-performing content to be recycled.

Post at a Specific time

Schedule your time-sensitive posts at a specific date of your choosing and plan your content according to your marketing campaigns.

Post Expiration Features

Expire your posts after several shares or set content to be published until a specific date.

Content Calendar Overview

View all the social media posts you’ll be publishing over the next few days from a visual content calendar. 

Bulk Editing and Scheduling

Schedule, pause, and edit all the posts from a content category at once—change profiles, approve, delete, and more.


Increase Productivity with SocialBee's Team Collaboration Features

You don’t need multiple social media tools to manage all your businesses effectively.

With SocialBee, you can create different workspaces for every brand, invite team members, assign roles and permissions, provide feedback, and tag team members with just a few clicks.

SocialBee Workspaces and Users


Do you manage multiple brands? Keep everything organized with workspaces.

Users & Roles

Invite users to your workspace, assign them roles, and work together on editing content. 

Internal Post Comments

Go to the posts you want to review, add comments with your feedback and tag your team members.

Content Approval

See the latest posts that need your approval either by profile or content source.

Use a Top-Rated Platform Like SocialBee!

It only takes a few minutes to get started with SocialBee.
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Tap Into the Power of Analytics & Optimize Your Social Media Gameplan

Forget about using multiple social media management platforms to monitor your social media strategy. With SocialBee you can generate reports, track page growth, audience data, and post performance with ease.

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UTM Parameters

Set custom UTM and Ref parameters for each content category to track the links you’re sharing. 

Audience Status

Take a look at how fast your audience is growing on each social media platform and find out more about your followers’ demographics.

Page Analytics

Select a specific social media platform and a specific time frame to discover data about your activity and page growth.

Post Analytics

Keep track of your posting schedule and monitor your post reach (both paid and organic), engagement, and post evolution.

Content Category Metrics

Discover which content categories and topics engage your audience the most and use this data to create more successful posts.

Top Performing Posts

See the posts that got the most engagement over your selected period and identify the post type and content topics with the most results.

Daily Engagement Map

See how and when people engage with your content throughout the day (likes, comments, shares) visually on a heat or bubble map.

PDF Export

Generate PDF reports in seconds with all your social media analytics and share them with your team members and clients easier than ever.


Access Powerful Integrations

SocialBee integrates with link shorteners, design tools, task automation platforms, content curators, and more.

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Design Tool

Canva is here to help you design amazing graphics without any prior experience directly from SocialBee’s content editor.

GIFs & Stock Photography

Make your social media posts stand out with the perfect images from Unsplash and gifs from GIPHY, both accessible directly from SocialBee.

URL Shorteners

Shorten, track, and optimize your links with Bitly, Rebrandly, Replug, PixelMe, Switchy, RocketLink, BL.INK, and JotURL.

Content Curation

Use Pocket and Quuu to curate relevant content and share it with your social media audience via SocialBee.

Task Automation Tools

Zapier and Pabbly help you connect multiple apps and automate your social media tasks, so you can focus on your most important responsibilities.

More Content Publishers

Buffer and Hootsuite were previously used for direct posting on Instagram and Pinterest, but have remained available integrations till this day.

More Reasons to Try SocialBee

Manage all your comments and mentions from one social inbox—cultivate a loyal following without the hassle.

Multiple Import Options

SocialBee allows you to easily import multiple media files and lots of links into the same category in one go.

Email Notifications​

Choose to receive notifications whenever a post fails, an import is completed, a category becomes empty, and more.

RSS Feeds

Import your RSS feed to SocialBee to automatically share your newly published content on social media.

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