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Attract - Recruit - Engage

Support the student journey from application to graduation through consistent messaging and an active social media presence.

SocialBee - social media management tool for education
SocialBee for educational institutions
SocialBee - social media management tool for educational organizations
SocialBee - social media management tool for educational institutions

Stand Out from the Competition

Use your social media platforms to differentiate yourself from the competition, highlight your unique qualities, and draw in more students to your institution.

Increase Enrollment Rates

Attract and win over prospective students during recruitment week by effectively promoting your institution’s courses, facilities, and culture on social media throughout the year.

Engage with Future Students

Effectively engage with students, and provide support by managing your social media mentions and comments from one unified inbox.

Build an Academic Community

Leverage the power of social media to create an inclusive academic community. Allow students to easily share ideas, engage with them, and promote your values and mission through your social media content.


of students reported that they viewed social media college accounts.
Niche Senior Enrollment Survey


of students use social media to research colleges they are interested in.
The Social Admissions Report


of students believe  every college should have a social media presence.
EAB Survey

Build a Powerful Social Media Presence with SocialBee

Become a widely recognized educational organization by using social media to spread knowledge, prove your worth and monitor your reputation.

Manage Your Reputation

Be aware of conversations around your organization by monitoring your social media mentions. Pay attention to feedback and address concerns with ease.

Reinforce Your Academic Authority

Use social media as an extension of your classrooms. Share educational resources, studies, and helpful information that will establish your institution as an undeniable authority.

Showcase Alumni Success Stories

Stay in touch with your alumni community through social media. Foster a sense of pride and prove your impact by honoring the stories of accomplished graduates.


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Bring More Power to Your Educational Organization

Get all the support you need by utilizing social media platforms to your advantage.

Recruit Faculty, Staff, and Volunteers

Reach a wider audience and attract qualified candidates by sharing job openings and volunteering opportunities across all your social media platforms.

Collaborate Across Departments

Increase your social media productivity with SocialBee. Invite your team members from college and university staff, assign roles, and provide feedback with ease.

Raise Funds for Your Institution

Use social media to raise donations for academic projects that enhance the student experience. Run social campaigns, track your performance, and engage with donors from SocialBee.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How Is Social Media Used in Marketing Educational Systems?

Social media has become a crucial tool for marketing educational systems. It offers a powerful platform for educational institutions to advertise their programs and services, connect with students, enhance brand visibility, share informative content, collaborate with influencers for promotional activities, and leverage targeted advertising to reach their intended audience.

Moreover, integrating social media into your organization’s promotional strategy can give you a competitive advantage in the academic sector.

Why Is It Important to Educate on Social Media as an Academic Institution?

There are several compelling reasons why academic institutions should utilize social media platforms to further educate and teach students:

  1. Expanded reach: Social networking sites have a vast user base that can help academic institutions connect with a wider audience beyond their physical campuses.
  2. Engagement and loyalty: Using social media to spread knowledge and accessible resources can help educational institutions build a loyal and engaged academic community.
  3. Enhanced brand image: By educating on social media, academic institutions can position themselves as thought leaders in their field and improve their brand image.
  4. Improved student experience: Academic institutions can enhance the student experience by creating a platform for feedback and interaction, and fostering a better teacher-student relationship.
  5. Great environment for critical thinking: Social media can be used as a way to encourage critical thinking among students, by posting intriguing facts and starting meaningful debates.

In conclusion, utilizing social media platforms can provide academic institutions with a range of benefits, including expanded reach, improved engagement, enhanced brand image, better student experience, and critical thinking.

Which Social Media Sites Are Best for Educational Organizations?

For educational organizations, the most useful social media sites are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Each of these networks possesses distinct advantages and functionalities. 

In short, here are some pros of using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube for educational organizations:

  1. Facebook is the largest social media platform and provides a range of features to connect with audiences, post updates, and share educational content
  2. Twitter is ideal for participating in relevant conversations. 
  3. Instagram is a visual platform perfect for showcasing student life, educational programs, and campus environments. 
  4. LinkedIn allows academic organizations to promote their programs, connect with alumni, and recruit faculty and staff. 
  5. YouTube can be used to share video content such as lectures, tutorials, and campus tours that showcase student life. 

By selecting the best social media platforms for their target audience and content strategy, educational organizations can engage with their audiences, achieve their objectives, and provide a comprehensive educational experience to their students.

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