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Picture of Natasha Laity Snyder
Natasha Laity Snyder

Founder, Sketchbook Skool

I have used several companies for social media management in the past, and SocialBee has been by far the most versatile and user-friendly.

I would have a panic attack if they ever went out of business. SocialBee makes it easy to have one person managing social media 24/7.

Picture of Nick Williams
Nick Williams

Founder, The Inspirational Learning Company

I find SocialBee easy to use and accessible to a non-tech person like me.

Picture of Tim Sandars
Tim Sandars

Founder, Sketchbook Skool

SocialBee takes away the social media “pain.”

Picture of Michael Wang
Michael Wang

CEO, Roger

SocialBee is our one-stop shop for all of our social media marketing.

Picture of Gerry Sandusky
Gerry Sandusky

Co-Founder, Truvelop

My problem is time management. SocialBee saves me so much time. The key benefit is having a consistent presence on social media—even when I am too busy to even think about it.

Picture of Mike Indovina
Mike Indovina

Owner, MasterYourMix

I no longer have to worry about logging into a bunch of platforms. Instead, I can schedule different variations of my content to suit each platform, and then not think about it again.

Picture of Kazi Ashikuzzaman
Kazi Ashikuzzaman

Client partner, AquaViz

SocialBee reduces the time spent managing all of my social media channels individually. It is saving at least 12–15 hours of work for me.

Picture of Belinda Jacobs
Belinda Jacobs

CEO, Tech Packs Co

SocialBee makes it easy to stay organized, track, and deliver high-quality content daily across multiple platforms I will be a loyal customer for a long time.

Picture of Jason Brown
Jason Brown

Director, Kutoa Project

SocialBee has been able to take a role that usually requires an additional staff member for a fraction of the cost.

We are able to tell our story and share our events without having to spend thousands of dollars out of our budget.

Picture of Kelly Farhangi Najafi
Kelly Farhangi Najafi

CEO, CP Lab Safety

SocialBee has helped my team be more time-efficient and organized with social media.

Since using SocialBee we’ve been able to post more often than we did prior, and have been able to analyze what kinds of posts are most successful.

Picture of Jessica B. F.
Jessica B. F.

Owner, Florida Virtual Bookkeeper

I no longer dread managing my social media presence.

It’s easy to recycle content or pre-plan, so I can go on vacation for weeks at a time without my social media profiles skipping a beat.

Picture of Reese Pratt
Reese Pratt

Managing director, The Buddy Effect

Wouldn’t know what to do without SocialBee! There is no way that I would consider utilizing another scheduling platform because SocialBee provides everything that I truly need for my social media.

Picture of Lise Neely
Lise Neely

Owner, Love in Flower

SocialBee is just what I need. The integration to Canva is a big plus too!

SocialBee makes it easy to schedule weeks’ worth of posts for three separate organizations, all with a single login.

Picture of Andy Meadows
Andy Meadows

Managing director, BL.INK

If you are looking for a tool that checks all the core boxes of a social media management platform, SocialBee is for you.

It allows our team to create, preview, approve, and publish content in a friendly format.

Picture of Manoj Vasudevan
Manoj Vasudevan

Founder, Next Level Mentor

SocialBee is the best tool I have found for scheduling on social media.

I love using Content Categories, the RSS Feed integration, and their chat support.

This product is value for money, and we saved hundreds of hours thanks to it. I love it!

Picture of Emma Madison
Emma Madison

Owner, Skyline Insurance Agency

I switched from direct posting and other tools like Canva and Buffer to SocialBee, which was recommended for its post recycling feature. 

I struggled with posting consistently on social media. I needed a solution to help deliver a balanced mix of content to social platforms consistently.

I love the content categories that I can switch on and off, and the fact that I can choose if posts are recycled. This meant I could create a whole bunch of evergreen content and have an endless supply of posts for my social media channels.

The value I get from SocialBee totally justifies the cost. The user experience is excellent. It’s easy to use and explore.

SocialBee is a social media scheduling platform that helps people post consistently in a balanced way and allows you to put your social media posting on autopilot.

Picture of David Ferguson
David Ferguson

CEO & president, 5000fish, Inc.

I left Buffer and didn’t look back with SocialBee! The thing I like most is the robustness of the platform.

It has all that I am looking for in such a solution: workspaces, categories, variations, evergreen posting, scheduling, integrations, link shorteners, and now even AI features.

Picture of Urvi Bhandari
Urvi Bhandari

Founder, Peppercorn

Before SocialBee I needed to manually post all my content to each channel one by one.

I love that in one shot, I can post the same content in different ways for different channels. I am able to manage about two weeks of content in about four hours across four channels.

Picture of John Kyle
John Kyle

Web developer, John Kyle Consulting

SocialBee is the best social media management tool I’ve come across in 10 years of trying different solutions.

It has all the features I need, and the interface is intuitive. 

The price is much lower than other tools out there with similar features. Plus, the customer support and people at SocialBee are great, feels like a family. Try it, you will be impressed.

Picture of John de Lange
John de Lange

Adviser, Poel Financiële Diensten

SocialBee brings back the fun of posting on social media!

I mostly forgot to post, and it took too much time to share content on multiple social platforms. Doing a comparison of several options, I liked SocialBee the most, no doubt.

SocialBee is easy to understand and straightforward. I am still learning, but my audience is growing already.

Picture of Brittany Long
Brittany Long

Founder, Win with Systems

SocialBee helps me make money without being online all the time.

I love that I can have posts going out even when I’m on vacation or taking a break from social media. SocialBee is a key piece of my social media plan and I recommend it to all my colleagues.

SocialBee allows me to take time off without worrying that my revenue will suffer. I can be offline and still have sales coming in because SocialBee is keeping me visible.

Picture of Amanda Hearn
Amanda Hearn

Founder, Put A Cup In It

If you are looking for a set it and forget it, SocialBee gets the job done, but more importantly, it can be a truly valuable tool when you put real intention into your posts. 

Building a catalog of helpful content that can be automated allows you to offload the mental labor of what to post next and focus on connecting with your audience in the comments.

I cannot count how many times I’ve recommended SocialBee to other business owners. I have tried a variety of other scheduling platforms, but none have impressed me the way that SocialBee has. 

Picture of Rares Dumitrescu
Rares Dumitrescu

Onwer at Spinning box VR Studios

The SocialBee team was very helpful with the onboarding, and the platform is easy-to-use!
I loved their professionalism and friendliness.
Picture of Deborah Parsley
Deborah Parsley

Owner, Soapmaker - Sunburst Soaps

I set up a year’s posts in one day with SocialBee. Thanks for developing this software!

SocialBee changed me from an inconsistent poster to one who is constantly producing content and repurposing it on different platforms with ease.

Picture of Michael Finley
Michael Finley

Co-Founder, Florida Land Team

I like that SocialBee has all the features I didn’t even know I needed!

It is preventing me from having to hire someone on staff to continuously update our social media pages.

Now, all I need to do is figure out topics (or use their AI to do that) and pre-write them.

Picture of Heather Moritz
Heather Moritz

Director, Ruth Soukup Omnimedia Inc

Social media is a lot to manage. There a so many platforms, so many log-ins.

Having everything available to me at my fingertips in one location is the key for me to easily manage all my social media.

Just like that, the SocialBee “magic” happens, all while I am away from my computer.

Picture of Rosa Jacquelin
Rosa Jacquelin

Director, Savvy Agent Real Estate School

I felt I was all over the place and not consistent with my social media. I didn’t have a schedule and really didn’t know what I should be posting.

SocialBee really just put things into perspective for me. Everything is laid out so well. I really liked the format of the app, it’s intuitive and easy to use. It really helps me organize my social media postings, scheduling, and different types of content. 

I feel my social pages look more professional and I actually like my posts now. I see them pop up on schedule, and it makes me smile. It’s awesome!

Picture of Mandeep P. Abderrahman
Mandeep P. Abderrahman

Owner, Creatrix

Before SocialBee, we used Hootsuite and faced issues like poor customer service and inconsistent service. 

When I started working with SocialBee, I was impressed by their detailed service offerings that perfectly matched our needs as a startup in downtown Las Vegas. The Bee is our spirit guide!

SocialBee excelles in providing clear function guides and timely customer support. The result? Peace of mind. 

Our social media marketing is more effective, with smoother scheduling and growing exposure. I’d describe SocialBee as an easy-to-use, affordable social marketing and scheduling app.

Picture of Steph Lagana
Steph Lagana

Founder, Mythical Enterprises

I was feeling overwhelmed with my social media scheduling and hungry to find an option that wouldn’t break the bank. I also thought it was going to take a long time to put everything into a scheduling tool, but it was a breeze!

SocialBee is an amazing social media scheduler – it takes the things you want to share on social media, and it makes it easy for you to create and plan ahead, so you don’t have to have your phone in your hand 24/7.

I love the interface and the ease of use, and I really appreciate the flexibility in scheduling and the price. I’ve got my content scheduled and can pay more attention to loving up on my clients – great for me, great for business.

Picture of Ben Halfpenny
Ben Halfpenny

Director, Talenting Career Science

I had no structure for social media posting, not to mention that it took too much time to do it.

SocialBee looked user-intuitive and came heavily recommended. Later on, I discovered it is an easy-to-use product that also comes with great support. They offer the right amount of helpful tips and advice along the way.

I manage to post daily and have it all planned out for the whole week. This has generated an increase in our inbound results. Now, SocialBee is the platform that sorts our social postings!

Picture of Louise McCauley
Louise McCauley

Owner, Madeit

Social media was taking up so much of my time I couldn’t post regularly to all my platforms and other scheduling tools didn’t allow me to adapt posts for different social platforms.

SocialBee lets you create content and share it across all your social channels in an optimized format, and schedule evergreen content to reduce your time spent on social media.

The software is easy to pick up and even when I did run into trouble, customer support has been responsive and helpful. 

I’m now posting regularly and consistently to all my social media accounts with content that is customized to each platform but without all the manual labor. That means I’m spending less time on social, but getting far more from each post because I can share it easily, everywhere. Win-win!

Picture of Jack Stephens
Jack Stephens

Co-Founder, Soul Self Living

I remember the daily stress of managing our social media before SocialBee and I never want to go back to those overwhelming days. 

SocialBee is by far the best tool our business has ever used to keep our community inspired, informed, and engaged. 

Thank you SocialBee for making such a great product, providing excellent service, and making our lives better.

Picture of Andy Isom
Andy Isom

Entrepreneur, Learn How

I’ve been a SocialBee customer for many years. I’ve always been impressed with the constant updates and improvements brought to the app. 

Being able to categorize my content, so it had a strategic placement during the week, is something really important to me. Now, with SocialBee, I can easily do that. I’ve been able to schedule and post Tweets for different core topics I cover with my content, according to the calendar I created. 

I tried and tested almost every other competitors’ tools and the value for the price doesn’t compare with anything else! 

The customer service is also on point! They were quick to answer my questions and take my feedback seriously.

SocialBee it the best tool I’ve used for social media automation. 

Picture of Keno Hellmann
Keno Hellmann

CEO, SelbststaendigKeit

In the beginning, it was a little difficult for me to get posts published as I wanted. Then, I found out about SocialBee and it instantly caught my attention. 

I knew immediately that SocialBee would be the tool I would stick to from now on. The support team is amazing, fast, and helpful. And also, I love the whole interface and the UI of the tool.  

Ever since I started using SocialBee I have more followers on social media and more engagement too!

SocialBee is the best social media organizing tool available and at a very fair price point. 

With SocialBee managing accounts is easy and doesn’t take hours to get started.

Picture of Kathy Goughenour
Kathy Goughenour

Founder, Virtual Expert Training

I had been using MeetEdgar for about 2 years. While I was happy with their service, I had several technical issues that never seemed to get fixed – literally for months on end. Additionally, their pricing was prohibitive.

SocialBee provides everything I need at a fraction of the cost of MeetEdgar, which I used for 2 years before moving to them.

They always go over and above. I’ve had fewer technical issues, much lower costs, much better support – I mean crazy good support. 

I’m here for life now. Thanks SocialBee for providing such a wonderful service and for being real people who really care.

Picture of Lilian Morinon
Lilian Morinon

Founder, UtagawaVTT

I had multiple tools to handle social media automated posting: Hootsuite, Recurpost, Buffer, IFTTT, and Zapier – all of them with their limitations. 

Here’s where SocialBee came into place –  versatile and easy to use. I can now do everything in one place and the limitations are gone!

What I love about the app is the way categories are handled and the auto-schedule functionality is quite useful to create a basic posting schema. SocialBee is an easy way to manage the automation of your social network from one place. 

I had a very good experience with SocialBee and I am recommending it to everyone now. Plus, it’s risk-free. Whether you love it or you get your money back!

Picture of Cousett Hoover
Cousett Hoover

Owner, Techie Mamma

I’m an app nut so I’ve tried just about all of them and I was frustrated with having to go to so many different schedulers for different networks.

What got me in the first place to choose SocialBee was the price. I even purchased a lifetime subscription at SocialBee. Once I got into the app I found many great things. The ability to schedule content on all networks is a winner.

One of the outcomes of using SocialBee is that now I publish more social posts to the most popular networks and I get to do this with the best scheduling platform. 

Picture of Josh Elledge
Josh Elledge

CEO & founder, UpMyInfluence

Before SocialBee we were facing a learning curve over more expensive social media scheduling tools. 

We are so grateful that we tried a newer platform that over-delivers on quality of service, support, and pricing. We were delighted to see that not only was the platform cost-effective for our needs, but we also had plenty of premium support options – which we required.

The platform, itself, offers a good balance of functionality and ease-of-use and the support is amazing. 

Right now we’re absolutely delighted. We have many accounts running seamlessly. Our team members are very clear on all our processes and we have many full queues of great content thanks to our great team and SocialBee.

It is a solid social media scheduling and management platform with a really great support system behind it. I feel like we brought on a partner – as opposed to just buying a SAAS platform.

Picture of Joey Boyer
Joey Boyer

Founder, Legendary Affinity

Before we started using SocialBee we had to manually post on each of our Social accounts. As a startup and wearer of many hats, it was difficult to find time to post regularly, frequently, and across all our platforms.

SocialBee empowered me to schedule, customize, and push posts to all of our platforms for both my umbrella company and subsidiary. That saved me from having to log in to eight accounts! Plus, their customer service is refreshingly wonderful. 

In addition to the people at SocialBee, I found their pricing to be very reasonable for the power they provide

Picture of Bjorn Beheydt
Bjorn Beheydt


SocialBee offers everything you need to work on your social.

It provides a great combination of curation tools, importing possibilities, evergreen posting, audience expansion tools, and reporting. 

In less than 3 days, I managed to automate my whole Social Media portfolio with SocialBee, and got my Twitter followers to increase again after a few months of decline.

I’ve been saving more time creating my social media presence, and the engagement of my social media posts has improved. 

Picture of Asit Sharma
Asit Sharma

Founder at iMe & Nomadic Nerds Club

Before using SocialBee, we encountered issues with other social media marketing software applications, particularly with integrations across multiple platforms and poor support.

SocialBee has proved to be efficient, feature rich and easy to use. Plus, it provides guidance on how to simplify your social media content management across all your platforms, demonstrating great value for money.

Thanks to SocialBee, I have been able to craft intelligent social media content marketing strategies for my business, cutting the time spent on marketing campaigns by half.

Overall, SocialBee is one of the most powerful social media content marketing tools available in the industry.

Picture of Marjorie Dawson
Marjorie Dawson

Owner, Dash Kitten

Before using SocialBee, I was overwhelmed by social media! The good price and ease of use convinced me to give SocialBee a try, even though I wasn’t sure how good you are, but YOU ARE GOOD!

Now I can see how my media​ is laid out, so I can adjust and move to better time slots if I need to.

Since working with SocialBee, I am generating traffic even though I am not online 24/7 (I am human after all!). It makes my life easier, and more controllable.

Picture of Mark Lavercombe
Mark Lavercombe

Founder, The Productive Physician

SocialBee makes managing social media much easier. It’s easy to learn, incredibly powerful, and configurable. 

I’m all about efficiency and SocialBee allows me to schedule content from a variety of sources, and distribute it across all of my channels. There is INCREDIBLE power in the curation and scheduling tools!

Since working with SocialBee, I have reduced the time and headspace dedicated to managing social media.

Picture of Michael Neuvirth
Michael Neuvirth

CEO, Accessible DIY

I had used your competitors before and was not satisfied.

At first, SocialBee’s category-based posting system might seem very complicated, but now that I understand how it works, I can say that it is amazing. 

I’ve scheduled over 200 videos and over 170 images and once I figured out how the categories work I realized that your system saves me so much time and that it is the most logical and the simplest to use.

SocialBee is the very best way to schedule your posts. It also has the very best customer service ever!

Picture of Steven Hoagland
Steven Hoagland

CEO & Founder, Topmark

I was posting from a bunch of different apps that were disrupting my workflow and wasted a lot of time.

What I like about SocialBee is the clean UI layout, attention to detail, and snappy response time of the website.

Support is also top-notch.

The results I’d say are quite positive. Things are still ramping up. SocialBee is a great partner for managing posts across a bunch of different social platforms.

Picture of Mark Farrar
Mark Farrar

Founder, Self Help Nirvana

SocialBee is the first one that has inspired me to actually take action and it’s a super-easy tool to use.

At first, there was the doubt about whether it would work as promised – too many tools and software these days don’t, unfortunately.

It took a while to get to grips with it, although the support was first class, and now, it only takes a few minutes a day to schedule several days’ worth of posts to multiple social media accounts.

I’m starting to get some traction on my social media, for the first time ever.

Picture of Katie Espinoza
Katie Espinoza

Head of Brand & Operations at Rebrandly

We were looking for a solution that would help us serve up the most relevant content to our audience on a consistent basis. So, we decided to use SocialBee because of the simplicity of the platform and ease of use.

The team is really responsive and always available to help or answer questions.

Now our feed is full of evergreen content, and we’re confident that our followers like what they see.

Picture of Ellie ter Haar
Ellie ter Haar

CEO & Founder, Conscious Trader

Prior to SocialBee, we juggled between Trello and Buffer, struggling with content creation and scheduling. 

SocialBee stood out for its support and user-friendly interface. Their strengths lie in content creation and seamless communication, allowing us to focus more on social media. 

Our collaboration led to better focus and tangible sales increases. I’d recommend SocialBee as a great content creation and scheduling tool for social media.

Small businesses

Picture of Matthias Allred
Matthias Allred

Owner, Skyline Insurance Agency

Before using SocialBee, we followed no structure on social media. No solid plan.

We decided to use SocialBee due to its great features like post categories and evergreen content recycling.

Since then, we are posting consistently on our social media platforms.

SocialBee is a great platform that allows us to organize content and post on multiple social platforms.

Picture of Melanie B.
Melanie B.

Owner of Sacred Leaf Zero

Before using SocialBee my social profiles were suffering due to my lack of time!

I decided to use SocialBee because of its categories for content posting, good pricing, and the ability to post on all the major social platforms.

I was worried I wouldn’t be able to figure it out, but it is very user-friendly and help is just a click away. Since working with SocialBee the timely posts keep my customers engaged plus they catch the eye of future store owners. 

Our chain has more than doubled thanks to being able to get the word out and looking like we have more hours in the day than anyone else.

SocialBee is a sweet spot to drop articles and news as you find them, yet ensure that they are delivered like clockwork to your audience. The best silent partner I could ask for.

Picture of Karen Leslie
Karen Leslie

WordPress fairy godmother, KISS WP Websites

I’m a small business owner and I spent a long time comparing various other social media schedulers for price and functionality.

SocialBee does exactly what I need for a good price. It saves me so much time and money so that I can do this myself without having to hire someone else to do it for me.


Picture of Rina Bindi
Rina Bindi

CEO, Tipping Point Digital

Our team can coordinate and execute content with ease thanks to SocialBee. Clients are happy. We are happy.

Picture of Joseph S. Kahn
Joseph S. Kahn

CTO and Director of SEO Operations, Hum JAM

I love how SocialBee organizes the workspaces and accounts for each organization or person. We use this tool to manage multiple accounts, and it is super easy to switch between the accounts while working in one session.

Picture of Mike Campbell
Mike Campbell

Founder, Clear Vision Marketing

SocialBee Is an amazing tool for social media management. I have been using it since the very beginning and have found they are always adding more value & features every month. 

From their new AI integrations for creating content to their robust integrations with other tools, you will find this platform amazing if you are doing social media management for clients.

SocialBee provides a great platform with amazing features for agencies looking to manage their client work in one place.

Picture of Jessie Riggins
Jessie Riggins

Digital account manager, Fusion Inbound

SocialBee is streamlining our social media management, allowing our team to focus more time on creativity and less on scheduling.

We love using SocialBee for all of our clients! It’s a big bonus that they can schedule directly to many platforms that other tools cannot.

Picture of Kara Moore
Kara Moore

Founder, Karatopia

Simple, effective, and does everything I need! I’ve been using SocialBee for a few years, and it’s the only scheduler that doesn’t disappoint.

SocialBee helps me save time by allowing me to schedule social posts in advance for my clients, rather than having to manually schedule them.

Picture of Kathleen Marrero
Kathleen Marrero

Digital Marketing Consultant, Founder of First Fig Marketing & Consulting

I needed to focus on growing my business. I was looking for a platform that would automate my social media and increase my online presence.

I have used many other social media platforms in the past and I have been frustrated that they didn’t help me reach my audience. I love how SocialBee allows me to curate content and schedule it at the best times for engagement. Plus, it made the task of engaging with potential clients online is more fun.

SocialBee has far surpassed my expectations, and I am delighted. It’s by far the best social media platform I have worked with.

I love how easy the platform is to use, and the customer service is superior. I felt like a part of the SocialBee family, not a customer who paid and was left to wander the platform alone.

Since working with SocialBee, I have grown my audience and increased engagement.

Picture of Chris Towland
Chris Towland

Marketing consultant, Local Marketing Solutions

I need to post regularly to my own social media accounts and those of my clients. SocialBee allows me to do that easily & quickly.

I’ve used SocialBee for years — always been impressed!

Picture of Mike Walker
Mike Walker

Consultant, The Agency Developer

Not every business needs automated social media posting, but mine did, and SocialBee had the best interface compared to other tools I’ve tried. Therefore, I moved from another platform to SocialBee.

I needed to bring in RSS content from all sorts of places. I needed categories. I needed a scheduled posting. SocialBee has all that.

SocialBee is an automated social media posting tool with a great calendar system. I can set it and forget it. I schedule the content and I trust that SocialBee will be posting it for me. There’s no need to check on the tool.

I logged into my social accounts and saw new comments on the content SocialBee has posted for me. My follower count has grown, and the amount of engagement on Twitter and LinkedIn has definitely increased. It’s really nice.

Picture of Andrew Bull
Andrew Bull

Strategic Marketing Consultant, Bright Arts Agency

I didn’t believe anyone could make a social app that didn’t need to be fed like a baby. But SocialBee has proved me wrong. 

I was losing so much time creating posts and fresh content for myself and my clients. And also failing to make the most of the Google Business accounts. 

With SocialBee’s evergreen content, Google Chrome extension, and Google Business integration, we’re able to save a ton of time and get much better reach across channels. So, I’ve definitely gained a tool that will help me grow my and my clients’ businesses. 

It brings a fresh, time-saving approach when it comes to increasing online exposure. They’re friendly, and helpful and even the CEO responds to emails.

Picture of Adrian Williams
Adrian Williams

Founder, Parrog Agency

SocialBee is the perfect way to streamline the posting process, prepare a schedule and publish posts across platforms in an easier, more efficient way. This increased the efficiency and amount of posts I make. 

The SocialBee platform is intuitive and easy to use.

It allows me to work with multiple social platforms, with easy scheduling and analytics all within one intuitive interface.

Picture of Iulian Haba
Iulian Haba

Founder, Sport Advisor

SocialBee’s customer service is great, I love the brand, and that the tools are continuously improving.

Since working with SocialBee, my clients are happier to be working with me, and I am winning back my time spent on organizing posts for various clients.

SocialBee takes the boring things out of my daily routine. It’s the best tool to handle your social media “buzz”.

Picture of Felix Clarke
Felix Clarke

Founder, OnlineBusinessBuilder

We needed a robust system to manage evergreen posts for our small business clients.

The concept of subject categories is genius. It enables us to devise unique combinations of posts, then spice them up with a few random posts. Whenever working with a new supplier, reliability can be a big issue. But it was never an issue with SocialBee.

I now have a solid partnership on which to build my social media offering. SocialBee is the best tool for managing evergreen social media posts.

Picture of Corina Manea
Corina Manea


One of the biggest and most time-consuming problems I had before SocialBee was having to manually schedule content every single day.  I chose SocialBee first and foremost for its ease of use. It’s so easy to use, so intuitive that it doesn’t require hours to learn how to use the app.

Second, having the “categories” feature is awesome. When you start using the app, you can create categories for different types of content. Then you only have to focus on adding content to those categories.

The best part is you see at every moment the type of content to be published next, in what category you should add more content and so on. You can literally create a social media sharing strategy directly in SocialBee.

And the third thing that made me choose SocialBee over any other tool out there was the speed with which the team works on improving and adding new features to the app. I haven’t seen anything like it.

Some of my favorite things they did: always working on improving the app, making quick changes when algorithms change and keeping us in the loop, and stellar customer service.

SocialBee is taking the stress out of my day regarding sharing content for myself and my clients. Now, it’s fun to schedule content in advance. Plus, I have more time to focus on creating content rather than spending time scheduling.

Picture of Tobias Magnussen
Tobias Magnussen

Full-time online nerd, TurboTobias

Before using SocialBee I had a hard time keeping track of and planning the content for myself and all of my clients’ social media profiles. 

Today I am using SocialBee for my client projects in order to manage the clients’ social media profiles and schedule their content.

SocialBee makes my work easier and my clients are very satisfied with the results. On top of this, using SocialBee to administrate my client projects saves me a lot of time. 

I decided to use SocialBee because the product is very solid and it handles all the social media platforms I need.

I also LOVE the transparency of SocialBee: I can keep track of what is coming out on the SocialBee roadmap and see all of the new features the team is working on. I just love it how SocialBee keeps giving us awesome new features!

Picture of Franz Sauerstein
Franz Sauerstein

Founder, Xciting Webdesign

I’ve never had the time to stock my social media queues and I was fed up with creating posts about my published articles again and again.

SocialBee was the first service that had a good price AND content libraries (content categories) and the ability to pull in third-party content via RSS feeds. When we first started using them, in 2016, the user interface was a bit confusing, but it has become very tidy and fast to work with since.

I love the quick support, the focus on customer value and the ability to supercharge my work by booking additional concierge services.

I figure we are saving at least 4 hours a week of work. For us, that translates to savings of at least 2.000 € each month. SocialBee is a no-brainer for us. I recommend it to every agency owner as well as to any entrepreneur who wants to put their brand awareness campaigns on social media on autopilot.

Social media managers

Picture of Kayela Young
Kayela Young

Social media manager, Martal Group

I was juggling 4 social media accounts while trying to keep up with a company blog and requests for ad hoc marketing materials. I was so worried I was going to drop the ball.

I love that I can schedule a week’s worth of posts in under an hour. The AI writer and Canva integration are a huge plus that makes my life so much easier.

SocialBee helped me organize and streamline my social media management duties, so I could focus on producing the best possible content and creatives without the fear of losing momentum on social media.

SocialBee is a lifesaver, at the very least, a sanity saver and the #1 life hack for more efficient social media management.

Picture of Silver Vanus
Silver Vanus

Social media admin, SouthWest Writers

Before SocialBee, I used several scheduling tools like Canva and Zoho Social, seeking a hassle-free content posting method. 

The main reason I chose SocialBee was that it had an elegant way to use recycled posts. The automatic scheduler has been a game changer for me as a volunteer for a non-profit organization with not a lot of time to spend each day. 

I love the AI post generator that helps me attract my followers’ attention. Also, the newest engage tab has been really helpful with answering comments that get lost in the shuffle, and I love the analytics emailed to me, very handy.

Since working with SocialBee, I’ve been able to spend less time on projects and still help out a very important non-profit organization that needs help with their social media. It’s a software that truly helps you create and schedule posts with ease.

Picture of Jeffery Newton
Jeffery Newton

Social media administrator, San Antonio Regional Hospital

In the beginning, we were posting to our social media accounts manually. Last year we were subscribed to another service, but the other SaaS did not allow us to post to our Google Business accounts. 

I bought SocialBee for myself and I love it. The first time I logged in, the workflow was really easy to understand. I even recommended SocialBee at my workplace. 

SocialBee is refreshingly easy to use: I can add, edit, and schedule content. It also gives you analytics to examine what type of posts are working, and what you can change. Briefly, it helps me automate the social media postings that everyone has to do to keep a name out there.

Picture of Krystal Butherus
Krystal Butherus

Social media manager, Sunny Sweet Days

I’ve used SocialBee for a few years now, and I enjoy how reliable the service is.

As someone who juggles multiple websites and social media channels for several brands, this tool absolutely helps me reduce the amount of time that I spend doing my work. I love it.

I no longer have to log in and out of multiple platforms! Instead, I can easily use SocialBee to create content including images and text.

Marketing experts

Picture of Tjahjono Heru Laskar
Tjahjono Heru Laskar

Digital marketing specialist, Tempo

I selected SocialBee over other products due to its category-based structure, versatile options for importing and editing content, and multiple scheduling choices.

SocialBee consistently enhances its unique features, making the management of numerous social profiles so easy. They are a giant player in the industry!

Picture of Robert Book
Robert Book

Digital marketing specialist, Uproar Automation

I work in marketing, and we use SocialBee for our clients.

Posting evergreen content keeps our clients’ audiences engaged with the brand. It’s really a win-win all around.

I’ve been so impressed that I started using it for my personal podcast too.

Picture of J Franco
J Franco

Chief marketing strategist, Franco Innovative

I was using MeetEdgar and had a hard time uploading media files in bulk. I constantly had to refeed the tool variations of Twitter posts because they would recycle them back. 

Once I started using SocialBee, I was surprised at all the functionality and the updates they keep doing to improve the lives of social media managers.

They genuinely care, and that shows through their incredible customer service.

I chose SocialBee also because of the personal attention I get from their team. Everyone replied to my emails (even Ovi, the founder). They even migrated all the content for me, and I was completely grateful they did that service for me! I live for the hive!

I’ve freed up so much time by scheduling for myself and all my clients. This is the best set-and-forget social media scheduling tool you can use to focus on what really matters!

Picture of Noor Tomlinson
Noor Tomlinson

Marketing & communications manager, Jam Coding

Social media management is made simple with SocialBee — I do it all quickly, efficiently, and consistently!

The platform has lots of different features that help take the stress out of social media management.

Picture of Colleen Murphy
Colleen Murphy

Owner and digital marketer, KerriAlexa Designs

Social media scheduling for multiple clients can be time-consuming. Most scheduling platforms either have extremely limited options or are too expensive for a small marketing company.

SocialBee has turned out to be a game-changer for me.

The ability to have all my clients’ social accounts in one place, schedule content using categories, monitor analytics, and choose either the Evergreen/ One-Time feature has been immensely helpful. I particularly love the feature that allows automatic requeuing of evergreen posts, eliminating the need to reschedule them monthly. Yay! 

Not to mention that the price is extremely reasonable and there are so many add-on options!! 

I’m saving money and time, and for me that’s huge. I feel that I can provide a more consistent, professional service to my clients.

Content creators

Picture of Robert Thibodeau
Robert Thibodeau

CEO, Freedom Through Faith Radio Network

I’m using SocialBee to maximize my outreach.

With SocialBee, I’m able to quickly load our promotional posts for our podcast episodes, schedule them to be shared at future times, and be notified when they are live!

This allows me to plan marketing campaigns without worrying about social media deadlines being missed.

Picture of Steve Ramona
Steve Ramona

Podcaster, Doing Business with a Servant's Heart

Automating my social media posting has been a game-changer for my podcast.

I can quickly upload items and see them scheduled right away. The ease of use of the service is incredible. The learning curve was low, so I immediately jumped in and started prompting my posts. 

Support has been right on the mark. I can get access to the SocialBee team almost any time of the day. If not, they get back to me right away.

Picture of Megan Brain
Megan Brain

Freelance blogger, Megan Brain

It pretty much does everything you’d need a social media management tool to do, but it comes at a better price than most other tools.

It helps me manage more than one set of social media profiles under one roof, it’s a winner in my books.

Picture of Lynne Huysamen
Lynne Huysamen

Owner, Kaboutjie

I’m a blogger and have multiple social media channels and loads of content that goes out. I love being able to share to all my channels at the click of a button.

SocialBee saves me so much time and effort.

Their support is also fantastic, if I have any questions they come back to me very quickly to assist.

Picture of Jesse Young El
Jesse Young El

Content Creator, Present The Vision, Inc.

From day one, all our social content was evergreen. 

SocialBee’s method of building category queues and designating specific times of the week for each content category is a game changer. Couple that with SocialBee’s “re-queue” feature that recycles content, and you have a powerful, automated machine on your hands. 

Working with SocialBee is indescribably faster than with other social schedulers. 

My team was literally up and running with SocialBee in 4 hours rather than 14 days as with other services. Now we spend most of our time creating good content and exploring new ideas instead of scheduling and managing posts.

SocialBee turns social media posts into assets that work for you continuously – even while you sleep. It allows you to focus time and energy on content instead of scheduling. It gets content creators off the social media hamster wheel.

Picture of Raymond Hatfield
Raymond Hatfield

Host, Beginner Photography Podcast

As a one-man podcast team, I do everything from booking guests, recording, producing, editing, and distributing the podcast. 

SocialBee saved me countless hours and stress by allowing me to recycle evergreen content, continually ask my audience questions on social media, and also to keep them engaged without spending hours per week curating content. 

Thank you, SocialBee team, for everything that you do for small businesses like me! 

Picture of Stephanie Fuccio
Stephanie Fuccio

Producer, host & content consultant, HearShare Productions

I knew I wanted a place to add evergreen posts that get posted automatically without me thinking about it. I also live many time zones away from at least half of my podcast’s audience, so I wanted to be able to post when I was asleep/ they were awake. 

During the first month I used SocialBee my overall downloads doubled and the downloads for the new episodes increased significantly. A few months in and I can clearly see that growth is continuing, even when I sleep! 

Now that I am using SocialBee, I am able to reach more and more people each time I post. When it comes to the App, I love the posts’ previews that look exactly as they do once they get published on my social media platforms.

Picture of Sandra Bellamy
Sandra Bellamy


I struggled to find a social media auto-posting tool that could handle all my Facebook groups and 14+ pages. Manually creating posts for my 5 Facebook groups and multiple Twitter accounts was incredibly time-consuming, preventing me from doing productive work.

Posting to Facebook groups is an essential feature that I think other companies lack because groups are where credibility building and sales happen, so thank you SocialBee for allowing me to do that. 

SocialBee is the best social media auto-posting tool I have ever used in my life. It saves you hundreds of hours of your life, so you can be more productive in your business. Plus, their customer service is outstanding. 

If there is one company that can help make you money while you sleep, it’s SocialBee. 


Picture of Tina Konstant
Tina Konstant

Ghostwriter & Storyteller, Waffle-Free Storytelling

I was offered a one-to-one session to answer any questions. It was half an hour of pure gold. 

All my questions were answered, and I was able to set up my account incredibly quickly and easily!

Their support is SPLENDID!!  I’ve loved SocialBee since the first login.

Picture of Mira Lyn Kelly
Mira Lyn Kelly

USA TODAY Bestselling Author

SocialBee has seriously saved my sanity and let me keep up with social media in ways I never would have been able to on my own. I’m always telling someone about it.

Picture of D.S. Ritter
D.S. Ritter

Author, D.S. Ritter Books

I needed to use social media to boost my business, but just didn’t have the time to do it all.  

I tried to use similar social media services before, but they were a bit of a letdown. If SocialBee delivered what it promised, I knew I was going to be happy with it from day one.

What I love about SocialBee is the fact that you have the ability to create multiple variations for the same posts so you can recycle evergreen content without it becoming stale. It has made it so easy to keep my social media updates flowing.

I’ve gotten much more engagement on my social media accounts and have increased my followers much more quickly. SocialBee provides you with a way to organize and plan your social media so you can just set it and forget it.

Picture of Calia Wilde
Calia Wilde


I chose SocialBee because of its high rating, low pricing, and support of multiple social platforms.

I stayed with SocialBee because of its top-notch customer support and intuitive interface.

I thought it would be a lot more difficult to schedule posts, but now it’s so easy to post to my social with regularity.

Picture of Carol Marrs Phipps
Carol Marrs Phipps

Author, Phipps' Stories

I have been searching for a “set it and forget” service, one that would post each and every day, without me having to tediously put on posts myself every day. SocialBee’s Evergreen setting fits the bill beautifully!

Besides the evergreen posting, SocialBee does a great job of keeping clients apprised of changes, or anything new. They are also easy to contact and always ready to help, solve problems, and answer questions.

I now have the time I need to do so many other things, especially writing and doing my graphic work. I feel positively FREE! 

SocialBee is a group of knowledgeable, kind, and friendly people who help and support their customers, by saving them time and hours of tedious work. 


Picture of Paola Bisicchia
Paola Bisicchia

Holistic therapist and transformational coach, Your Awakening Path

I did lots of research before choosing SocialBee, and I am so glad I did!

The customer service is outstanding, and the functionalities are everything you want to manage social media in a hands-off way!

I no longer have to be glued to my screen, so I am certainly recommending it!

Picture of Sheena Whyatt
Sheena Whyatt

Owner, Your Super Business Coach

By using SocialBee my engagement has improved.

Now that I’m creating an ongoing dialogue with my potential audience, which in turn allows me to focus on business growth.

Picture of Cyndy Etler
Cyndy Etler

CEO, The Teen Life Coach

I’ve looked at other companies for social media management, and the cost was WAY more than a solopreneur could afford.

For the first time in a decade, I’m proud of my social feeds. My social feed is razor sharp, finally.

Picture of Erien Fryer
Erien Fryer

Coach, Medical Direct Care

I loved the personal touch and the ability to ask a real person any questions I have, and not a bot that simply sent me in circles.

SocialBee supports our social media campaign from beginning to end.

I have found a social media scheduler that will grow with me and will educate me along the way. I am excited about fine-tuning my social media campaign with SocialBee.

Picture of Elena Angel
Elena Angel

Coach, Elena Angel Coaching

With SocialBee I’m more motivated to plan and post regularly on my social media platforms.

Picture of Therese Marchitelli
Therese Marchitelli

NeuroGrief & Loss Coach, Tendrel Associates

For those, like me, who are drowning in your “to do” list and feeling dismayed by your lack of consistency, the SocialBee platform ROCKS!

Picture of Mehnaz Amjad
Mehnaz Amjad

Life coach & cognitive behavioral therapist

The pricing suits my budget and the variation features support me in creating content in one place and publishing it on several social media platforms.

As a solopreneur coach like me, this benefits me immensely because most of my lead traffic is coming through social media, and SocialBee has been instrumental in assisting me in this goal.

Picture of John Tarnoff
John Tarnoff

Career Transition Coach, Reinvention Group LLC

I’ve been with SocialBee since 2018. No other platform gives such powerful scheduling features.

You can draft and customize your posts, with integrations to content creation platforms like Canva or Unsplash. The real power of SocialBee is your ability to create multiple post queues across all of your social accounts, so you can adjust the frequency of your posts on a platform-by-platform basis.

You can also randomize your feed across posting times and social platforms so that your audience never feels like you’re giving them the same content over and over.

Organizing and storing content for social media across Facebook, Twitter(X), Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube has been amazing. 

Picture of Elli Comeau
Elli Comeau

Book Coach, It's Your Book Coaching Services

Hands down, the customer service by SocialBee is the best I’ve encountered in the business realm.

Prompt responses, they actually read carefully what I have to say and go about finding solutions immediately. Condensing my posts on social media into one-stop-for-all is amazing, outshining other tools I’ve tried.

Picture of Brian Houp
Brian Houp

Executive coach, ReZone Coaching

I like how SocialBee allows me to post across several platforms, including our Google Business Profile account. This isn’t available with many of the other affordable competitors. 

I’ve found the support team very helpful when I’ve had questions and additional helper clarifications. This is a huge plus for such an affordable resource!

Picture of Juliette Stapleton
Juliette Stapleton

Coach, Juliette Stapleton Consulting

SocialBee gives you back the time you might be wasting on planning, creating, and posting for your social media. 

SocialBee has offered me the opportunity to create both one-off and evergreen posts and ensure this way consistent visibility on my platforms. Now a big part of my social media marketing is automated. 

Spending 1-2 hours every so often is what makes SocialBee my absolute go-to tool.

When you start understanding the idea of “content buckets” and how they can be used to consistently share key posts that build your authority and credibility – you will see how the opportunities for using this tool are pretty much endless.

The biggest achievement I had working with this tool is gaining back my time. I can focus on important activities like sales while knowing my leads are constantly nurtured by my content collections inside SocialBee.

SocialBee showed me how I could achieve so much more working much less.

Picture of Karen Brown
Karen Brown


Each month I would spend hours setting up my daily posts. I needed to be able to create content, schedule it at different times during the week, and recycle it.

What took me hours each month was done in a couple of minutes (yes seriously!). Now I can focus on creating more content. My blog posts are added automatically. I have content categories for my own books, my clients’ books, my freebies, funnies, themed days like Monday motivation, and so on. 

I can categorize my content, keep it fresh, and not spend huge amounts of time doing it. 

Picture of Alice Kara
Alice Kara

Professional speaker and coach

I chose SocialBee because of all the possibilities it offers. Their posting calendar is great and I love the ability to import posts as CSV. I really needed to save time!

I am able to promote my new book and blog post thanks to automated social posts that save me time, money, and headaches!

Picture of Denise Hulst
Denise Hulst


I decided to use SocialBee because it is user-friendly, besides the fact that it is very functional, efficient, and easy to use. It was love at first sight, just like after dating a long time with other potential partners.

I’m also really happy with the customer support service, and the friendliness of its members.

Since using SocialBee, I like to use social media and I don’t feel overwhelmed by the idea that I should be on social media for at least one hour a day.

SocialBee is a very user-friendly and effective social media organizer.

Picture of Jim Cathcart
Jim Cathcart

Speaker and author

Before using SocialBee, my main issue is reaching the right people. That’s probably most small businesses’ problem.

It’s very low effort, doesn’t require me to learn all new craft in order to be able to use SocialBee, and once I’ve got it loaded with a lot of valuable content, then it’s just a matter of occasionally creating new posts that can fit into the flow.

When we started working together I just had a few thousand people on LinkedIn and on Twitter maybe I had a couple of thousand. Now, my LinkedIn is nearly 9K people now, and that’s just in the last year we’ve been together, so I see things growing pretty nicely.

Since using SocialBee, I’ve reached more people more regularly, and have a more loyal following.

Picture of Jason Teale
Jason Teale

Photographer, Jason Teale Photography

I was having trouble getting consistency with my social media posts. I needed a way to get my content out on a regular basis and something that didn’t cost me a fortune to do so.

I saw SocialBee and it was exactly what I was looking for. A single payment without any monthly fees and all of the analytics and features that I was looking for. 

I love the analytics and the variations that I can have with the posts. I also love the visual aspects of creating each post for the different social media platforms.

I noticed more people following me on Twitter and a lot more people get to see my evergreen content for my blog, which has led to more traffic to my website.

I would describe SocialBee as one of the best social media content scheduling platforms out there. I would tell everyone that if they are looking for something to get their content out, the best option is to see what works for them.

Picture of Viktor Nagornyy
Viktor Nagornyy

Photographer, storyteller, freelancer

What makes SocialBee valuable to me is the ability to re-queue the posts based on time or number of shares.

The same pieces of content get new retweets, shares, and comments, over and over again. It helps me grow my following and engage with them consistently.



Picture of Miriam Ramirez
Miriam Ramirez

Office Manager, First Choice Business Brokers

Before SocialBee we were losing track of what we were posting and didn’t have a way to review our social media results.

Now I have an all-in-one app for all my social media profiles!

Picture of Aaron Hendon
Aaron Hendon

Managing broker, Christine & Company

SocialBee is a comprehensive system that holds all my social media accounts in one place.

Scheduling is a snap, so I get to set it and forget it. I don’t need to remember to post daily — I add the content and SocialBee does the rest.

Picture of Judy Brice
Judy Brice

Director, JMB Tutoring and Consultancy UK

I needed to be able to post on my social media platforms each day with consistency, but doing it manually was quite complicated. On top of that, I needed a good but relatively inexpensive solution as I am a small start-up company without a big marketing budget.

SocialBee was recommended to me as the best tool out there. And they were right. I compared other social media management tools, and none does it as slickly as SocialBee does.

The whole interface is easy to use. And setting up posts as evergreen content is straightforward.

The best outcome of using SocialBee is being able to set up a whole batch of posts in advance for each social media platform I use.

My accounts now have a new post every day, and I will continue to be able to do this without spending a massive amount of time each day.

Picture of Rae Helm
Rae Helm

Communications officer, Royce at the University of Sheffield

Having posts lined up in SocialBee is so useful!

As the sole person responsible for 5 separate social media accounts, having banks of content pre-scheduled has saved me during periods of illness when I wasn’t able to create new posts.

SocialBee is a tool I’m recommending to my colleagues too!

Picture of Michael Wheeler
Michael Wheeler

Assistant principal, Mehlville School District

SocialBee has saved us hundreds of hours over the past school year and allowed us to begin the school year with most of our social media posts already planned.

The simplicity of posting to all of our accounts at once has allowed us to increase our daily interactions by over 200% and has seen a drastic increase in families engaging with our social media pages. We LOVE SocialBee!

It allows us to proactively approach social media. We can focus more on posting daily on our happenings within our school, which has led to a significant decrease in parent contact, as they can get a clear and detailed look just by looking at our socials.


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Frequently asked questions

Do you have questions left unanswered?

Contact us or schedule a call.

What is SocialBee?

SocialBee is an AI-powered social media management platform that allows users to create, schedule and publish content across all major platforms. It also has features that make it easier for businesses to collaborate with their teams, analyze their content performance, answer comments and mentions across social media platforms, and much more.

Is SocialBee an AI content creation tool?

Yes, SocialBee is an AI content creation platform that can generate social media captions as well as visuals (with the power of DALL-E 3). It comes with a collection of 1K+ AI prompts that further optimize the content creation process. Users can also create their own prompts, adjust the length of their generated posts, choose different tones of voice, and enable or deactivate emoji use and hashtag recommendations.

What social media platforms does SocialBee support?

SocialBee supports posting on Facebook, Instagram, Threads, X (Twitter), LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google Business Profile, TikTok, YouTube, and Bluesky.

How does SocialBee help with content creation?

SocialBee has many content creation features that not only make the process easier but also enhance the quality of your posts.

Some of the most important capabilities include generating posts with AI, organizing content into categories, curating relevant content from a variety of web sources, designing graphics with Canva, curating relevant visuals from Unsplash and GIPHY, and crafting multiple customized variations of the same post for each social network.

What are SocialBee’s content categories?

SocialBee’s content categories are folders you can use to organize your posts based on different criteria such as content topics, post formats, and more.

Posts within categories can be scheduled in bulk, meaning that you can set them to post alternatively throughout the week to better diversify your posting schedule. You can also assign different colors, set descriptions, and adjust the scheduling features to better organize your content creation process.

How does SocialBee help me curate content?

SocialBee’s browser extension allows you to save articles you find online so you can publish them later on your social media accounts. The app also integrates with content curation tools such as Pocket and Quuu you can use in addition to SocialBee’s extension. Moreover, SocialBee also makes it easier for you to curate stock-free photography and engaging gifs thanks to its Unsplash and GIPHY integrations.

What kind of support does SocialBee offer for users?

SocialBee provides comprehensive support for its users, including chat, email support, calls, and an extensive knowledge base.

How much does SocialBee cost, and what are the pricing plans?

SocialBee offers six plans that vary in benefits. While some are designed for small businesses, some are addressed to larger agencies that need additional support.

Here are all the pricing plans available for SocialBee: 

  • Bootstrap: $29/month or 290/year
  • Accelerate: $49/month or 490/year
  • Pro: $99/month or 990/year
  • Pro50: $179/month or 1790/year
  • Pro100: $329/month or 3290/year
  • Pro150: $449/month or 4490/year

Note: SocialBee offers a 14-day free trial for the Pro plan. This trial period allows users to test out the platform’s features and capabilities without committing to a paid subscription.

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Use SocialBee’s Free AI Post Generator to create content for your social media profiles.

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