Create content like a pro with SocialBee’s creation features

SocialBee allows you to create and customize posts for each social media platform from one place.

No credit card required

Maintain a consistent social presence

SocialBee streamlines your content creation process so you can eliminate repetitive tasks and craft better posts faster.

SocialBee AI generator visual

AI content generation

Create on-brand, engaging posts (text and images) with SocialBee’s AI tool.


Post customization

Adjust your content for each social network or let AI do it for you.

SocialBee content categories visual

Content categories

Categorize your posts based on topics to diversify your content.


Evergreen content

Reuse your posts and keep them fresh by creating multiple variations.

SocialBee RSS feeds feature

RSS feed import

Turn blogs into social posts by importing your RSS feed to SocialBee.


Content curation

Use SocialBee’s browser extension and integrations to curate content.

Stand out from other social media content creators with powerful visuals

Enhance your social media presence with amazing graphics made directly in SocialBee.
Design like a pro, without breaking a sweat!

SocialBee and Canva integration and features
SocialBee image editing graphic
SocialBee Unsplash and GIPHY integrations

Design engaging visuals

Use the Canva integration to design your visuals directly from SocialBee’s content editor.

Adjust your images to perfection

Make last-minute adjustments to your visuals—crop, flip and rotate your images with ease.

Enhance your content's visual appeal

Captivate your audience with stunning imagery created and curated with SocialBee’s Unsplash and GIPHY integrations.

Create social media content with your team’s help

Invite your team members to SocialBee, assign roles, and monitor their progress from one dashboard.

Leave internal notes with your feedback, and tag users to make sure they see your comments.

Leverage AI to create more content in less time

Wave goodbye to writer’s block and tedious content creation—generate social media posts with automatically generated hashtags and emojis.

SocialBee AI post generation in-app tool
SocialBee prompts for summarizing content
SocialBee post editor with visuals

Generate engaging posts

Enjoy the efficiency of creating content tailored to your needs. Add your command or choose from a 1000+ prompt list, pick your desired tone of voice, and generate multiple posts at once.

Simplify, summarize, and repurpose

Effortlessly simplify complex content, summarize information concisely, and repurpose product descriptions into compelling promotional material.

Repurpose your product descriptions

Elevate your message with SocialBee’s AI, powered by DALL-E 3. Effortlessly generate stunning graphics and skip the visual content curation hassle.

Why use SocialBee's AI functionality

Achieve a consistent and impactful social media presence with SocialBee’s AI-powered content generator.

SocialBee streamlined social media content creation

Save time and effort

Create engaging content with SocialBee’s AI post generator while freeing up time and streamlining your strategy.

SocialBee tools for writing

Eliminate writer's block

Eliminate writer’s block while brainstorming post ideas and generating new social media content.


Customize your posts

Customize your posts automatically using AI or by yourself. Adjust the caption length, add different hashtags and more from one place.

Discover the best SocialBee features to master the social world

SocialBee's content creation features
SocialBee social media inbox
SocialBee engagement analytics dashboard
AI white figma icon

Generate content with AI

white figma comment icon

Engage with your audience

white figma chart icon

Analyze performance metrics

We help thousands of professionals succeed on social media


List of AI social media prompts

Access 1000+ social media prompts and start creating more content in less time.

SocialBee social media knowledge information box

Learn how to use SocialBee

Find a thorough explanation of SocialBee’s features in our in-depth help documentation.

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Frequently asked questions

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What is SocialBee?

SocialBee is an AI-powered social media management platform that allows users to create, schedule and publish content across all major platforms. It also has features that make it easier for businesses to collaborate with their teams, analyze their content performance, answer comments and mentions across social media platforms, and much more.

Is SocialBee an AI content creation tool?

Yes, SocialBee is an AI content creation platform that can generate social media captions as well as visuals (with the power of DALL-E 3). It comes with a collection of 1K+ AI prompts that further optimize the content creation process. Users can also create their own prompts, adjust the length of their generated posts, choose different tones of voice, and enable or deactivate emoji use and hashtag recommendations.

What social media platforms does SocialBee support?

SocialBee supports posting on Facebook, Instagram, Threads, X (Twitter), LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google Business Profile, TikTok, YouTube, and Bluesky.

How does SocialBee help with content creation?

SocialBee has many content creation features that not only make the process easier but also enhance the quality of your posts.

Some of the most important capabilities include generating posts with AI, organizing content into categories, curating relevant content from a variety of web sources, designing graphics with Canva, curating relevant visuals from Unsplash and GIPHY, and crafting multiple customized variations of the same post for each social network.

What are SocialBee’s content categories?

SocialBee’s content categories are folders you can use to organize your posts based on different criteria such as content topics, post formats, and more.

Posts within categories can be scheduled in bulk, meaning that you can set them to post alternatively throughout the week to better diversify your posting schedule. You can also assign different colors, set descriptions, and adjust the scheduling features to better organize your content creation process.

How does SocialBee help me curate content?

SocialBee’s browser extension allows you to save articles you find online so you can publish them later on your social media accounts. The app also integrates with content curation tools such as Pocket and Quuu you can use in addition to SocialBee’s extension. Moreover, SocialBee also makes it easier for you to curate stock-free photography and engaging gifs thanks to its Unsplash and GIPHY integrations.

What kind of support does SocialBee offer for users?

SocialBee provides comprehensive support for its users, including chat, email support, calls, and an extensive knowledge base.

How much does SocialBee cost, and what are the pricing plans?

SocialBee offers six plans that vary in benefits. While some are designed for small businesses, some are addressed to larger agencies that need additional support.

Here are all the pricing plans available for SocialBee: 

  • Bootstrap: $29/month or 290/year
  • Accelerate: $49/month or 490/year
  • Pro: $99/month or 990/year
  • Pro50: $179/month or 1790/year
  • Pro100: $329/month or 3290/year
  • Pro150: $449/month or 4490/year

Note: SocialBee offers a 14-day free trial for the Pro plan. This trial period allows users to test out the platform’s features and capabilities without committing to a paid subscription.

Improve your social media content strategy

SocialBee cuts out the time-consuming tasks out of your social media workflow so you can focus on creating better content.

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Out of post ideas? Get our social media calendar

Access 500+ content ideas, post examples, and Canva templates.

Use SocialBee’s Free AI Post Generator to create content for your social media profiles.

Use SocialBee’s Free AI Post Generator to create content for your social media profiles.

🎙️ Customizable tone of voice ❤️ Several variations to choose from 📄 1,000 pre-made AI prompts