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Share engaging TikTok content faster and easier than ever by using SocialBee. This all-in-one social media management tool allows users to create, edit, schedule, share and automatically reuse posts for TikTok.

SocialBee facilitates posting on both Personal and Pro TikTok accounts.

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Create, Edit, and Post Content on TikTok

Post on TikTok while also managing your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, and Google Business Profile accounts with ease.

Supported Content Types

  • Single Video: Upload single MP4 and MOV files under 3 minutes and 50 MB (direct posting).
  • Multiple Videos: Upload multiple MP4 and MOV files (via Reminders).
  • Image(s): Add up to 12 images (via Reminders).
  • Video + Caption: Upload single MP4 and MOV files under 3 minutes and 50 MB with a creative caption (direct posting).
  • Image + Caption: Post up to 12 images, and add an interesting caption for your audience (via Reminders).

Learn more about SocialBee’s mobile app that facilitates posting via reminders.

AI Content Generation

Experience the ease of creating engaging and fun TikTok captions for your video content with SocialBee’s AI functionality.

Change Your Post's Settings

Adjust your content privacy, and enable or disable comments, duets, and stitches for other TikTok users.

Content Categories

Create categories based on topics, organize your posts accordingly, and schedule them to post alternatively, so you can deliver fresh and engaging videos every week.
TikTok video sharing

Posts Customization

Customize your content for each platform: adjust your character count, add hashtags/emojis, and create different caption variations to keep your content looking fresh.

Personalized Posting Schedule

Create different posting schedules for every one of your social media channels, and share your posts in optimal time frames with the most user traffic and activity.

Evergreen Content Cycle

Don’t let your evergreen content go to waste. Schedule it to post multiple times on your TikTok account to make the most out of it.

Specific Posting Times

Schedule your time-sensitive TikTok content to post at a specific time. You can also set your posts to expire after a specific date or number of publications.

Content Calendar View

Take control of your social media posting schedule by accessing your content calendar from SocialBee and get a clear view of your weekly posting schedule.

Engaging Emojis

Add some emojis to your posts to catch the attention of your audience. 

They will not only offer your content more personality but will also help you get your message across easier with fewer words.

Hashtag Features

Get the TikTok algorithm by your side by using relevant hashtags. SocialBee can provide hashtag suggestions that fit your content perfectly.

Create your TikTok hashtag collection and use it whenever you share a post.

Customized Video Thumbnails

Choose an eye-catching frame or upload a custom TikTok thumbnail to enhance your video’s appeal.

Design your visuals with Canva directly from the SocialBee’s content editor. 

Stay organized by doing all your content creation from one dashboard.

Integrated Media Editor

Crop, flip and rotate your images or videos from the SocialBee platform. No other visual editor is needed.

Post on TikTok with SocialBee

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It only takes a few minutes to get started with SocialBee.
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Great Team Collaboration for Better Content

Collaborate with your team easier than ever by moving your entire content creation process to SocialBee.

Workspaces & Users

Content creation can get overwhelming when you manage multiple businesses at once. 

But with SocialBee you create a separate workspace for every business you manage.

Invite both your clients and team members to work with you on the platform and assign them different user roles.

Content Approval Workflow

Your team can leave their posts as drafts and wait for the editor’s feedback. 

The editor will be able to make changes, leave notes, and tag users in their comments under the post.

Once the content is ready, users can set the posts on approved, and they will be shared at the scheduled time.

SocialBee Team Collaboration

TikTok Analytics & Performance Reports

Access your TikTok analytics to evaluate your performance and find new ways to improve your content strategy.

SocialBee analytics - audience demographics

Reach and Impressions

Discover how many people saw and interacted with your TikTok videos.

Audience Growth

Monitor your account’s growth by looking at how many people started following you on TikTok.

Best Performing Posts

Identify your best-performing content, post formats, and discussion topics and use this data to improve your upcoming content.

Daily Engagement Map

From SocialBee you can access heat or bubble maps that indicate how and when your audience interacts with your TikTok content.

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SocialBee is a great platform that allows us to organize the content and post on multiple social platforms.
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Matthias Allred
Owner, Skyline Insurance Agency
SocialBee is the very best way to schedule your posts, besides having the very best customer service ever!
michael neuvirth
Michael Neuvirth
CEO, Accessible DIY
SocialBee is one of the most Powerful Social Media Content Marketing Tools in the industry.
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Asit Sharma
Founder, iMe & Nomadic Nerds
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