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Written by Diana
Written by Diana

Content Writer

One of the most popular social media platforms out there, Twitter is one of a kind. And that is because it relies on the principle of microblogging. This means that the posts you make have a character limitation. If at the beginning of Twitter, the number of characters was 140, it has now increased to 280. Add to that the fact that you can also add media to your posts, so you’re not limited to words only.

Does it sound like a challenge up to this point?

Considering the character limit, have you ever wondered what makes the best tweets… the best? Why are some of the tweets you see great, while others are something you scroll over as soon as you’ve seen them? And this, although media is also included?

We’ve gone through the tweets of some of the biggest brands to find the best ones out there. Some of them rely only on text, while some of them rely on a combination of image and text.

But not to worry, as we’ve put together a list of the best tweets brands have ever made on this social media platform. We’ve also added a little bit of context to them, so let’s tweet away!


Netflix is subscription-based and one of the most popular streaming platforms. The star of many Internet memes, Netflix is also known for its Twitter account. Let’s take a look at some of their tweets below:


Statistics are great for business. And this works in the case of Netflix too. In 2017, one of the movies on the platform was watched daily for 18 days. 53 people did that, and Netflix was on the watch. Using a bit of humor, Netflix asked who hurt the people who were watching “A Christmas Prince”.


“Netflix and chill” is a staple in the meme world. And Netflix’s Twitter account didn’t stray too far from the meme world. Netflix is using its Twitter account to share witty messages in the form of a meme. So much for the visual component, right?


Name one movie that reminds you of the color pink. Was one of your guesses the movie “Mean Girls”? This tweet will take you down memory lane, but this is a quote you’re going to recognize in an instant. Short and effective? Netflix got a hold of the secret recipe. Memorable quote? Got it!


Netflix has some interesting shows, and some come with a twist. And Netflix is well aware of that. By using another meme, they’ve managed to grab people’s attention.


Netflix is well-known for memes. Mostly because of the “Are you still watching?” message. But not to worry, as they’ve taken the message and added a twist to it. Funny and witty, and still in line with their audience.

It’s safe to say that Netflix has a very specific style when it comes to tweets. They rely on memes or references to the meme world. And if they’re not text-based, then expect a meme.

Selecting a few examples was difficult. Because many of their tweets are under the “best tweets” category.

Taco Bell

One of the most known fast-food restaurants, Taco Bell, has a great collection of tweets. Or, as we could call them, best tweets. Their tweets have won over the hearts of people by using a few ingredients. Ingredients such as a splash of funny, a little bit of sarcasm, all topped with a pinch of wittiness.

Let’s see why their tweets have a special place in our “Best tweets” category:


This is a great example of how to win your audience with only 4 words. It might not seem like a lot, but it does set the grounds for human interaction and engagement. 


This is another great example of replying with a one-liner. But even so, still keeping that spiciness attached to it. Add to that the human component and Taco Bell might’ve done it again! 


Speaking the truth might be hard. But Taco Bell didn’t flinch, and it’s safe to say that shots were fired.


If you ever thought that food babies aren’t a thing, well, Taco Bell is here to prove you wrong. And they did it in one of the most creative ways you could have imagined. 


This is another oldie, but goldie – but yes, Taco Bell doesn’t step off its game.

Choosing the best tweets in the case of Taco Bell has proven to be as challenging as in the case of Netflix. Driven by a humorous approach, yet still dry, Taco Bell’s Twitter account is a goldmine for wittiness. 

They might be fast-food masters, but their food definitely has some competition. If we’re speaking about golden comebacks and jaw-dropping tweets.


Skittles is probably one of the most colorful companies, and all for a good reason. Their Twitter page follows the same colorful pattern, and these are some of their best tweets:


In line with an event that was affecting the whole world, Skittles saw the chance and took it. It was nothing more than a simple question, but it had the desired effect.


Quick, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? It might not be much, but the combination between the perfect text and the perfect image makes this tweet go into the “Best Tweets” category.


So how do you showcase your product? Exactly like this.


By using two words, and nothing related to their business, they instantly caught your attention. On the wrong Twitter account, indeed. 

Skittles makes great use of the products they have in store, and it shows. They also use a combination of memes and a reference to their products. For sure, a great example for the “best tweets” category. 


Wendy’s is a well-known American fast-food restaurant. Wendy’s is also renowned for its Twitter account. Many of their tweets are usually known for responding to other restaurants.


Popular culture always has it that the McDonald’s ice cream machine is always broken. This is one of Wendy’s most retweeted and liked tweets; and also a response to the McDonald’s account. 


With a tendency to add tweets related to different restaurants, Subway also made the cut.


Another one of the most well-known American restaurants got a tweet from Wendy’s. One word can speak for thousands, and this account took advantage of that.


Using a made-up social media holiday, Wendy’s asked the Twitter world to drop a “Roast me” message and get a reply for it. KFC asked for it, Wendy’s delivered.


In another reply related to the made-up social media holiday, Bob’s Burgers, a well-known sitcom, got a special delivery. Just as KFC did. 

Wendy’s tends to go more towards what would be called a “roast”. But even so, it is still an example that catches the attention of the audience.


What’s one of the first things you think about when it comes to studying? At a simple Google search, Spark Notes is usually at the top of the list. And that is for any subjects involving literature, maths, science, and more.


With a strong literature reference, SparkNotes manages to get the best out of Macbeth. In a modern interpretation, or so they say. Adapting a well-known Shakespeare piece to current times has managed to get them an impressive number of likes and retweets.


With another literary reference, SparkNotes breaks yet again the number of likes. And we all like a good reference, don’t we?


It’s easy to notice that this Twitter account has a strong preference for literature. And the Picture of Dorian Gray is no stranger to the references of SparkNotes.


If you’ve read Les Miserables at least once in your lifetime, this is one of the tweets anyone can relate to. In yet another modern interpretation, Twitter edition.


Greek tragedies might’ve not been keen on details. But this represents the perfect occasion to turn it into a relatable tweet. By using, of course, another tweet.

SparkNotes does one more thing besides helping students with information. It sparks joy with its tweets – in a very humorous and relatable way. All the witty messages have added to their reputation and transformed their Twitter account into a funny and enjoyable experience.

Honorable Mentions 



Food accidents sometimes happen, and they can become sad in an instant. But Chipotle’s chip tweet is what we could call “motivational done right”. And be sure that Chipotle’s got your back on this one.

Old Spice


In the meme world, there are a lot of wordplays. And one of them is related to the “screams internally” meme. On Old Spice’s Twitter account, the wordplay ended up with a twist. And it actually got us smiling internally. At the end of the day, who doesn’t love great wordplay?



Life gets crazy sometimes, and that’s alright. One of the best tweets from Mcdonald’s shows us that many questions get answered daily. But not the ones about the person who’s running the account. A fun, yet still relatable tweet, Mcdonald’s managed to swiftly catch the attention of the audience. 



Retro commercials bring back nostalgia and good memories. And KFC took that opportunity to transform it into a tweet, a tweet that includes some nice flowers from the renowned colonel.


Yes, there are plenty of tweets that are funny and draw the attention of people through that. But some campaigns pave the way for tweets to enter the “best tweets”.

There is one specific Tweet from Shondaland:


You must’ve seen the #ShowUs project mentioned at least once. Dove, Girlgaze, and Getty Images all gathered forces for this project. Thus, they ended up putting together a stock photo library. Women and non-binary individuals have created this library in an attempt to put an end to beauty stereotypes.

Shondaland, the company behind shows such as “Grey’s Anatomy” or “How to get away with murder”, put together a tweet. One that reached an insane and positive response.

Start Planning Your Twitter Content Calendar

This has been quite a list so far! This brings us to our next point – the planning of your content calendar. But before we get into that, let’s see why a content calendar can help your business grow.

Shortly,  a content calendar is a place where you organize, schedule, and post content to various social media platforms. Of course, the list doesn’t stop here, as it includes most of the social media platforms out there.

Social media management tools are an easy way to create a content calendar. It’s probably one of the easiest ways to organize content while concentrating on other tasks.

The How-To:

  • Identify the content
  • Identify the right platforms 
  • Put the schedule together

1. Identify the Right Platforms

Your business surely has many active social media accounts on different platforms. But then again, there are a few platforms that represent more interest for your audience. If Twitter posts score the best for user engagement, then concentrate more on this social media platform.

2. Identify the Content

Each platform has its own rules when it comes to content. And figuring out which type makes your audience click can turn your business into a winner. You can include images and videos on Twitter too, as well as text. Monitor the type of content that brings the most reactions and concentrate more on that. Don’t forget to add a little bit of spice and mix your posts – too many posts of the same kind can become boring at one point.

3. Put Your Schedule Together

Now that you know what platform and what type of content your audience prefers, there’s one more step, and that is scheduling your content. A content calendar can help you keep track of the posts you make and identify how often you should post. Optimizing your posts can lead to the desired user engagement and always keep you in the loop. Don’t forget to review your content calendar from time to time to ensure the best results.

The Why:

  • Concentrate on other tasks
  • Keep everything organized
  • Share fresh ideas

1. Keeping Everything Organized

Certain details can sometimes get lost, and certain deadlines can get buried under other tasks. A content calendar can help you keep everything organized and ready for posting. All of it, without the chance of forgetting about a tweet or post on any other social media platform.

2. Concentrating on Other Tasks

In the social media marketing world, there are different tasks that you need to take care of. And as they pile up, it can also become overwhelming and difficult to stay on track. Content calendars help you avoid that. Having a monthly plan can help your team concentrate on all the tasks. And do it without feeling overwhelmed.

3. Fresh Ideas to Share

Content calendars can be shared, and thus, your team members can contribute with ideas. Any idea is valuable, and it can get your tweets or other social media posts in the spotlight.

Are you ready to start planning your content calendar and have everything in place? 

Final Words

This list includes some of the best tweets from different brands. What’s important to mention also is that there’s no “perfect” recipe to follow. Depending on the business, brand, and preferred style, the best tweets are always different. Some brands have a humorous approach, while others have a more pop-culture-oriented approach. This includes memes or different references.

It’s important to keep in mind that what works for others might not always work for all. But in the end, isn’t that the beauty of social media?

Your content calendar is also vital for your business, as it can help you keep all events in one place. With a content calendar in place, you’ll never miss any tweet to post.

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