How to Get More Views on YouTube Shorts in 2023

How to Get More Views on YouTube Shorts in 2024

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With the meteoric rise of YT Shorts, garnering attention in the vast sea of YouTube videos has become more challenging than ever. 

In 2022 alone, YouTube reported a staggering 1.5 billion daily logged in users watching short videos on YouTube, showcasing a paradigm shift from traditional long-form videos to bite-sized content. As we approach the end of this year, it’s more vital than ever for content creators to adapt and thrive in this dynamic landscape of video marketing

In this article, we’ll offer insights on how to optimize your presence and garner more views on YouTube Shorts in this highly competitive space.

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Short Summary

  • YouTube Shorts have gained immense popularity with over 1.5 billion daily logged-in users in 2022, emphasizing the importance of adapting to this short-form content trend.
  • YT Shorts are videos that are 60 seconds or less in duration, optimized for vertical viewing, and can be created within the YouTube mobile app.
  • To create short-form videos on YouTube, you can either film and edit them directly in the app or upload pre-existing content from your gallery.
  • Tips to succeed with YT Shorts include creating vertical videos, starting with a compelling hook, promising clear value to viewers, using catchy thumbnails, and incorporating engaging sounds.
  • Consistency in posting, interaction with comments, including a call-to-action, and following current trends are also essential for gaining more engagement on YouTube Shorts.
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What Are YT Shorts?

“YT Shorts” refers to “YouTube Shorts,” a feature introduced by YouTube as a response to the growing popularity of short-form video platforms like TikTok. Here’s what you need to know about YouTube Shorts:

  • Duration: YouTube Shorts are short-form videos that are 60 seconds or less in length.
  • Creation tools: YouTube introduced a set of new camera tools that allow creators to film and edit their shorts directly within the YouTube mobile app. These tools include features like speed control, a timer and countdown, and the option to string multiple video clips together.
  • Music: Through the YouTube Shorts camera, creators have access to a library of songs to include in their videos. This feature is reminiscent of similar music features on TikTok and Instagram Reels.
  • Vertical format: YouTube Shorts are optimized for vertical viewing, making them ideal for smartphone consumption.
  • Discoverability: YouTube has a dedicated “Shorts” section on the mobile app’s home page and has also integrated Shorts into the regular browsing experience to increase their visibility. Additionally, Shorts can show up in a user’s subscription feed if they are subscribed to the creator.
  • Monetization: In 2022, YouTube has introduced the YouTube Shorts Fund, a $100 million fund to reward creators for their contributions to the Shorts platform. 

The introduction of YouTube Shorts underscores the platform’s recognition of the shift in user preferences towards short-form content and its attempt to retain creators and audiences amidst rising competition.

Creating YT Shorts: Step-by-Step Guide

When producing YouTube Shorts, you have two choices: either craft your video directly within the app or upload a pre-existing or modified video. 

The second approach is perfect if you aim to repurpose content from TikTok, Instagram Reels, or longer YouTube videos for your channel.

Let’s dive deeper into the two methods of creating and publishing YouTube shorts:

  1. How to create YouTube Shorts on mobile
  2. How to upload YouTube Shorts from your gallery

How to Create YouTube Shorts on Mobile

Creating YouTube Shorts on your mobile device is a straightforward process.

Here’s how you can create your on YouTube shorts via the app:

  1. Open the YouTube app
  2. Record your Short
  3. Edit your Short
  4. Add YouTube Shorts captions and hashtags
  5. Publish Your Content

1. Open the YouTube App

Ensure that you have the latest version of the YouTube app downloaded from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Updates often include new features or bug fixes necessary for creating Shorts.

youtube feed

Open the app and sign in to your YouTube account. If you don’t have an account, you will need to create one.

2. Record Your Short

Tap the “+” icon (or the video camera icon) and then select ‘Create a Short’. This should open the Shorts camera.

Familiarize yourself with the camera controls. You’ll find options to flip the camera, speed up or slow down your recording, set a timer, and more.

yt short recording

To record, hold down the capture button. You can also tap it to start and then again to stop if you prefer hands-free recording.

You can record in segments by lifting your finger to stop and pressing down again to continue recording another segment. You can create a Short up to 60 seconds long. The length can be adjusted by tapping the 15 above the record button to switch between 15 seconds and 60 seconds.

3. Edit Your Short

After recording, you can trim the clips to remove unwanted parts. Just select the clip and adjust the sliders to the desired length.

yt short edit

Tap the music note to add songs. YouTube provides a library of songs you can use for your Short. Keep in mind the music’s length when you plan your video. Apply any filters or special effects offered within the app to enhance your Short’s visual appeal.

4. Add YouTube Shorts Captions and Hashtags

Before publishing your YouTube Shorts, make sure you add a caption that summarizes the content and that you edit the visibility or location settings. 

post yt short

Include relevant hashtags (#shorts is a must) to increase visibility. Other hashtags should be relevant to the content of your Short to ensure it reaches the right audience on the YouTube homepage.

5. Publish Your Content

Once you’re happy with everything, hit the ‘Upload Short’ button to publish your Short. It will now be available for viewing by the YouTube community.

How to Upload YouTube Shorts from Your Gallery

Uploading YouTube Shorts from your gallery is a great way to share content that you’ve recorded outside the YouTube app. This can be content you’ve edited with third-party apps or just something you captured quickly with your phone’s camera. 

These are the steps you need to take to upload Short content from your camera roll:

  1. Record your Short
  2. Edit your Short
  3. Upload and publish video clips on your YouTube channel

1. Record Your Short

Record your video using your phone’s default camera app or any other video recording app of your choice.

2. Edit Your Short

Editing is a critical step in making your short capture the audience’s attention. This stage allows you to refine your video, ensuring it’s engaging and aligns with your creative vision. Utilize your device’s editing tools or invest in third-party editing apps to trim the footage, overlay music, or embed subtitles. 

Maintaining the 9:16 aspect ratio during editing is crucial as it ensures your video fits perfectly in the YouTube Shorts display window without any important visuals being cut off.

3. Upload and Publish Video Clips on Your YouTube Channel

Once your Short is polished and ready, it’s time to share it with the world. Opening the YouTube app on your mobile device, you can manually upload your Short by tapping the upload button and selecting your video from the gallery. But to maximize efficiency and impact, you should consider a content scheduler like SocialBee.

SocialBee specializes in taking the legwork out of your social media strategy. By scheduling your Shorts with SocialBee, you can plan your content release to coincide with peak engagement times, ensuring your videos have the best chance of being seen by your target audience.

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The beauty of a scheduling tool like SocialBee is its ability to save you time. You can batch-create your content, schedule it for the upcoming week or month, and then focus on other aspects of your channel while SocialBee handles the distribution.

10 Tips To Get More Engagement on YouTube Short Form Video Content

With millions of YouTube Shorts being uploaded every day, standing out and increasing engagement can be challenging.

Here are 10 tips YouTube creators should know about when uploading Shorts:

  1. Create vertical videos
  2. Start with a hook
  3. Promise clear value
  4. Choose catchy thumbnails
  5. Incorporate engaging sounds
  6. Interact with comments
  7. Include a call-to-action
  8. Follow current trends
  9. Maintain high video quality
  10. Post consistently

1. Create Vertical Videos

Diving into YouTube Shorts means adapting to a new style where vertical video reigns supreme. This format resonates with the smartphone generation—your primary audience for Shorts. By creating content in vertical format, you’re weaving your story into the fabric of your viewers’ everyday digital experiences. 

Think about a travel vlogger’s channel: their Shorts might feature the dizzying heights of city skyscrapers or the majestic rise of natural cliffs, all filling the viewer’s screen and providing a window to distant horizons. 

This approach isn’t just about changing the direction of the camera—it’s an invitation into a mobile-first world. It’s a shift that acknowledges and embraces the mobile audience, building a connection that can transform a passerby into a dedicated subscriber, all because you chose to align your content with the device in their hands.

2. Start With a Hook

Imagine your Short as the opening sentence of a story; it should be as compelling as the first line of your favorite book.

The hook is your virtual handshake, your first impression. Whether it’s a burst of laughter, an audacious statement, or a breathtaking visual, your opening should feel like a wave that pulls viewers from the shores of their feed into the depths of your content. 

Here is an example of a YouTube short that starts with a good hook:

youtube short starting


This kind of opening can captivate new audiences and compel them to hit that subscribe button, hungry for more content that starts with a bang.

3. Promise Clear Value

What will your viewer gain from your minute-long journey? This question should be at the heart of every Short you create. The value you’re offering should be as clear as a bell chime amid the cacophony of content. It’s not just about what you’re presenting, but how you’re presenting it. 

For instance, a personal development coach could open with, “Transform your mindset in less than 60 seconds.” It’s a bold claim, and when followed by a potent, insightful message, it fulfills a promise that makes those 60 seconds a worthwhile investment. 

Delivering on such a promise is like a virtual handshake deal, one where viewers come to know that your channel is a source of enrichment—be it knowledge, inspiration, or entertainment. It’s this consistency in delivering value that transforms viewers into a community of loyal followers and, ultimately, into more subscribers.

4. Choose Catchy Thumbnails

Your thumbnail is more than just a preview image—it’s a gateway to viewer engagement. Think of it as a visual handshake or the cover of a book; it needs to grab attention and make a promise about the exciting content awaiting viewers. A well-crafted thumbnail can make the difference between a scroll-past and a new viewer—or even a new subscriber.

Crafting a thumbnail that pops requires a few key elements: bold colors, clear messaging, and an intriguing snapshot of what viewers can expect from your video. You want to create a sense of curiosity that compels viewers to click through and watch your Short.

Designing these magnetic thumbnails has been made simpler with tools like Canva, which offers a myriad of customizable templates, graphics, and fonts, enabling creators to produce eye-catching designs without needing a background in graphic design. With Canva, you can manipulate elements with ease, ensuring that your thumbnails stand out in the crowded YouTube ecosystem.

Now, let’s talk about synergy. SocialBee offers a seamless Canva integration that revolutionizes the way you can create and schedule content. This integration allows you to design your thumbnails directly within the SocialBee platform, removing the need to juggle between multiple tools. 

SocialBee custom video thumbnails

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What does this mean for you as a creator? With SocialBee’s Canva integration, the process becomes remarkably streamlined. You can:

  • Design your thumbnail in Canva.
  • Instantly attach it to your corresponding YouTube Short.
  • Schedule your content, complete with its custom thumbnail, to go live at the time you decide.

This not only saves time but also ensures that your content is consistently branded and visually appealing, making your Shorts more likely to be clicked and watched.

5. Incorporate Engaging Sounds

The auditory layer of your YouTube Short can captivate just as powerfully as its visuals. When you add music that grips the listener, or weave in crisp sound effects and clear, emotive voiceovers, you’re speaking to the very essence of your audience’s experience. Imagine integrating an energetic audio clip into a fitness Short, aligning the rhythm of the music with the tempo of the exercise. 

This not only guides but invigorates the viewer, creating a multisensory engagement that’s both informative and thrilling. It’s this harmonious blend of audio-visual elements that elevates your content, making it not only memorable but also more likely to be shared, attracting a new audience that finds value and connection in your distinctive sound.

6. Interact with Comments

The comment section is where the heart of viewer interaction lies. Engaging with comments goes beyond acknowledging feedback; it’s about fostering a community. Reply to comments with personalized responses, or even better, pin a question to spark a conversation. 

This interaction shows that there’s a real person behind the content, someone who values viewer input. Such engagement can make viewers feel a part of your channel’s story, encouraging them to return and interact more, boosting your video’s activity and visibility in the process.

7. Include a Call-To-Action

A call-to-action (CTA) is not just a mere sign-off; it’s a strategic tool that guides your viewers on what to do next, fostering continued engagement. 

The benefits of incorporating a CTA in your YouTube Shorts are manifold:

  • Increases viewer interaction: Prompting viewers to like, comment, or share your video can significantly boost its engagement metrics.
  • Channel growth: CTAs that encourage viewers to subscribe to your channel can accelerate your channel’s growth.
  • Directs traffic: You can direct viewers to other content, your merchandise store, or any other link that is beneficial to your brand.
  • Measurable outcomes: With a clear CTA, you can better measure the effectiveness of your content by the actions viewers take.

Always ensure your CTA is clear, compelling, and relevant to the content of your Short. It could be as simple as asking viewers to ‘like and subscribe’ or guiding them to a related video or playlist.

8. Follow Current Trends

Staying abreast of current trends is pivotal for content creators aiming to retain relevance and capture attention. 

Here are the advantages of hopping on trends:

  • Relevancy: Leveraging trends can position your content as current and relevant, which is appealing to viewers.
  • Reach: Trending topics have a higher search volume, which can help your content be discovered by a broader audience.
  • Community building: Participating in trends creates a sense of community among viewers who are tracking or enjoying the trend.
  • Algorithm advantage: YouTube’s algorithm often favors content that is trending, which means your Shorts are more likely to appear in suggested and recommended feeds.

Always tailor trends to your brand and content style to maintain authenticity while engaging with a trend.

9. Maintain High Video Quality

The quality of your video is a testament to your professionalism and respect for your audience. 

The benefits of maintaining high video quality in your Shorts include:

  • Viewer retention: High-quality videos are more engaging and can keep viewers watching longer, which is a key metric for the YouTube algorithm.
  • Positive brand perception: A consistent level of quality in your videos reflects well on your brand, presenting you as a serious and professional content creator.
  • Competitive edge: In a saturated market, superior video quality can set you apart from competitors.
  • Encourages shares: Aesthetically pleasing and high-resolution videos are more likely to be shared by viewers, increasing your reach.

To ensure high video quality, pay attention to both the visual elements (resolution, framing, lighting) and audio quality. It’s not always about having the most expensive equipment but rather using what you have to its fullest potential.

10. Post Consistently

The benefits of posting consistently on YouTube cannot be overstated, particularly when it comes to the platform’s Shorts feature. Establishing a regular posting rhythm does more than just satisfy the algorithm’s preferences; it builds a rapport with your audience. 

They come to know when to expect new content from you, creating a cycle of anticipation and satisfaction that can greatly boost your channel’s engagement and viewership.

When you post consistently, you’re not just feeding the algorithm; you’re cultivating a habit within your audience. Viewers are creatures of habit, and if they know they can look forward to your engaging Shorts at a set time, they’re more likely to keep coming back. This kind of predictability is comforting and can forge a strong viewer-creator bond.

Nevertheless, keeping up with a consistent posting schedule can be daunting. This is where SocialBee swoops in to make your life easier. By utilizing a tool like SocialBee, you can schedule your content in advance, thus ensuring that your Shorts go live at the best possible times, even if you’re away from your desk or deep in the creative process. 

SocialBee's content calendar

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SocialBee isn’t just a scheduling tool—it’s your personal publishing assistant, giving you the power to plan out your content calendar, which is pivotal for maintaining the consistent engagement that drives YouTube success. It’s about creating a system that supports regular posting, thus giving your content the best chance to flourish in the vast ecosystem of YouTube Shorts.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is YouTube Shorts Just Like TikTok?

YouTube Shorts and TikTok are similar in many respects, but they also have distinct features and characteristics. 

Here’s a comparison of both types of social media videos:

  • Format: Both prioritize vertical, short-form videos.
  • Music & tools: Both offer music libraries and in-app creation tools.
  • Swipe navigation: Both use swipe-centric interfaces for content discovery.
  • Purpose: TikTok was built for short-form content, while YouTube Shorts is a feature within the broader YouTube platform.
  • Audience: YouTube benefits from a vast, diverse user base due to its longevity, influencing content trends.
  • Algorithm & integration: Each platform has its own recommendation algorithm, and YouTube Shorts can leverage the larger YouTube audience.
2. Why Are My Shorts Not Getting Views?

If your YouTube Shorts are not garnering many views, here are five key areas to evaluate:

  • Content saturation and differentiation: If you’re operating in a niche that’s saturated with similar content, your Shorts may be getting lost in the crowd. To stand out, you need to find a unique angle or approach that differentiates your content from the rest.
  • Engagement metrics: YouTube’s algorithm greatly values user engagement. If your Shorts are not getting enough likes, comments, or shares, they may not be recommended as widely. Try to encourage viewer interaction by asking questions or using calls to action.
  • Optimization for discoverability: Ensure that your Shorts are properly optimized with relevant titles, descriptions, and hashtags. If YouTube can’t easily categorize your content, it may not show up as often in suggested video feeds.
  • Posting consistency: If you post infrequently, both viewers and the YouTube algorithm might not pick up on your content. A regular posting schedule can help increase visibility and signal to YouTube that your channel is active.
  • Quality and value of content: If your content doesn’t provide clear value or entertainment, viewers may not be inclined to watch and engage with it. High-quality, compelling content that delivers on what it promises is more likely to retain viewers and encourage shares.
3. What Is the Recommended YouTube Shorts Length?

The recommended length for YouTube Shorts is up to 60 seconds. While Shorts can technically be any duration under 60 seconds, videos that are between 15 to 30 seconds long are often considered the sweet spot. This length tends to hold viewers’ attention while providing enough time to deliver entertaining or valuable content. 

Keep in mind, if you’re adding music from YouTube’s library, your Short is limited to 15 seconds. It’s also worth noting that the platform may change its features and recommendations over time, so it’s good to stay updated with YouTube’s official guidelines.

4. Can I Monetize YouTube Shorts?

In 2021, YouTube initiated Shorts monetization by introducing the YouTube Shorts fund, which amounted to $100 million. This fund was designed to incentivize creators to embrace the Shorts format and reward those who generated highly engaging content. It was initially a temporary solution while YouTube developed a more sustainable method for monetizing Shorts. Subsequently, the Shorts ad revenue sharing model was launched in February 2023, replacing the fund.

Additionally, it’s worth noting that YouTube has a well-established long-term monetization program called the YouTube Partner Program (YPP) for creators who produce longer-form content on the platform.

Ready to Start Creating YouTube Shorts?

As you stand on the brink of the dynamic world of YouTube Shorts, you’re not just looking at a content format but at a canvas of endless possibilities. YouTube Shorts offers a unique opportunity to tell your story, engage with audiences, and build your brand in the span of a minute or less. 

With the insights and strategies discussed, from crafting captivating thumbnails to maintaining high video quality and leveraging trends, you’re now equipped to dive into the creation process with confidence.

Take the step towards streamlining your YouTube Shorts creation and scheduling. Let your content resonate with viewers day after day, week after week, all while you maintain the creative flow that sparked your channel in the first place.

Unleash the potential of your YouTube Shorts. Start your 14-day free SocialBee trial now!

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