100 high performing youtube ideas

100 High-Performing YouTube Video Ideas for Brands in 2024

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Seeking YouTube video ideas that will catapult your brand’s presence on YouTube in 2024? In an era where standing out in the digital landscape is more challenging than ever, achieving visibility demands not just creativity but a keen sense of strategic innovation. 

This article is your gateway to 100 high-performing YouTube video ideas, each promising to revolutionize your digital marketing approach and captivate your target audience.

Tailored for brands at every level, whether you’re just breaking into the YouTube scene or looking to elevate an established channel, our guide offers a variety of concepts designed to engage and intrigue. 

Embark on a journey through this guide to uncover a standout strategy that successful YouTube content creators swear by. 

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Short Summary

  • Use different video types – brand stories, how-to guides, and customer testimonials – to appeal to varied interests. 
  • Be authentic and connect personally, with behind-the-scenes clips and employee features. 
  • Offer educational material like industry news and product guides to show expertise and provide value.
  • Engage with current trends and collaborate with influencers or other brands to expand reach and relevance.
  • Utilize advanced technologies like 360-degree virtual tours and interactive elements to create immersive and engaging experiences.
  • When you create videos, use a YouTube video idea generator like SocialBee if you’re running out of ideas.

How to Generate YouTube Video Ideas with SocialBee’s AI Post Generator

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Here are some AI prompts you can use for YouTube idea generation:

  • Generate a YouTube video idea that showcases a behind-the-scenes look at my [company/brand] and convinces my [ideal customer persona] to take [desired action] with authenticity and relatability.
  • Create a YouTube video that presents a step-by-step guide on how to use my [product/service] and convinces my [ideal customer persona] to make a purchase with clear and compelling instructions.
  • Develop a YouTube video idea that illustrates how my [product/service] can solve the specific pain points and needs of my [ideal customer persona] in a relatable and engaging manner.
  • Produce a YouTube video that highlights the unique selling points of my [product/service] and convinces my [ideal customer persona] to make a purchase with a sense of urgency and exclusive offers.
  • Produce a YouTube video that compares my [product/service] to similar options on the market and convinces my [ideal customer persona] to choose us with clear and compelling evidence.
  • Create a YouTube video that draws in my [ideal customer persona] with a relatable and authentic message, and persuades them to take [desired action] with a strong call-to-action and compelling visuals.
  • Develop a YouTube video idea that showcases the success stories of previous customers who have used my [product/service] and convinces my [ideal customer persona] to make a purchase.
  • Generate a YouTube video idea that engages my [ideal customer persona] with a unique and compelling perspective on [subject] and persuades them to take [desired action] on my [website/product].

100 Ideas for YouTube Videos to Boost Your YouTube Channel

This guide offers a curated list of creative and effective video concepts, tailored to help brands of all sizes connect with their audience and amplify their message. 

Here are 100 YouTube video ideas you can use for your channel:

  1. Brand story video
  2. Product launch reveal
  3. Behind-the-scenes footage
  4. Customer testimonial compilation
  5. How-to product guides
  6. Team introduction series
  7. Industry news updates
  8. Day in the life at the company
  9. Community project highlights
  10. Expert interview sessions
  11. User-generated content showcase
  12. Event coverage and highlights
  13. Evergreen content
  14. FAQs answered
  15. Live Q&A session
  16. Educational webinar series
  17. Product comparison videos
  18. Animated explainer videos
  19. Trending topic discussions
  20. Brand collaboration features
  21. Sustainability initiative spotlight
  22. Charity and giving back stories
  23. DIY ideas with products
  24. 360-degree virtual tours
  25. Influencer collaboration pieces
  26. Product development process
  27. Customer journey showcase
  28. Employee spotlight stories
  29. Tech innovations in the industry
  30. Holiday-themed videos
  31. Core values series
  32. Brand challenge campaigns
  33. Creative product uses
  34. Contests and giveaways announcements
  35. Cultural diversity celebrations
  36. Strategic brand partnerships
  37. ‘How it’s made’ videos
  38. Business advice and tips
  39. Company milestone celebrations
  40. Product customization options
  41. Customer support success stories
  42. Feedback and survey discussions
  43. Outreach program features
  44. Health and safety protocols
  45. Mini-documentaries
  46. Brand philosophy talks
  47. Before-and-after product demos
  48. Training and educational content
  49. CSR initiative overviews
  50. Interviews with company founders
  51. Virtual reality experiences
  52. Augmented reality demonstrations
  53. Podcast-style discussions
  54. Employee training glimpses
  55. Data and analytics insights
  56. Customer onboarding process
  57. Product teaser videos
  58. Brand advocacy stories
  59. Animated customer success stories
  60. Virtual event highlights
  61. Shopping guides for products
  62. Brand history timeline
  63. Global impact discussions
  64. Work-life balance initiatives
  65. Departmental tours
  66. Styling and usage tips
  67. Innovative packaging reveals
  68. Flashback/throwback videos
  69. Brand refresh reveal
  70. Interactive video polls
  71. Employee challenge videos
  72. Customer service insights
  73. Thought leadership talks
  74. Product safety feature highlights
  75. Recruitment videos
  76. Brand mascot adventures
  77. International presence insights
  78. Local community engagement
  79. Unusual product applications
  80. Bloopers and outtakes
  81. Customer appreciation videos
  82. Industry future predictions
  83. Creative campaign showcases
  84. Safety protocol explanations
  85. Customer-centric changes
  86. Brand loyalty program details
  87. Workplace culture insights
  88. Economic impact reports
  89. Supplier and partner spotlights
  90. Business ethics discussions
  91. Product restoration guides
  92. Brand merchandise introductions
  93. Trade show experience shares
  94. Quality assurance explainers
  95. Customer-focused initiatives
  96. Multilingual content
  97. New market expansion talks
  98. Digital transformation journey
  99. Employee recognition events
  100. Year in review recap

1. Brand Story Video

For companies looking to strengthen their brand identity and connect with their audience on a personal level, creating a brand story video for their YouTube channel is a highly effective strategy. This type of content allows businesses to share their origins, values, challenges, and achievements, thereby building an emotional connection with their audience. 

It’s an opportunity to differentiate from competitors and reinforce brand loyalty by showcasing what makes the brand unique and its commitment to certain values or causes.

screenshot on youtube: dove real beauty campaign


To create a compelling brand story, Dove’s “Real Beauty” campaign serves as an exemplary model. Dove revolutionized beauty industry marketing by focusing on real women of different backgrounds, challenging conventional beauty standards. 

Their campaign videos, featuring diverse, non-model women, successfully communicated Dove’s commitment to celebrating natural beauty, significantly enhancing brand identity and customer loyalty.

2. Product Launch Reveal

For businesses launching new products, a captivating launch video is essential. It should spark excitement and interest, focusing on what sets the product apart. Highlight its unique features and benefits. 

Consider adding demonstrations, customer testimonials, or side-by-side comparisons with earlier models. This approach not only creates a buzz but also helps convince viewers of the product’s value.

screenshot of headspace's youtube video


6 years ago, Headspace created a great intro video for their mindfulness app, encouraging potential users to give meditation a try!

3. Behind-the-Scenes Footage

Behind-the-scenes videos are great for showing your business’s culture, work environment, and the team behind your products or services. And they can be quite fun YouTube video ideas too!

For example, Fenty Beauty walked us through some of the moments behind their release of the 6-20 collection:

screenshot of fenti's youtube video


This kind of openness builds trust and helps customers feel more connected to your brand. These videos can feature manufacturing, daily office life, or team events, bringing a personal touch to your brand’s image.

4. Customer Testimonial Compilation

Using a compilation of customer testimonials is a strong method for businesses to show social proof and gain trust. 

In these videos, actual customers share their experiences, highlighting the benefits and value of the products or services. They’re really good at showing how relatable and credible your offerings are to potential customers.

5. How-To Product Guides

How-to product guides (or tutorial videos) are essential for businesses aiming to enhance the user experience and educate their customers about their products. 

Here’s such a how-to guide posted on Notion’s YouTube channel:

screenshot of notion's youtube video


When you create how-to videos, these should be clear, concise, and easy to follow, helping customers make the most of their purchases and reducing the need for customer support.

6. Team Introduction Series

Creating a team introduction series is an excellent way for businesses to humanize their brand. By showcasing the people behind the company, these videos can highlight the company’s culture, values, and the diversity of its team. 

Here’s an example of team introduction video from G-Research:

screenshot of youtube team introduction video g-research


This approach builds a personal connection with the audience and can enhance employer branding.

7. Industry News Updates

For companies looking to establish themselves as thought leaders in their industry, producing industry news updates is key. 

These videos keep the audience informed about the latest trends and developments, positioning the company as a knowledgeable and reliable source in their field.

8. Day in the Life at the Company

A “Day in the Life at the Company” video is an effective way for businesses to showcase their work environment and company culture. 

Here’s such an example of video introducing the company and the Marketing Manager position from Indeed:

day in a life marketing manager indeed youtube video screenshot


This type of content can attract not only potential customers but also future employees, giving an authentic insight into the daily operations and the company’s atmosphere.

9. Community Project Highlights

Businesses engaged in social responsibility initiatives can greatly benefit from community project highlights. These videos showcase the company’s commitment to giving back and making a positive impact on society or the environment, resonating with customers who value corporate responsibility.

10. Expert Interview Sessions

Expert interview sessions let businesses share knowledge with their audience. They feature industry leaders or specialists. 

Here’s such an example of interview-based video:

screenshot of expert interview youtube video with 2 women


This provides valuable views, builds the brand’s authority, and engages the audience with interesting content.

11. User-Generated Content Showcase

Displaying user-generated content is a smart move for businesses. It builds authentic engagement and a community around the brand. This includes customer reviews, photos, and videos – they all can be your magic tricks.

Take a look at this customer reaction video generated by Jasmine Holden for Wella Professional:

screenshot of youtube video from jasmine holden for wella professional


User-generated content shows social proof and motivates others to share their brand experiences.

12. Event Coverage and Highlights

Event coverage and highlights work well on YouTube for businesses looking to share their events online. These videos can show key moments, interviews, and insights from events. They keep the audience engaged and updated on major company happenings.

13. Evergreen Content

Creating evergreen content is beneficial for businesses looking to provide long-term value to their audience. 

Timeless how-to guides, FAQs and troubleshooting articles, educational resources, best practices and tips, case studies, historical insights, resource lists, interviews with experts, and beginner’s guides are excellent examples of content that remains relevant over time.

SocialBee provides an evergreen scheduling feature that allows you to continuously reschedule your best content multiple times across all of your accounts. Additionally, content can be organized into distinct categories, akin to folders, great for content diversification. This organization allows for the automatic reposting of all posts within a category in a continuous cycle.

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SocialBee also provides the capability to monitor content performance and pinpoint your most effective posts, content categories, and posting formats. Access to this data enables a clear understanding of which posts are suitable for republishing and the types of social media content your audience prefers.

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14. FAQs Answered

Answering FAQs in videos is a great idea for businesses on YouTube. It can really help customers understand better and feel more satisfied. These videos tackle common questions, clearing up confusion and reducing support calls. They can focus on product details, company policies, or common industry queries

screenshot of ikea's FAQ youtube videoSource

IKEA has utilized FAQ videos to explain product assembly and offer interior design tips, effectively reducing customer confusion and enhancing their shopping experience.

15. Live Q&A Session

Live Q&A sessions let businesses directly engage with their audience. This builds community and openness. 

Look at how Nutrition Facts engaged with their YouTube community in this Q&A video:

screenshot of nutrition facts q&a video


If you make a video for a Q&A purpose, you can discuss many topics and offer a chance for real-time interaction and feedback.

16. Educational Webinar Series

Educational webinar series are great for companies to add value through deep dives into industry topics, expertise sharing, or training. They position the company as a knowledgeable expert and boost brand credibility.

17. Product Comparison Videos

Product comparison videos are useful for businesses to demonstrate the advantages of their products over competitors. They’re also useful if you are trying to compare two versions of the product you are offering, or two similar products from your portfolio. 

Here’s how Scrub Daddy showcased the differences between Scrub Daddy and Scrub Mommy:

screenshot of ScrubDaddy product comparison video


These videos help customers make informed decisions by highlighting key differences in features, performance, and pricing.

18. Animated Explainer Videos

Animated explainer videos are an engaging way to convey complex ideas or processes in a simple and understandable format. They are particularly effective for explaining new technologies or abstract concepts.

screenshot of dropbox animated explainer video


Dropbox effectively used animated video content on its YouTube channel in its early days to illustrate how cloud storage works, simplifying a complex concept for a wide audience.

19. Trending Topic Discussions

Discussing trending topics in videos or creating reaction videos helps businesses stay relevant and engage with current conversations. 

These discussions can cover industry news, popular culture, or global events, aligning the brand with the current interests of its audience.

20. Brand Collaboration Features

Brand collaboration features involve partnering with another company to create joint content. This strategy can introduce businesses to new audiences and add extra value to their offerings.

screenshot of go pro and redbull partnership video


GoPro and Red Bull have collaborated on extreme sports videos, combining GoPro’s camera technology with Red Bull’s adventure sports image

21. Sustainability Initiative Spotlight

Highlighting sustainability initiatives is key for businesses looking to showcase their commitment to environmental responsibility. These videos can cover efforts in reducing carbon footprints, ethical sourcing, or supporting green projects.

Patagonia regularly spotlights its sustainability initiatives, emphasizing its commitment to environmental conservation and ethical practices.

22. Charity and Giving Back Stories

Charity video content helps businesses illustrate their commitment to social responsibility. These videos can showcase philanthropic efforts, community support, or partnerships with non-profits.

​​screenshot of toms charity video


TOMS shares stories of their giving back program, where each purchase contributes to aiding people in need, thereby enhancing their brand image and customer loyalty.

23. DIY Ideas with Products

DIY videos are some of the most popular YouTube videos out there. They represent a creative way for companies to show the versatility of their products. A DIY video can inspire customers to use products in new ways, potentially increasing product appeal and usage.

24. 360-Degree Virtual Tours

360-degree virtual tours allow businesses to offer an immersive experience, showcasing locations or products. This format is particularly useful for real estate, tourism, or retail sectors.

screenshot of Sotheby's International Realty 360 degree youtube video


Sotheby’s International Realty uses 360-degree virtual tours to showcase their luxury properties, offering an immersive viewing experience to potential buyers worldwide.

25. Influencer Collaboration Pieces

Influencer collaboration YouTube videos leverage the popularity and reach of influencers to promote products or services. This strategy can effectively tap into the influencer’s follower base, gaining trust and attention.

screenshot of daniel wellington influencer video


Daniel Wellington collaborates with fashion influencers to showcase their watches, significantly enhancing brand visibility and appeal.

26. Product Development Process

The product development process videos on YouTube offer an in-depth look at how a company conceptualizes, designs, and brings a product to market. 

These videos can range from initial brainstorming sessions to final product testing, offering transparency and insight into the creativity, hard work, and technical expertise involved.

27. Customer Journey Showcase

Customer journey showcase videos on YouTube illustrate a customer’s experience with a brand from initial awareness to post-purchase. These videos can include customer testimonials, use-case scenarios, and the overall impact of the product or service on customers’ lives.

28. Employee Spotlight Stories

Employee spotlight stories on YouTube are a great way for companies to highlight the diverse talents and personalities behind their brand. 

Take a look at how Workato is introducing us to their Outbound Sales Development Representative:

screenshot of Workato Employee Spotlight Stories video


These videos often feature interviews, day-in-the-life segments, and personal stories from employees, offering a humanizing glimpse into the company culture.

29. Tech Innovations in the Industry

Videos about tech innovations in the industry on YouTube allow companies to share the latest advancements and future trends in technology. These videos can include expert interviews, demonstrations of new technologies, and discussions on how these innovations will shape the future.

screenshot of ibm tech innovation video


IBM frequently posts videos on YouTube about their technological innovations, including developments in artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and quantum computing.

30. Holiday-Themed Videos

Holiday-themed videos on YouTube are a popular way for brands to connect with their audience during festive seasons. These videos can range from special holiday greetings and themed product showcases to heartwarming stories that capture the spirit of the season. 

They are an effective tool for engaging with customers on a more personal level, often evoking emotions and nostalgia.

31. Core Values Series

A core values series on YouTube allows companies to communicate the principles and beliefs that guide their business practices and culture. These videos can delve into various aspects of the company’s ethos, such as commitment to sustainability, community engagement, or innovation. 

Sharing core values in this way helps build a brand identity that resonates with customers and employees alike.

32. Brand Challenge Campaigns

Brand challenge campaigns engage the audience through interactive and often viral challenges. These campaigns are typically fun, creative, and shareable, making them highly effective for boosting brand visibility and user engagement. 

You can also choose to generate a challenge around your industry, as we did during our 5-Day Social Media Challenge:

screenshot of SocialBee social media challenge webinar


They often leverage social media platforms, encouraging users to participate and share their experiences with a broader community. Implementing brand challenge campaigns is a strategic move for businesses looking to create a buzz around their brand.

33. Creative Product Uses

Videos showcasing creative product uses inspire customers to use products in innovative or unconventional ways. This content not only highlights the versatility of a product but also encourages customers to think outside the box, potentially leading to new and unexpected applications of the product.

For businesses, promoting creative product uses can open up new markets and customer segments. These videos can demonstrate the multiple functionalities of a product, increasing its appeal.

34. Contests and Giveaways Announcements

Contests and giveaway announcements, when tailored for YouTube, are a vibrant way to engage the platform’s vast audience. 

These YouTube-focused announcements often feature creative and visually appealing videos, detailing the rules, how to enter, and showcasing the prizes.

35. Cultural Diversity Celebrations

Cultural diversity celebrations in video content allow companies to show their support for different cultures and communities. This type of content can enhance a brand’s image as inclusive and globally aware.

It can cover celebrations of international holidays, cultural events, or highlight the diversity within the company.

36. Strategic Brand Partnerships

Strategic brand partnerships videos showcase collaborations between brands, bringing together different but complementary products, services, or values. These partnerships can offer something new and exciting to customers, combining the strengths of both brands.

37. ‘How It’s Made’ Videos

​​’How it’s made’ videos provide a glimpse into the manufacturing process of products. These videos are educational and can increase transparency, building customer trust and interest. 

They can cover anything from everyday items to complex machinery, often revealing surprising and intricate details of production.

38. Business Advice and Tips

Business advice and tips videos are valuable for sharing expertise and establishing a brand as a thought leader in its industry. 

These videos can cover a range of topics, from operational strategies to marketing tactics, providing useful information to other businesses and entrepreneurs.

Creating business advice and tips content is a way for companies to engage with a B2B audience and build a professional network.

39. Company Milestone Celebrations

Company milestone celebrations are a great opportunity for businesses to share their journey and achievements with their audience. These events, often marked with special videos, reflect on the company’s history, key successes, and growth over the years. 

They can range from celebrating anniversaries to achieving significant business goals, such as reaching a certain number of customers or launching a pivotal product.

40. Product Customization Options

Product customization options are increasingly becoming a key differentiator for brands in various industries. By offering customers the ability to personalize their products, companies not only meet specific customer needs but also enhance the overall customer experience.

Videos showcasing these customization options can effectively demonstrate the range and depth of personalization available. 

41. Customer Support Success Stories

Customer support success stories are one of the best beginner YouTube video ideas. They are a powerful way to highlight a company’s dedication to excellent customer service. These stories can feature real-life examples of how the company went above and beyond to resolve customer issues, provide exceptional service, or enhance the customer experience.

For example, Slack showed us how they helped Spotify boost their ad sale revenues:

screenshot of Salck Customer Support Success Stories YouTube video


Sharing these success stories through videos can significantly boost a brand’s image and credibility. It showcases the company’s customer-first approach and can turn even a simple customer support interaction into a compelling narrative that resonates with viewers and reinforces the brand’s values.

42. Feedback and Survey Discussions

Feedback and survey discussions involve sharing insights and outcomes from customer feedback and surveys. These videos can detail how customer input has shaped product development, service improvements, or overall business strategies.

By openly discussing customer feedback, companies demonstrate transparency and a willingness to listen and adapt. 

43. Outreach Program Features

Outreach program features focus on showcasing a company’s efforts in community service, charitable work, or environmental initiatives. These videos highlight the company’s commitment to making a positive impact in the community or on a broader scale. 

lego youtube video


The LEGO Group frequently features its outreach and community engagement programs, particularly focusing on education and children. They showcase initiatives such as their efforts to promote learning and creativity through play in underprivileged communities, collaborations with educational institutions, and environmental sustainability programs

44. Health and Safety Protocols

Health and safety protocols are crucial for businesses, particularly in industries where physical safety is a priority. Videos detailing these protocols can educate employees and customers about the measures taken to ensure safety in the workplace or with products.

These videos can include training materials, safety guidelines, and insights into the company’s health and safety culture.

45. Mini-Documentaries

Mini-documentaries offer an in-depth look into various aspects of a company, such as its history, operations, or impact. These longer-form videos provide a storytelling platform that goes beyond typical marketing content, offering a deeper understanding of the company’s values, journey, and vision.

46. Brand Philosophy Talks

Brand philosophy talks allow businesses to share their core beliefs and mission, helping to build a deeper emotional connection with their audience. 

apple philosphy video


Apple often discusses its philosophy focusing on innovation, design, and user experience, reinforcing its brand identity and customer loyalty.

47. Before-and-After Product Demos

Before-and-after product demos are an effective way to visually demonstrate the efficacy or impact of a product. 

Here’s how Wella Professional introduced us to their ULTIMATE REPAIR line:

wella professional content video


These videos show the product in action, clearly highlighting the changes or improvements it makes. This format is particularly popular in beauty, home improvement, and fitness industries, where visual results are significant.

48. Training and Educational Content

Training and educational content is crucial for companies looking to add value for their customers or users beyond just selling a product or service. 

For example, take a look at our latest webinar to learn how to manage your social media accounts with SocialBee:

socialbee webinar youtube video


These videos can range from how-to guides and tutorials to more in-depth training sessions, providing users with the knowledge they need to effectively use a product or service.

49. CSR Initiative Overviews

CSR initiative overviews allow companies to share their efforts and commitments to social responsibility. 

These videos can cover a range of topics, including environmental sustainability, community involvement, and ethical practices. They are an excellent way for a company to communicate its values and the impact of its CSR activities.

50. Interviews with Company Founders

Interviews with company founders offer a personal and in-depth look at a company’s origins, challenges, and successes. These videos can be inspirational, providing insights into the entrepreneurial journey and the vision behind the brand.

51. Virtual Reality Experiences

Virtual reality experiences on YouTube give viewers an immersive look at a product, service, or story. These videos can transport viewers to different environments or let them experience a product in a unique and interactive way.

52. Augmented Reality Demonstrations

Augmented reality demonstrations use technology to enhance the real world with digital elements. These videos can showcase how AR can be used for various applications, from gaming and entertainment to education and retail.

53. Podcast-Style Discussions

Podcast-style discussions on YouTube offer a more relaxed and conversational approach to sharing information, opinions, or stories. 

One such example is “When it Clicked”, a YouTube podcast created by Click Up:

clickup podcast youtube video


These videos can cover a wide range of topics and often feature interviews with experts, discussions among team members, or Q&A sessions with audiences.

54. Employee Training Glimpses

Employee training glimpses are popular YouTube video ideas that offer insights into a company’s training culture and processes. 

These videos can set the tone for a channel focused on corporate transparency and employee development.

55. Data and Analytics Insights

Data and analytics insights videos, a type of tutorial video, are great for companies looking to establish thought leadership. They can explain complex data in a simpler format, making them accessible to a wider audience.

screenshot of google data and analytics youtube video


Google, known for its extensive data capabilities, frequently shares tour videos explaining how it uses data and analytics to improve its services and user experience.

56. Customer Onboarding Process

Customer onboarding process videos are essential YouTube video ideas. They guide new customers through the process of getting started with a product or service, enhancing user experience and satisfaction.

57. Product Teaser Videos

Product teaser videos are perfect for building anticipation and excitement about a new product launch. They give just enough information to intrigue viewers, making them popular YouTube video ideas.

58. Brand Advocacy Stories

Brand advocacy stories on YouTube are a compelling way for companies to showcase their products or services through the experiences and testimonials of loyal customers or brand advocates

These stories, often presented in a narrative format, highlight how the brand has positively impacted individuals or communities. They offer authentic and relatable content that resonates with viewers, enhancing the brand’s credibility and emotional appeal.

brand advocacy lululemon youtube video


Lululemon effectively uses brand advocacy stories on its YouTube channel, featuring real customers and yoga enthusiasts who share their personal journeys and how Lululemon’s products have been a part of that journey. 

59. Animated Customer Success Stories

Animated customer success stories are a creative and engaging YouTube video idea.

These videos can tell the story of how a customer achieved success or solved a problem using a product or service, making them an excellent choice for a first YouTube video for customer-focused channels.

60. Virtual Event Highlights

Virtual event highlights on YouTube are a dynamic way for companies to extend the reach of their events beyond the immediate attendees.

By creating engaging recap videos, businesses can showcase the key moments, insights, and experiences from their virtual events, whether it’s a product launch, a webinar, a conference, or any other online gathering. 

These highlight reels allow those who couldn’t attend to experience the essence of the event and serve as a promotional tool for future events.

61. Shopping Guides for Products

Shopping guides for products, often in the format of a walkthrough video, provide viewers with information on how to choose and use products. These videos are useful for viewers who are new to a brand or product category.

62. Brand History Timeline

A brand history timeline video is a compelling way to tell your brand’s story, showcasing its evolution and milestones over the years. 

This type of content can include founding stories, major product launches, and significant company achievements. It’s a way to connect with your audience by sharing your brand’s journey and the key moments that have shaped it.

63. Global Impact Discussions

Global impact discussions are important for businesses that operate on an international scale or have a significant global influence. 

These videos can discuss the brand’s worldwide reach, its impact on different communities, or the global challenges it addresses.

64. Work-Life Balance Initiatives

Work-life balance initiatives videos showcase a company’s efforts to ensure a healthy balance between work and personal life for its employees. 

This can include flexible working arrangements, wellness programs, and other benefits. These videos can attract potential employees and improve current staff morale.

65. Departmental Tours

Departmental tours give viewers a behind-the-scenes look at different areas of a company. 

For example, Duolingo is walking us through their office in this video:

duolingo youtube video


These videos can showcase the unique aspects of various departments, the people who work in them, and how they contribute to the overall success of the business.

66. Styling and Usage Tips

Styling and usage tips videos are particularly popular in the fashion, beauty, and lifestyle sectors. These videos provide customers with ideas and advice on how to use or style products, adding value and enhancing the customer experience.

67. Innovative Packaging Reveals

​​Innovative packaging reveals showcase unique and creative packaging designs. These videos can highlight the functionality, aesthetic appeal, and environmental considerations of the packaging, adding to the overall product experience.

68. Flashback/Throwback Videos

Flashback or throwback videos tap into nostalgia, taking viewers back to different times in the company’s history. 

These videos can include past advertising campaigns, product versions, or significant company milestones, evoking a sense of nostalgia and long-standing legacy.

69. Brand Refresh Reveal

Brand refresh reveal videos are used when a company undergoes a rebranding or updates its brand image. These videos can unveil new logos, color schemes, mission statements, or overall brand aesthetic, signaling a new phase for the company.

70. Interactive Video Polls

Interactive video polls on YouTube allow companies to directly engage with their audience by soliciting their opinions or preferences through polls integrated into videos.

youtube video poll


This interactive content can be an effective tool for audience engagement and market research, providing valuable insights into customer preferences and behaviors.

71. Employee Challenge Videos

Employee challenge videos on YouTube showcase company staff participating in fun, often viral, challenges. 

These videos humanize the brand and can improve internal team spirit, while also engaging with a wider audience in a relatable and entertaining way.

72. Customer Service Insights

Customer service insights videos on YouTube are an excellent way for businesses to showcase their commitment to customer satisfaction. 

These videos can include tips, best practices, success stories, and even challenges faced in providing top-notch customer service.

73. Thought Leadership Talks

Thought leadership talks on YouTube feature industry experts or company leaders sharing their insights, experiences, and predictions. These talks position the company as a knowledgeable leader in its field and provide valuable content to the audience.

screenshot of ted talk youtube video


TED Talks are a prime example, with industry leaders and innovators sharing insights in various fields. These talks not only educate and inspire viewers but also enhance TED’s reputation as a platform for spreading ideas.

74. Product Safety Feature Highlights

Product safety feature highlights on YouTube are videos where companies showcase the safety aspects of their products. These videos can significantly boost customer trust and satisfaction by demonstrating the company’s commitment to safety and quality.

75. Recruitment Videos

Recruitment videos on YouTube allow companies to showcase their work culture, employee benefits, and career opportunities. These videos are an effective tool for attracting potential job applicants and showcasing the company as an attractive place to work.

76. Brand Mascot Adventures

Brand mascot adventures on YouTube feature a company’s mascot in various entertaining scenarios. These videos can boost brand recognition and appeal, especially to younger audiences, and add a fun, personable element to the brand.

tony the tigger kellog video


Tony the Tiger, the mascot for Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes, often appears in adventure-themed videos, reinforcing the brand’s energetic and family-friendly image.

77. International Presence Insights

International presence insights on YouTube are videos that showcase a company’s global footprint, including international operations, cultural adaptations, and global impact. 

These videos can highlight the company’s worldwide reach and its adaptability in different markets.

78. Local Community Engagement

Local community engagement videos on YouTube allow companies to showcase their involvement and impact in local communities. This can include community service projects, local partnerships, or support for local events and causes.

79. Unusual Product Applications

Unusual product application videos on YouTube showcase innovative and non-conventional uses of products, often revealing surprising versatility. 

These videos can be both informative and entertaining, highlighting the creativity of users or the company in utilizing their products in unexpected ways.

80. Bloopers and Outtakes

Bloopers and outtake videos on YouTube show the lighter, more human side of businesses. They often include behind-the-scenes clips where things didn’t go as planned, offering a humorous and relatable view of the company and its employees.

81. Customer Appreciation Videos

Customer appreciation videos on YouTube are a way for companies to publicly thank and acknowledge their customers. 

These videos can feature customer stories, testimonials, or special messages from the company, highlighting the value and impact of customer support.

82. Industry Future Predictions

Industry future prediction videos on YouTube feature insights and forecasts about where a particular industry is headed. 

These videos are great for thought leadership, providing audiences with expert opinions on trends, technological advancements, and future challenges.

83. Creative Campaign Showcases

A YouTube creative campaign puts the spotlight on a company’s most innovative and successful marketing campaigns. These videos can serve as a portfolio of the company’s creative capabilities and its ability to engage with customers in unique ways.

old spice creative youtube video


Old Spice is known for its creative and often humorous marketing campaigns. Their YouTube channel showcases these campaigns, demonstrating their unique approach to engaging with a younger, more internet-savvy demographic.

84. Safety Protocol Explanations

Safety protocol explanations on YouTube are videos where companies outline the measures they take to ensure safety in their products, services, or operations. These videos can build trust and reassure customers and stakeholders of the company’s commitment to safety.

85. Customer-Centric Changes

Companies utilize customer-centric videos on YouTube to convey their product, service, or policy adaptations in response to valuable customer feedback.

This type of content is key for showing a company’s responsiveness and commitment to customer satisfaction.

86. Brand Loyalty Program Details

Brand loyalty program details are essential for businesses to communicate the benefits and features of their loyalty schemes.

Videos explaining these programs help customers understand how they can earn and redeem points, the various tiers, and the exclusive benefits, making the program more attractive and encouraging participation.

For companies, showcasing their brand loyalty program in an engaging video format can boost enrollment and retention rates.

87. Workplace Culture Insights

Workplace culture videos show a company’s environment, values, and work life. They feature employee stories, daily routines, and office events. This gives a clear view of the company’s culture. Sharing this helps businesses attract and keep good employees.

88. Economic Impact Reports

Economic impact report videos let companies talk about how they help the economy. This includes creating jobs, developing communities, or supporting local industries. These reports show the company’s wider economic role and its responsibility as a corporate citizen.

89. Supplier and Partner Spotlights

Supplier and partner spotlights are a great business YouTube video idea. These are videos that focus on the businesses and individuals that contribute to a company’s supply chain or operations. 

These videos can tell stories about collaboration, quality, and mutual growth, emphasizing the importance of strong partnerships in business.

90. Business Ethics Discussions

Business ethics discussions are videos where companies talk about their ethical practices and decision-making. They cover how they deal with challenges. This content builds trust and credibility with customers, employees, and partners. Open talks on ethics show a company is transparent and responsible.

91. Product Restoration Guides

Product restoration guides on YouTube help companies engage customers who like to fix or repair their own products. 

These often have detailed, step-by-step instructions for fixing or upgrading products. This extends product life and shows the brand’s commitment to sustainability and customer service.

screenshot of dyson getting started video


Dyson, known for their innovative vacuum cleaners and other household appliances, offers product restoration and maintenance guides on YouTube. These videos provide instructions on tasks like filter cleaning, part replacement, and general upkeep to ensure the longevity and optimal performance of their products.

92. Brand Merchandise Introductions

B​​rand merchandise introduction videos showcase a company’s branded items like apparel and accessories. They create excitement about new products, connecting fans more closely with the brand. These videos are effective marketing tools, generating buzz and boosting sales.

93. Trade Show Experience Shares

Trade show experience shares provide a look into a company’s participation in industry events, including booth setups, product demonstrations, and interactions with attendees. These videos can capture the energy and excitement of the event, and the company’s role within it.

Sharing trade show experiences can extend the reach of these events beyond the physical attendees. 

94. Quality Assurance Explainers

Quality assurance explainer videos show how a company ensures product quality and safety. They discuss quality control, testing, and commitment to excellence, building trust. These videos spotlight a business’s focus on high-quality products.

95. Customer-Focused Initiatives

Customer-focused initiatives are videos that highlight efforts made by a company to prioritize and improve the customer experience. This can include new service features, customer support enhancements, or community engagement efforts.

By showcasing customer-focused initiatives, companies can demonstrate their commitment to putting customers first. This approach not only improves customer satisfaction and loyalty but also encourages feedback and engagement, leading to continuous improvement and innovation.

96. Multilingual Content

Multilingual content is key for businesses in global markets or with diverse customers. Videos in various languages help a brand reach more people and show respect for different cultures and languages, making it more inclusive and accessible.

Producing multilingual content reflects a company’s global perspective and commitment to inclusivity. 

97. New Market Expansion Talks

New market expansion talks are videos where companies share their experiences and strategies for entering new markets. 

They offer insights for stakeholders, investors, and customers curious about the company’s growth and international presence. These videos are a chance to discuss the challenges, achievements, and lessons from expanding

98. Digital Transformation Journey

Digital transformation journey videos document how a company shifts from old-school methods to modern, digital operations. They cover how a company adopts new tech, makes its processes digital, and changes its culture.

Walmart has shared its digital transformation journey, focusing on the integration of e-commerce and physical retail, the use of big data, and the implementation of new technologies like AI and robotics in its operations. 

screenshot of walmart digital transformation journey video


Their journey highlights how a traditional retailer has evolved to stay competitive in the digital age.

99. Employee Recognition Events

Employee recognition events are videos that showcase the celebration and acknowledgment of employee achievements and contributions. 

These events can include award ceremonies, employee spotlights, or special acknowledgments. They are a tool for internal motivation and publicly showcasing a company’s appreciation for its staff.

100. Year in Review Recap

Year-in-review recap videos summarize a company’s key achievements, milestones, and highlights over the past year. 

Let’s take a look at how 2023 looked like for Orange Sky:

screenshot of orangesky year in review video


They provide an overview of the company’s growth, challenges faced, and successes achieved. These recaps are a great way to communicate with stakeholders and customers about the company’s progress and future direction.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is the Best Topic for YouTube Video Content?

The best topic for YouTube video content depends on your interests and audience. 

Some universally popular YouTube video categories include:

  • How-to guides and tutorials: Practical and educational content for a variety of skills and hobbies.
  • Product reviews and unboxings: Offering insights and first impressions on the latest products.
  • Vlogs: Sharing personal experiences or interests to create a connection with viewers.
  • Educational content: Informative videos on a range of topics from science to history.
  • Fitness and health tips: Advice on exercise, wellness, and healthy living.
  • Gaming: Gameplay, reviews, and gaming news for a gaming audience.
  • Comedy and entertainment: Light-hearted, humorous content for entertainment.
  • Technology and gadgets: Latest updates and reviews in the tech world.
  • Lifestyle advice: Tips on fashion, home decor, and life hacks.
  • DIY and crafts: Creative projects and crafts tutorials.
2. What Kind of YouTube Videos Do Well?

Brands that thrive on YouTube often leverage a mix of storytelling, educational content, and engaging visuals.

Successful brand-related videos range from compelling narratives that delve into the brand’s ethos and journey, to informative tutorials and product demonstrations that highlight the practical benefits and innovations of their offerings. 

These types of videos not only enhance brand visibility but also foster a deeper connection with the audience by providing value, entertainment, and insights into the brand’s culture and values.

3. What Makes a Good YouTube Video?

A great YouTube video grabs attention immediately with engaging content, clear visuals, and sound. The creator’s authenticity and personality make a strong connection, offering educational or entertaining value. 

Good editing, clear calls to action, and SEO are key for engaging viewers and being found. Posting regularly and consistently also builds and keeps a loyal audience.

Ready to Put Your Own YouTube Video Ideas Into Action?

Now that you’re equipped with a plethora of YouTube video ideas and understand what makes a video successful, it’s time to bring your vision to life and create a video of your own. 

Remember, the key to a great YouTube channel is not just in the ideas themselves, but in how you execute them with authenticity and creativity. 

Stay true to your brand or personal style, engage with your audience, and keep exploring new trends and formats. With dedication and the right approach, your YouTube channel can become a powerful platform to share your stories, skills, or insights. 

And to give your content the reach it deserves, leverage the power of effective social media management. Start your 14-day SocialBee trial today and witness the transformation in your digital content strategy.

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