100+ Thanksgiving Social Media Posts Ideas & Examples

100+ Thanksgiving Social Media Posts Ideas & Examples for 2024

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Do you need some heartwarming inspiration for your next Thanksgiving social media posts? Worry not, we got you covered!

Your 2024 social media holiday calendar will soon reach its end, but not before that much-anticipated Thanksgiving dinner! You too must make the most of this special event, especially across your social media accounts. 

Celebrated on the fourth Thursday of each November, Thanksgiving Day is a time for family gatherings and yummy meals. Apparently, 62% of Americans have pumpkin pie around this time of the year. Cool, huh? We’re not so sure about the mashed potato statistic though…

In any case, let the celebrations begin! 

Social Media Holiday Calendar

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Social media calendar with holidays by SocialBee

10 Effective Thanksgiving Social Media Post Examples

Let’s take a look at some awe-inspiring Thanksgiving posts that will act as inspiration. Your target audience is guaranteed to get in the mood for the holiday season!

Here are our top 10 Thanksgiving social media post ideas:

  1. Talk about Thanksgiving traditions
  2. Share how you are celebrating Thanksgiving this year
  3. Wish your audience a Happy Thanksgiving
  4. Share your special recipes for Thanksgiving dinner
  5. Spice up your content with Thanksgiving Day puns and jokes
  6. Ask your audience how they celebrate this holiday season
  7. Host a Thanksgiving social media contest
  8. Run a Thanksgiving sale
  9. Create a social media campaign to give back to your community
  10. Thank your customers

1. Talk About Thanksgiving Traditions

For those who love to go by the book in terms of Thanksgiving traditions, here’s Target’s TikTok repost of how to host the ‘best Friendsgiving’.

The TikTok video was originally created by a Target superfan who enjoyed Thanksgiving alongside a few friends. They show us how to set a table and also how to set the mood for an unforgettable celebration.

Target Friendsgiving Social Media Video

Remember, not everyone has a family to celebrate Thanksgiving festivities with, so make sure to be mindful of that.

It’s not exactly safe to offer followers strictly family-oriented content. In any case, don’t be afraid to reshare the magic of Thanksgiving as seen through your followers’ lens. 

A social media video that has just the right length can encourage customers to get creative and share some user-generated content (UGC) of their own.

2. Share How You Are Celebrating Thanksgiving This Year

As a brand, you too can show people that the Thanksgiving event matters.

Take the example of Nordic Ware. They subtly acknowledge the Thanksgiving holiday while shedding some awareness on the importance of U.S. manufacturing. Basically, the brand takes a more socially conscious approach and encourages its followers to choose American-made products for the holidays. 

Nordic Ware Thanksgiving Post

Since they too are an American brand, this could also be seen as a unique Thanksgiving marketing campaign. 

Here is what any small business can do to celebrate Thanksgiving:

  • Showcase a noble cause that they’re contributing to
  • Post a carrot cake-sweet social media post with their employees
  • Offer a glimpse into office Thanksgiving preparations 
  • Get up-close and personal with a ‘What does Thanksgiving mean to you?’ video

3. Wish Your Audience a Happy Thanksgiving

Take a moment each year to show your target audience that you care. In theory, it sounds pretty easy. The execution should sprinkle the pumpkin spice.

Take the example of Best Buy. Their Instagram post is simply awesome. Why? It’s an exciting IG Carousel of nothing but striking visuals. The large font conveys the festive message with total clarity and it never beats around the bush.

Best Buy Thanksgiving Social Media Post Example

Again, the concept of Friendsgiving takes over. Best Buy is aware that everyone needs to feel part of the celebrations. They do this with an inclusive and touching copy that is both modern and timeless. This could very easily be an evergreen post that audiences could come back to for years to come.

4. Share Your Special Recipes for Thanksgiving Dinner

Let’s talk turkey, there’s no one who doesn’t love to stare at visually delicious side dishes and pumpkin pie photos. In fact, most audiences expect their social media platforms to be flooded with yummy visuals around this time of year.

That is why Ninja Kitchen showcases a stunning Thanksgiving recipe on their TikTok. How do they prepare such scrumptious deliciousness? With their very own pressure cooker, of course. Talk about effective yet not in-your-face holiday marketing.

Ninja Kitchen Thanksgiving Social Media Post

Here’s how you can share your favorite Thanksgiving recipes with your foodie followers:

  • Post a series of Instagram Stories (which you can then add to your Instagram Highlights) that feature a top 3, top 5, or top 10 list of recipes
  • Go in-depth with a step-by-step Reel, Carousel, YouTube, or TikTok video of your special recipes
  • Ask your audiences to share their preferred holiday recipes in the comment section

5. Spice Up Your Content with Thanksgiving Day Puns and Jokes

Nothing drives social media engagement like a good ol’ joke. That’s probably the only thing that makes Turkey Day bearable for Gen-Z. Social media videos are the perfect way to make your audience laugh out loud at the dinner table.

Walmart’s tongue-in-cheek Instagram Reel is unafraid to let the Thanksgiving jokes roll. The effortlessly hilarious video features a ‘complicated’ family gathering.

Walmart Thanksgiving Reel Example

One family member is a vegetarian, while another hates vegetables. In order to please everyone, the narrator of the Reel closes the joke with a purchase incentive for Walmart’s disposable cutting boards. A pretty bold product placement move for such a family-oriented brand. 

Also, notice how the video can be easily watched without sound. According to Facebook, 85% of videos are watched without sound. 

Thanks to the colorful captions, Walmart’s audiences can now literally laugh on mute. Also, don’t hesitate to use some fitting emojis, they are loved by audiences of all ages. 

6. Ask Your Audience How They Celebrate This Holiday Season

‘Pumpkin or pecan?’ Walmart’s colorful Instagram Reel is certain to stir a serious debate.

Walmart Thanksgiving Social Media Post Example

Use bold and easily readable captions to ask questions, it’s the safest way to awesome engagement levels. Also, notice that they used the turkey emoji in their description, bonus points for that. 

The essential part? The killer visuals! Walmart uses the right images and consequently drives more engagement to their post.

Here’s more inspiration for quirky Thanksgiving questions:

  • Who are you celebrating the holidays with?
  • What is your favorite Thanksgiving side dish?
  • Any secret ingredient for the perfect mashed potatoes?
  • What or who are you thankful for this week?
  • What’s a cute name for a pardoned turkey?

7. Host a Thanksgiving Social Media Contest

Giveaways are a fan favorite for very valid reasons. How about a free Thanksgiving dinner?

Grocery Outlet Thanksgiving Sale

Locally-owned Grocery Outlet does it perfectly. This small business gives its customers an offer they surely cannot refuse. The power of free goes beyond holiday marketing. Apparently, it’s been questioned by theorists since 450 B.C.!

Do make sure that the contest compliments your brand image. Social media marketing is different for everybody, so it makes sense to adapt each contest accordingly.

Here are some ideas for your next Thanksgiving social media contest:

  • Photo contest
  • Cooking contest
  • Giveaway contest
  • Hashtag contest

8. Run a Thanksgiving Sale

Everyone’s guilty of doing last-minute shopping around the holiday season. You should definitely capitalize on this and invite people to join your sale.

A creator of handmade products on Instagram decided to reward her customers with a 25% off sale on her products. If a small business can pull this off, so can you.

TopKnotStitcher Thanksgiving Sale

Make sure to post the sale photo across all your social media accounts and do a countdown on your Instagram stories for some old-fashioned FOMO. 

Fall sales are simply irresistible ever since Black Friday hit the scene. Now, it’s your moment to create some jaw-dropping social media posts for your next Thanksgiving sale.

9. Create a Social Media Campaign to Give Back to Your Community

The famous turkey dinner may be quite aesthetically pleasing. Still, what if some of your followers can’t afford a warm meal? In that case, you’ll have to forget about marketing for just a second and actually roll up your sleeves.

The Heart of JCo Thanksgiving Social Media Post Example

This small business is eager to help its followers distribute meals to families in need. Notice how they made perfect use of the typical design elements (pumpkin pie, autumn leaves, orange undertones) to convey the warmth and coziness that one feels after enjoying a nourishing meal. 

The QR code is also a clever touch that makes the application process quick and easy to share. You can make your own QR code using this QR code generator.

You too can encourage your followers to provide help and direct them to a charity that is close to your heart. How about organizing a local parade or a giveaway? Whatever you do, make sure that it’s authentic, selfless, and generous.

10. Thank Your Customers

Gratitude, that’s what the Thanksgiving meal is all about, right? Starbucks takes over its Facebook social media platform with a post that is nothing short of brilliant. No hidden agenda, no marketing goals, just thankfulness.

Starbucks Thanksgiving Social Media Post

Their description says it all, they are grateful for everyone who chooses Starbucks as their go-to brand. You too can make the most of Thanksgiving week by thanking your social media followers for their loyalty and support.

100+ Thanksgiving Social Media Post Ideas

For those looking to sprinkle a little digital magic over their Thanksgiving celebrations, we’ve curated a list of over 100 Thanksgiving social media post ideas.

Whether you’re sharing a photo, a memory, or simply wanting to send good vibes to your followers, there’s something for everyone in this expansive collection.

Let’s dive in and discover the perfect post to complement your holiday festivities!

Family Themed Thanksgiving Social Media Posts

  1. Share a cherished Thanksgiving memory.
  2. Post a family photo from a past Thanksgiving.
  3. Share a story about someone you’re thankful for.
  4. Tell about your first Thanksgiving memory.
  5. Share a DIY Thanksgiving craft you’re making this year.
  6. Ask your audience to share their family Thanksgiving traditions.
  7. Talk about a dish that reminds you of home.
  8. Reflect on a memorable Thanksgiving mishap (burnt turkey, anyone?).
  9. Share photos of generations celebrating together.
  10. Ask your audience about their earliest Thanksgiving memories.
  11. Introduce a newly incorporated tradition.
  12. Showcase kids’ handmade Thanksgiving decorations.
  13. Share a clip of a family Thanksgiving toast.
  14. Reveal a family recipe’s origin story.
  15. Post family members expressing what they’re grateful for.

Thanksgiving Social Media Posts with Food and Recipes

  1. Share a secret ingredient in your stuffing or turkey.
  2. Post a tutorial on making the perfect pie.
  3. Share a vegetarian or vegan Thanksgiving recipe.
  4. Introduce a fusion dish for Thanksgiving.
  5. Offer a recipe for Thanksgiving leftovers.
  6. Feature a behind-the-scenes of your kitchen preparations.
  7. Share a time-lapse of a dish being prepared.
  8. Discuss an unusual or non-traditional dish you’ve incorporated.
  9. Showcase a regional or cultural twist on a classic dish.
  10. Share a tutorial on crafting the perfect dessert table.
  11. Offer wine or beverage pairings for Thanksgiving dinner.
  12. Discuss the art of making homemade cranberry sauce.
  13. Share the process of selecting or farming your turkey.
  14. Provide tips for gluten-free or allergy-friendly dishes.
  15. Discuss the story behind your tableware or dining set.
  16. Offer a tutorial on making homemade bread or rolls.

Interactive Thanksgiving Social Media Posts

  1. Ask your followers what’s their must-have dish.
  2. Share a “Guess the dish” game with close-up photos.
  3. Host a Thanksgiving Trivia quiz.
  4. Have a “Tag a Friend” you’re thankful for post.
  5. Post a Thanksgiving-related fill-in-the-blank.
  6. Share a “This or That” Thanksgiving edition on stories.
  7. Propose a Thanksgiving caption contest.
  8. Introduce a Thanksgiving bingo card.
  9. Ask followers for their favorite Thanksgiving anecdotes.
  10. Start a chain of gratitude; nominate friends to share.
  11. Challenge followers to a pie-making contest.
  12. Host a virtual “Thankful Jar” where followers submit entries.
  13. Share a puzzle or crossword themed around Thanksgiving.
  14. Post a “Would you rather” Thanksgiving edition.
  15. Challenge followers to recreate a dish from your recipe and share.
  1. Showcase staff or team members sharing what they’re grateful for.
  2. Share a customer testimonial you’re thankful for.
  3. Talk about the journey and milestones of your brand this year.
  4. Host a special Thanksgiving giveaway.
  5. Offer Thanksgiving-themed limited-edition products or services.
  6. Share a behind-the-scenes of your team’s Thanksgiving celebration.
  7. Offer a Thanksgiving discount to followers who engage with your post.
  8. Share your business’s origin or journey, expressing gratitude.
  9. Feature a customer of the month and their Thanksgiving plans.
  10. Showcase how your products can enhance the Thanksgiving experience.
  11. Offer a loyalty reward or special discount to long-term customers.
  12. Share snippets of your team sharing their personal gratitudes.
  13. Highlight a product perfect for Thanksgiving gifting.
  14. Offer a freebie with purchases made during the Thanksgiving period.

Inspirational Thanksgiving Social Media Posts

  1. Share a quote about gratitude.
  2. Post a beautiful Thanksgiving-themed graphic or illustration.
  3. Share stories of people making a difference in the community.
  4. Offer daily affirmations of thanks.
  5. Tell a heartwarming story from a past Thanksgiving.
  6. Share a poem about gratitude.
  7. Discuss the beauty of simple Thanksgiving moments.
  8. Post stunning photographs of Thanksgiving settings.
  9. Talk about someone who changed your life for the better.
  10. Discuss finding gratitude in challenging times.
  11. Share a personal growth story from the past year.
  12. Offer a meditation or reflection guide for Thanksgiving morning.
  13. Highlight the joy in small, everyday moments.

Educational Thanksgiving Social Media Posts

  1. Share the history of Thanksgiving.
  2. Discuss the origin of a particular Thanksgiving dish.
  3. Post about cultures outside the U.S. that celebrate similar holidays.
  4. Share fun facts about turkeys.
  5. Offer a guide on setting a festive Thanksgiving table.
  6. Provide tips for hosting a large gathering.
  7. Share lesser-known stories from Thanksgiving history.
  8. Offer tips on how to talk about Thanksgiving with kids.
  9. Discuss how Thanksgiving celebrations have evolved over centuries.

Fun Thanksgiving Social Media Posts

  1. Share funny Thanksgiving memes.
  2. Tell a Thanksgiving dad joke.
  3. Offer a playlist of songs perfect for Thanksgiving.
  4. Offer a list of best Thanksgiving-themed TV episodes.
  5. Share a humorous Thanksgiving-themed GIF.
  6. Post a “Caption This” game with a quirky Thanksgiving photo.
  7. Post comical “Before & After” Thanksgiving dinner photos.

Thanksgiving Social Media Posts About Community

  1. Highlight a local charity to support during the holiday season.
  2. Share how your brand is giving back this Thanksgiving.
  3. Profile community heroes during this season.
  4. Offer ways to support local businesses on Thanksgiving.
  5. Discuss the importance of community unity during the holidays.
  6. Share success stories of previous community service projects.
  7. Encourage followers to nominate deserving families for a meal giveaway.
  8. Discuss the impact of small acts of kindness.
  9. Encourage a “Pass it Forward” challenge, promoting acts of generosity.
  10. Share ways to donate time, not just money, during Thanksgiving.

Health and Wellness Thanksgiving Social Media Posts

  1. Share a recipe for a healthy Thanksgiving dish.
  2. Post mindfulness exercises for holiday stress.
  3. Discuss the benefits of gratitude on mental health.
  4. Offer ideas for post-Thanksgiving detox.
  5. Provide tips for managing dietary restrictions during feastings.
  6. Discuss the health benefits of traditional Thanksgiving foods.
  7. Offer mindfulness exercises focused on gratitude.
  8. Share healthy alternatives to classic Thanksgiving dishes.

Thanksgiving Social Media Posts About Books and Movies

  1. Recommend a Thanksgiving-themed book.
  2. Share your favorite Thanksgiving movie.
  3. Offer a list of must-watch movies for the holiday season.
  4. Discuss a book you’re thankful for this year.
  5. Recommend cozy autumn reads.

Turn Ideas Into Content with AI

Navigating social media during the holidays can be taxing for businesses. Crafting engaging posts, staying consistent, and ensuring brand alignment are challenges many face. But this Thanksgiving, there’s a solution: SocialBee.

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  • AI post generator: Input your idea or prompt, and the AI post generator will deliver captivating captions tailored to your audience and the festive season.
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  • Engagement: Boost post reach with AI-suggested hashtags and emojis tailored for Thanksgiving.
  • Canva integration: Directly design and fine-tune your graphics within SocialBee using its Canva integration, ensuring your posts are both compelling and aesthetically pleasing.
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Ready to harness AI for your Thanksgiving campaign? Turn your Thanksgiving ideas into compelling, multi-platform content without the usual stress. 

Thanksgiving Hashtag Ideas for More Social Media Reach

An epic post without the appropriate hashtags is more or less similar to a roast turkey that lacks seasoning. You need to spread the joy far and wide. 

Here are the best Thanksgiving hashtag ideas for 2024:

  • #Thanksgiving
  • #ThanksgivingVibes
  • #Thanksgiving
  • #ThanksgivingDinner
  • #ThanksgivingDecor
  • #Thanksgiving2024
  • #ThanksgivingDay
  • #ThanksgivingTable
  • #ThanksgivingRecipes
  • #ThanksgivingDesserts
  • #ThanksgivingWithBlackFamilies
  • #ThanksgivingFood
  • #ThanksgivingEve
  • #ThanksgivingWeek
  • #ThanksgivingWeekend
  • #ThanksgivingPrep
  • #ThanksgivingGiveaway
  • #ThanksgivingMemes
  • #ThanksgivingTurkey
  • #ThanksgivingFeast

Did you know that you can effortlessly organize your hashtags? How about a festive hashtag collection to help your holiday message go viral? 

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Enhance Your Thanksgiving Marketing Campaign with The Best Content

It’s so important to express gratitude, at least once a year. It’s the surest way to build a loyal online community and humanize your brand without too much effort on your part.

The 10 social media posts above are the perfect example of how crucial it is to mark this date in your social media calendar. Both large and small businesses have a duty to give back to the communities that nurtured their growth, right? 

Create stunning and impactful social media posts with SocialBee! Make use of our Canva integration to create your social media visuals from scratch directly from the SocialBee app.

Utilize our advanced scheduling features to ensure you schedule your holiday content in time for Thanksgiving. Start your free 14-day trial at SocialBee today!

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