Top 4 Social Media Marketing Services You Need to Start Using Now

Written by Alexandra
Written by Alexandra

Content Manager at SocialBee

Social media marketing is a complex process that seems to require endless resources. More specifically, time, money, and personnel.

In reality, there are better options for you out there. When you look at the big picture, you only need four things to succeed:

👉 Social media content

👉 Community management care

👉 A well developed social media network

👉 High-performing social media ads

And the best news is that you can have all of these covered by SocialBee’s social media marketing services. So get ready to save your valuable time and money, and learn more about our four social media marketing packages that will make your job easier.

How It All Works

Because we want to provide the best results for your social media strategy, we have developed a step-by-step process to provide personalized social media marketing services to achieve your business goals and maintain your brand’s personality across all platforms.

Here is a summary of our process:

  1. Step one – You will have to fill in an intake form, providing all the details we have to know about your business. 
  2. Step two – A social media specialist will research your business and get in touch with you to establish the next following steps.
  3. Step three – Your designated bee will take care of your social media marketing services while making sure they receive your feedback and approval every step of the way.
  4. Step four – You will be able to stay informed about your progress, either by checking your social media analytics within the SocialBee app or through the monthly reports included in your subscriptions.

Now that you have an idea about the SocialBee process, let’s get into the details of each of the four social media services.

1. Social Media Specialist Service

If you want to grow your online presence and don’t have time to manage all your social media accounts, this service is for you. 

You don’t have to worry anymore about what, when, and where to post. Our social media specialists have got you covered with content customized for each platform.

Moreover, you get to dictate your social media content strategy by establishing guidelines for your designated specialist: choosing the appropriate tone of voice for your target audience and reviewing the weekly batches of posts.

Our social media marketing packages include three subscription plans:

SocialBee's social media specialist service

To give you a better idea about our social media marketing services, let’s have a better look at what they have to offer.

Social Media Posts

Depending on the subscription you choose for your business, you can get from three to seven weekly social media posts on the following platforms:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter 
  • Pinterest 
  • Google Business Profile
  • TikTok
  • YouTube

The SocialBee tool has a category-based system that helps you organize your posts. As a result, you will get the best mix of content for your social media audience. 

Here are three examples of content categories you could use:

  • Promotional posts
  • Quotes, Questions, Fun
  • Articles (Blog Posts, Blogs from RSS, Curated)

After choosing your social media platforms and content categories, your social media specialist will build a posting schedule to ensure your content is evenly distributed across all platforms at optimal times of the day.

Social Media Content

Social media content doesn’t resume to a text + image formula. Multiple factors play into their performance. So, to make the most out of your social media content strategy, our packages include:

  1. Researched hashtags
  2. Static Visuals
  3. Animations (GIFs)
  4. Customized texts and tone of voice for each network
  5. Custom ratio for your platforms

Weekly Edits

Even if you are not the one crafting each post, you are still in control of your social media presence. How? Well, each social media service plan has several weekly edits (from three to five to be more specific) you can request from your social media specialist.

As a result, you will get the desired result while your social media specialists receive constructive feedback that will help them provide better content as the collaboration unfolds. 

Weekly Add-Ons

There is always room for improvement. That is why we keep our add-ons ready for a level-up.

Businesses with SMS Plus subscriptions can take their social media content strategy to the next level with these powerful weekly add-ons:

  • Custom Animations (GIFs) – Animated visual content that will bring better engagement
  • Article-Based Videos – A more appealing format that will keep audiences interested
  • Boosted Posts – A better reach for valuable posts
  • Extra Customization For Instagram – Better performing posts that take into consideration every Instagram requirement
  • Content Curation – Niche content that will emphasize the value of certain products and services that a business provides

2. IG Community Management Service

Social media is more than just posting content. It is a place where you interact with your audience to build a better business-consumer connection.

Nowadays, businesses are under more pressure than ever before. The competition is high, and it’s not enough to provide products and services and call it a day.

To differentiate yourself from the competition you must go the extra mile and show that you are willing to extend your services and provide the best experience for your customers, both online and offline.

The community management service is designed to provide organic results for your social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) through:

✅ Interactions (from 150 to 300/ week)

✅ Inbox Management & Comment Replies (from 20 to 100/ week)

✅ Monthly Reports

Here are the three Community Management packages you can choose from:

SocialBee's Instagram community management services

There are no fake followers, no bots, only real people who maintain your brand’s authenticity through constant online interaction.


Why is social media interaction so important? Well, a social media presence is detrimental for a business, and with a lot of competitors competing for the same target audience, it is easy to get lost in the crowd.

You control how many people you reach and interact with on social media by interacting with your audience and opting for a proactive approach. In time, you end up building a significant community around your brand, not just in terms of size, but also in terms of loyalty.

The Community management packages include the following interactions:

  1. Initiating Connections
  2. Initiating Comments
  3. Initiating Likes
  4. Initiating Story Interactions (Instagram)
  5. Retweets (Twitter)
  6. Activity In Groups (Facebook)

Inbox Management & Comment Replies

Having an engaged following will reflect in your comment section, as well as in your inbox. So, you better make the most out of every message you receive.

Customers now can use social media to: 

  • Get more information about products and services
  • Solve issues they may have had with a brand
  • Share their opinions and experiences openly about a business

Knowing how customers use social media, you can see how a business’s online presence becomes an extension of its services.

A community management service will help you respond to your customers promptly and solve any unfortunate situations that may affect your image.

But, it’s not all about customer service, it’s also about bonding with your audience. Positive and neutral comments and messages also deserve your attention. It lets people know that you care about what they have to say, and it gives them an extra reason to trust your brand.

Monthly Reports

The Community Management service includes monthly reports that show the progress you make as a result of your online interaction. In this way, you will have objective data as proof of improvement, while the community management team has the necessary information that will help them constantly monitor and improve their services.

3. LinkedIn Lead Generation Services 

LinkedIn is a platform that has benefits for all types of businesses and professionals. It can help you gain more contacts, find new leads, and network with valuable potential partners and clients.

Furthermore, LinkedIn is a great platform for recruiting new talent, helping you to find new employees faster than ever.

Our LinkedIn Lead Generation service can grow your network every week by:

  • Sending 100 weekly connection requests 
  • Providing a short message for each connection request
  • Replying to up to two messages
  • Searching for targeted audiences on Sales Navigator 

SocialBee’s LinkedIn service will provide an organic targeted following for your business while saving you hours of work. Here are the three subscription plans available for your business:

SocialBee LinkedIn lead generation services

4. Ads Management Service for Social Media 

Social media advertising has become a must in today’s saturated market. While organic growth services are also necessary, paid advertising can help you reach your business goals faster through very specific targeting.

You can easily turn your target audience into paying customers in no time. 

So, where can you start? Well, social media is the obvious choice. There is no better place to find your audience than on the most popular social media platforms in the world.

Here are SocialBee’s Ads Management plans for social media, available for Facebook and Instagram:

Based on the subscription you choose, you can have between one and three campaigns. Moreover, you can pick the campaign type:

  1. Cold campaigns – Targeting users based on demographics, behaviors, and interests
  2. Warm campaigns – Targeting users that previously engaged with your content, visited your site or acted upon your CTAs

To make the most out of your ad campaign, our social media specialists will craft engaging posts with creative copy, interesting visuals, and effective CTAs.

You don’t even have to worry about your digital strategy. Based on the data about your social media platforms, target audience, messaging plan, and budget, we will create a custom advertising strategy that will help you reach your business goals.

Another advantage of using SocialBee’s Ads Management service is the ability to customize your Ads Management plan. So, if you want more than three campaigns and plan to invest in a long-term paid marketing strategy, our social media specialists are happy to take on the challenge.

What You Need Before We Get Started

To make sure the ad campaigns fit your business needs, we must make sure our collaboration process is the best it can be. So your part of the job will be to:

       ✅ Be specific about your business goals

       ✅ Give details about your target audience

       ✅ Be willing to invest at least $500 for monthly ad spend

       ✅ Provide feedback in one-two working days

You will also need the following tools for your Instagram ads and Facebook ad services:

  1. Business Manager 
  2. Facebook Pixel 
  3. Facebook Pixel Event Set-Up 
  4. Facebook Ads Manager 

It’s worth mentioning that the best results can be seen after a three-month commitment. Hence, our Ad Bees are constantly monitoring the whole process to ensure the best outcomes.

Final Thoughts

Considering how many people from your target audience are active social media users, optimizing your online strategy has to be a priority. Otherwise, you will miss out on growth opportunities that your competition is already benefiting from.

Through our online social media marketing services, you can stay ahead of your competitors. Moreover, investing in these four social media plans will save you time and increase your profit — all while covering essential elements of your social media marketing.

Are you ready to optimize your social media presence? Go to our Concierge Store, choose the best service for your business and we’ll help you get the most out of it.

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