LinkedIn Lead Generation

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Having more than 500 million professional profiles, LinkedIn offers you a great opportunity to network and look for new leads.

If you’re planning to grow your network and attract new leads on LinkedIn, now is the perfect time to do so!

We will help you get in touch with new, high value, targeted leads each week.

LinkedIn Lead
Generation Light

$ 129 Month per Business
  • 100 Connection requests/ week
  • No Follow-up message
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

LinkedIn Lead
Generation Standard

$ 199 Month per Business
  • 100 Connection requests/ week
  • 1 Follow-up message
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

LinkedIn Lead
Generation Plus

$ 299 Month per Business
  • 100 Connection requests/ week
  • 2 Follow-up messages
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

How It Works

Here’s what to expect:

We’ll Send You the Intake Form
Step #1
After you purchase the service we will send you an intake form you’ll have to fill in. It contains several questions about your business and your goals.
We’ll Send You the Intake Form
Designated Bee
Step #2
After you fill in the Intake, a designated Lead Generation Specialist will be assigned to you and they will get in touch with you to set everything up.
Designated Bee
Initial Set-Up
Step #3
We’ll start the research on LinkedIn for your desired target audience and we will prepare the connection message that will be sent to them.
Initial Set-Up
New Connections
Step #4
We’ll send the connection requests along with the connection message and you will be able to see your network grow daily.
New Connections
Follow-up Message(s)
Step #5
We’ll send the follow-up messages to your new connections.

*this step doesn't apply to the LinkedIn Lead Generation Light service.
Follow-up Message(s)
Step #6
We’ll keep you updated on the progress of your LinkedIn Lead Generation service by sending periodic reports.
Sit Back and Relax
Step #7
Your network will continue to grow every week and we will follow-up with your new connections. You can just sit back and relax, we've got you covered.
Sit Back and Relax

LinkedIn Lead Generation Light

LinkedIn Lead Generation Standard

LinkedIn Lead Generation Plus

What you get


Connection requests

100/ week

100/ week

100/ week

Message 0 (M0)

(Connection Note)​

Message 1 (M1)

Message 2 (M2)

Extra Messages:

Message 3 (M3)

Message 4 (M4)

$99 per Extra Message

Replying to your prospects

1 Reply

2 Replies

Premium Subscription required

Searching through Sales Navigator

(if you have this tool)










I wanted to grow my audience organically, but I did not have the time to search for new connections. I needed someone who could take care of this task for me. Here’s where SocialBee came into play. They’re taking good care of this aspect. Not to mention that the communication and relationship between me and SocialBee is very human and caring.

I have increased my LinkedIn connections consistently and with people who are interested in my services. I am getting incredibly on target connections and I am so happy about it. I have also met some of these connections live so that I had the opportunity to widen my network. A couple converted into buying my products 🙂
Beatrice Lugano
CEO & Business Consultant at Beatrice Lugano AB
SocialBee LinkedIn Lead Generation sample

Download the LinkedIn Lead Generation Sample

Download the sample below to get some of the work that we have previously done as part of the LinkedIn Lead Generation Service.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you find the people I will connect to/send messages to?

Based on your needs we use targeted criteria to find your target audience. We use the filters available on LinkedIn and we also analyze each account you get connected to. If you also have Sales Navigator, the searching is done even more efficiently & targeted because there are more filters available on it. 

What is Sales Navigator and how does it work?

Sales Navigator is an upgraded version of LinkedIn. It allows you to do an advanced lead search (using advanced search filters such as seniority level, years of experience, and company headcounts) and keep track of your leads (by saving them in account lists and adding tags).

This tool is perfect if you have very specific criteria for your target audience.
If you are currently using a free plan, you can get this version by subscribing to a Sales plan. If you already have a premium plan, you can just upgrade to a Sales plan.

How much does it take until the service begins?

At first, we will need your credentials to log in to your account, and when we do this you will receive a PIN. We will need to get this PIN from you in order to be able to access your account. A quick call might be required as the PIN expires within a few minutes. Once we manage to get the PIN, log in to your account and understand your target audience, we will start sending the connection requests.

Don’t worry, you will be informed of all the steps as we go along.

Will you personalize the messages?

We will personalize the connection message and the first follow-up message with the name of the user you are writing to.

What should my connection message look like on LinkedIn?

It should be as personalized as possible, indicate why you want to connect with them and how you two can benefit from the connection. Example:

Hi John,

I came across your profile on LinkedIn, found it interesting, and thought we might benefit from being connected.


What are the message length restrictions on LinkedIn?

For connection messages: 300 characters. For direct messages to 1st-degree connections: 1900 characters.

How can I avoid getting my messages flagged as spam?

We recommend having a relevant connection message (stating the reason why you’re connecting with that person in the first place) and valuable information for the other messages. You should also keep the messages simple like one would write them. This way you avoid getting you message flagged as spam.

Do I need a Premium LinkedIn Account?

We strongly recommend you to have a Premium Account for the LinkedIn Lead Generation Services.

When many searches are done from a LinkedIn account, this behavior is seen as commercial by their system, which means that LinkedIn limits the number of searches that can be done daily, preventing us from finding 100 users per week. A Premium Plan allows us to do unlimited searches.

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