How to Automate Your Posting with the Right AI Social Media Content Generator

Written by Raluca
Written by Raluca

Content Writer

Creating new posts from scratch can be a daunting task, especially when you don’t use a social media content generator. However, with a reliable AI writing tool by your side, automating this process can become efficient and affordable.

Did you know that using an AI post generator can help you reduce the time and expenses usually spent on content creation? This frees up your schedule, boosts your profitability, and allows you to finally focus on other aspects of running a successful business.

By the end of this article, you will have a better understanding of how to leverage artificial intelligence to streamline your posting efforts and boost engagement across all your platforms. Keep on reading to learn more!

1000 AI Prompts for Social Media Post Generation

Access the full list of AI prompt ideas and start creating content effortlessly.

top AI social media prompts

What Is an AI Social Media Post Generator?

An AI social media post generator is a tool that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to create content from scratch for your various social media accounts. It can generate text, images, and videos automatically.

This can save you time in having to manually design or curate social posts for each platform. However, do note that there should always be someone in charge of supervising and fact-checking the AI-generated content accordingly.

Why Should You Use An AI Social Media Post Generator?

It’s easy to dismiss AI as just another trend that is not worth paying attention to. However, it’s clear to see that this technology is here to stay and that you too can create engaging social posts with its help.

Here are the reasons why you should use an AI social media post generator:

  1. Experiment with new post ideas and approaches to social media
  2. Create content more efficiently
  3. Maintain a cohesive social media presence
  4. Tailor posts to your brand and audience
  5. Scale up your social media efforts without adding staff

1. Experiment with New Post Ideas and Approaches to Social Media

By analyzing the data you provide, an AI-powered social post generator can provide content creators with inspiration for new post ideas and content strategies. 

By generating posts that incorporate various formats, tones, and styles, this technology can help content creators determine what resonates best with their brand and audience.

Finally, an social media post generator can aid content creators in conducting A/B tests on different post ideas. By creating multiple versions of a post and assessing user engagement metrics, AI tools can help content creators determine which approach is most effective.

SocialBee Post Preview

Generate AI-powered content and create multiple variations of the same post for each social channel with SocialBee.

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With SocialBee, you can generate social media content with the help of AI, create multiple variations of the same post, and monitor their performance, all from the same place. Use this social media management platform to advance your content marketing efforts.

2. Create Content More Efficiently

Utilizing an AI-driven social post generator can be a fantastic idea for content creators. Why? Because it can automate the process of producing social media posts and save them plenty of valuable time. 

Also, because AI post generators streamline the content creation process to such an impressive degree, you can finally dedicate more time to other aspects of your strategy.

3. Maintain a Cohesive Social Media Presence

To start, you must feed the AI some compelling prompts. They should include the appropriate tone of voice, information about your brand, and more context in regard to your products or services. An AI-powered social media post generator can create social posts that maintain a consistent visual and messaging standard across all platforms, thereby ensuring brand consistency.

As you may already know, regularly posting engaging content can help you become a trustworthy authority within your industry. AI is also great for increasing your engagement levels without having to spend a lot on content production. 

4. Tailor Posts to Your Brand and Audience

By analyzing user data, a generator can suggest topics and themes that are of interest to specific segments of the audience. This can enable content creators to personalize their posts and connect better with their followers.

5. Scale Up Your Social Media Efforts Without Adding Staff

Automating the process of creating and scheduling social media posts can be great for your profitability. AI can save businesses time and resources, enabling them to concentrate on other aspects of their work. 

If you own a small business, using AI copywriting tools is perfect for scaling up your social media efforts without having to hire new staff to get the work done. 

Additionally, an AI-powered social media post generator can assist content creators in generating high-quality posts rapidly and efficiently, therefore enabling them to increase the frequency of their posts without compromising quality.

🐝 Pro tip: AI does not replace human writers. Use it as a tool for new ideas and overcome writer’s block with its assistance.

Top 5 AI-Powered Social Media Content Generators

With just a few clicks, you can now create engaging social posts from scratch. From brand promotion posts to long-form content, AI has got you covered.

Here are the top five AI-powered social media content generators:

  1. SocialBee’s AI social media post generator
  2. Frase
  3. LongShot
  4. ShortlyAI
  5. Kafkai

1.SocialBee’s AI Social Media Post Generator

If you’re a small business, solopreneur, or agency looking to make the most of your social media presence without spending too much time creating content and managing campaigns – SocialBee is an ideal solution for you. 

This AI-powered social media management platform is highly rated for its ability to automate tedious tasks and help businesses reach their potential on social media without too much effort.

socialbee ai post generator

Use SocialBee’s AI content generator and stay consistent across all your social media platforms.

Start your 14-day free trial today!

How to Use SocialBee’s Social Media Content Generator

Ready to discover the magic of SocialBee’s AI content generator? Then read on for an easy-to-follow guide that will have you testing its impressive features in no time!

  • Create a SocialBee account and connect your socials: First, make sure to create a SocialBee account. Once you’re in, connect each social media channel you currently use to your new account. That way, the app will have your permission to automatically post the content you schedule on your behalf. 
  • Explore and customize the 1000+ AI prompt templates: SocialBee provides more than 1,000 AI prompts to simplify your social media marketing efforts. This social media content generator offers prompts that you can easily customize for different social media platforms and industries. The more context you provide, the better the output.
  • Choose the appropriate tone of voice: SocialBee’s AI tool provides a range of tones to match your brand’s personality, such as polite, witty, enthusiastic, friendly, informational, and much more.
  • Insert the word count: With SocialBee’s free AI post generator, you can easily select the approximate number of words you might need for your upcoming social media post.
  • Opt for hashtag and emoji suggestions: Having to always look for new hashtags and emojis can be stressful. Limit the time spent doing research by simply toggling the “Generate hashtags” and “Include emoji” buttons. The AI will know exactly which hashtags and emojis to suggest.
  • Insert the number of posts: Before you hit the “Generate” button, make sure to also insert the exact number of social posts you need. That way, the AI will know how many post variations to produce for you.
  • Schedule the AI-generated content with SocialBee: Finally, schedule your AI-generated post with SocialBee. If you want to schedule, publish, and monitor your content performance from one place, SocialBee is the social media management platform for you. Start your 14-day free trial now!


  • 1000+ AI prompts
  • Quality content
  • Clean interface
  • Quick output
  • Unlimited generations
  • Social media management features


  • Designed only for short-form content


  • 14-day free trial
  • Bootstrap: $29/month or 290/year
  • Accelerate: $49/month or 490/year
  • Pro: $99/month or 990/year
  • Pro50: $179/month or 1790/year
  • Pro100: $329/month or 3290/year
  • Pro150: $449/month or 4490/year
SocialBee blog CTA box visual

SocialBee: Your AI-powered social media management tool

Create posts, publish, analyze, engage and collaborate, all from SocialBee.

2. Frase

If your aim is to produce SEO-friendly content with just a few clicks, make sure to check out Frase. This tool helps you create content briefs, is great for optimizing existing social media copy, and it also generates new content from scratch.


Although Frase is commonly used to write the perfect blog post, it is just as helpful for writing social media captions, short-form copy, product descriptions, or ad copy.


  • Cutting-edge features
  • Top-notch SEO
  • Great for researching competitors
  • Helpful content folders


  • Too many UI updates
  • A bit pricey


  • 5-day free trial
  • Solo: $14.99/month or $151.92/year
  • Basic: $44.99/month or $459/year
  • Team: $114.99/month or $1173/year

3. LongShot

Introducing LongShot, a great solution for accurate, personalized, and optimized content creation.


Its main features are real-time content suggestions, fact-checking, and semantic SEO. It’s great for blog posts, ad copy, product descriptions, and social media content.


  • Easy to instruct
  • Very accurate
  • Clean interface


  • Lacks a consistent tone of voice
  • Needs more videos with step-by-step instructions


  • Pro: $29/month or $228/year
  • Team: $59/month or $588/year
  • Agency: $399/month or $3588/year
  • Custom

4. ShortlyAI

ShortlyAI is an advanced AI tool for writing various types of content, such as blogs, articles, and social media posts. Its generated content is plagiarism-free and of human-like quality.


With powerful commands and unlimited word credits, it’s perfect for SEO copywriters, bloggers, and content marketing agencies. 


  • Easy to use
  • Clean interface
  • Unlimited word credits


  • A bit expensive
  • AI can go off-topic 


  • Monthly Plan: $79/month
  • Annual Plan: $65/month

5. Kafkai

Kafkai is a cutting-edge AI tool designed for SEOs and marketers that generates fully unique and readable content using a machine-learning algorithm.


The SEO-friendly content produced by Kafkai can help overcome writer’s block and is popular among content marketers as well as small and medium-sized companies.


  • Easy to use
  • Very affordable
  • Multilingual


  • Generated content can be off-topic
  • Lacks advanced features


  • 3-day free trial
  • Writer: $29/month 
  • Newsroom: $49/month
  • Printing Press: $129/month
  • Industrial Printer: $199/month

Tips on How to Use a Social Media Content Generator to Automate Your Posting

Before you start to publish content that’s been created by AI, make sure that you know exactly how to use your chosen generator.

Here are some tips on how to use a social media content generator to automate your posting:

  1. Have a list of AI prompts at hand
  2. Use AI to customize your content for each platform
  3. Leverage AI writing tools for brainstorming ideas
  4. Balance AI and human input
  5. Recycle and refresh your content
  6. Schedule your posts ahead of time
  7. Monitor, test and refine

1. Have a List of AI Prompts at Hand

AI prompts can provide content creators with inspiration for new post captions and ideas. Having a list of AI prompts at hand can spark creativity and help content creators overcome writer’s block, as the prompts offer a starting point for generating new content.

Additionally, brands can customize the list of AI prompts to suit their particular messaging and tone. By creating prompts that match the brand’s personality and voice, content creators can ensure that all posts align with the brand’s overall image.

socialbee ai post generator

Create content quickly and efficiently with SocialBee’s 1000+ AI Prompt Templates.

Start your 14-day free trial now!

With SocialBee’s AI social media post generator, you can enjoy a large selection of easily customizable prompts and tones of voice. They are sorted into helpful categories for each social media platform and can also help you summarize and rephrase content as needed.

2. Use AI to Customize Your Content for Each Platform

Since each social media platform has its own set of requirements and user expectations, content that performs well on one platform may not be equally successful on another.

SocialBee Post Preview

Create and schedule AI-generated variations of the same post for each social channel you use.

Start your 14-day free trial now!

Moreover, each platform offers distinct features and capabilities that can be utilized to enhance your content. For instance, Instagram allows you to use a multitude of characters and hashtags for optimal exposure. Meanwhile, Twitter offers a limited number of characters.

To maximize the benefits of each platform’s unique features, employ AI to customize your content and make sure to schedule it with SocialBee. To customize the same post for each channel, you have to select the “Customize for each profile” button. This will allow you to access each post variation, depending on which social channels you selected. 

3. Leverage AI Writing Tools for Brainstorming Ideas

By utilizing AI writing tools, you can access an extensive array of writing prompts that are tailored to your interests, topics, and keywords. These prompts can serve as a useful starting point for generating fresh ideas and exploring new directions in your copywriting.

Moreover, certain AI writing tools are capable of producing content summaries by analyzing existing articles or content pieces. These summaries can assist you in identifying crucial concepts and themes that can inspire new content ideas.

4. Balance AI and Human Input

It is crucial to determine the specific role that AI will play in your content creation process. 

For instance, AI can be employed to generate topic ideas, headlines, and even initial drafts. However, human input is always necessary to review, edit, and refine the content and ensure that it aligns with the brand’s voice and tone.

Incorporating human expertise and experience into the content creation process remains essential. Content creators can offer valuable insights into the brand’s messaging and tone, as well as industry-specific knowledge and expertise that AI may not possess.

5. Recycle and Refresh Your Content

Using AI to recycle and revitalize your social media content can save you time and effort while simultaneously maintaining its freshness and appeal.

AI can create new social media posts by drawing on your existing content, enabling you to repurpose your content on multiple platforms with ease.

Recycle content that stays true to your brand and create evergreen content categories with SocialBee.

Start your 14-day free trial now!

Additionally, AI can assist in updating and repurposing your evergreen content by recommending new perspectives or themes or even generating new content versions like videos or blog posts automatically.

With the SocialBee app, you can choose to either republish a specific post or even recycle an entire content category. This way, you can easily remind your followers about what matters most to your brand and not have to always create new content.

6. Schedule Your Posts Ahead of Time

Scheduling your posts ahead of time is one of the best ways to ensure consistency across all your social channels. Additionally, you get to publish content at the best times without having to set alarms or entirely forget to post.

SocialBee posting schedule

Schedule your content at the best times and watch it get published automatically by SocialBee.

Start your 14-day free trial today!

Here are the three main benefits of scheduling content ahead of time:

  • Increases consistency: Maintaining a consistent posting schedule is crucial for building and sustaining audience engagement. By scheduling your posts in advance, you can ensure a steady and predictable posting cadence.
  • Saves time: Planning and creating content in batches and scheduling it ahead of time can save you time in the long run. Rather than rushing to manually post content, you can devote your energy to other important aspects of your social media strategy.
  • Boosts reach: Scheduling your posts ahead of time enables you to reach audiences in different time zones or who are active at different times of day, allowing you to expand your reach.

7. Monitor, Test, and Refine

To fully leverage AI-generated content for your social media strategy, it is important to monitor and refine the content regularly. While AI-generated content can be quick and efficient, it may not always be accurate or aligned with your brand voice.

SocialBee Analytics - engagement data

Keep a close eye on the performance of your AI-generated content with SocialBee’s robust analytics.

Start your 14-day free trial now!

Additionally, monitoring and refining your AI-generated social posts can help you adapt to changes in your audience or social media platforms, and ultimately improve the ROI of your social media efforts by identifying the most effective content and messaging.

SocialBee’s advanced analytics will give you a glimpse into important performance details, such as engagement, reach, audience growth, and top three post types and post categories.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Do I Find Social Media Content Ideas?

To find social media content ideas, you should write a detailed prompt and feed it to the AI. This technology is fantastic for brainstorming purposes. 

Here are some examples of AI prompts for social media content ideas:

  • Generate 10 viral Instagram Reels ideas about life in Vienna.
  • Give me an interesting question to post on my Facebook Group about the importance of modern art in today’s society.
  • Generate question ideas for a Facebook poll/quiz about content marketing.
  • Produce 10 tweets based on the information above.
  • Generate 15 pin title ideas for a post about Art Nouveau architecture.
2. Is SocialBee's AI Social Media Post Generator Free?

You can try SocialBee’s AI social media post generator for free

However, if you wish to experience the full benefits of using the AI tool, we recommend you create a SocialBee account and start creating and scheduling your content ahead of time. That way, you can streamline your entire content strategy and make sure that you always reach your target audience.

3. Are There Any Other Free AI Social Media Content Generators?

Yes, there are some free AI social media content generators available, though the features and capabilities may be more limited compared to paid options. 

Here are a few examples:

The quality of the generated content may not be as high as paid options. It’s important to evaluate your needs and budget before deciding on an AI social media content generator.

Create Social Media Posts with AI-Powered Content Creation Tools!

To sum up, utilizing AI-powered social media content generators presents an excellent opportunity to streamline your posting process with efficiency and efficacy. They enable you to promptly create high-quality social posts that will grasp your audience’s interest and stimulate significant conversations. 

By utilizing these resources, you can conserve your resources while ensuring that your social posts are always optimized for optimal outcomes. Use SocialBee’s AI social media post generator to streamline your content creation efforts now. A 14-day free trial is now available, what are you waiting for?

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SocialBee: Your AI-powered social media management tool

Create posts, publish, analyze, engage and collaborate, all from SocialBee.
Manage your social media with SocialBee: publishing, AI assistance, Canva magic, analytics, unified inbox, and more.
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