10 Scary-Good Examples of Halloween Social Media Posts



Running out of ideas for Halloween social media posts is an excellent plot for a scary movie. Although it won’t scare everybody, I bet it will make some social media content creators tremor with fright.

However, there is no reason to worry. We are here to bring light into the darkest periods of inspiration and provide you with a list of 10 post ideas that will take your Halloween social media strategy to an unprecedented level of spoooooky.

But enough with the chit-chat, let’s uncover the content-writing tricks and treats we have up our sleeves this Halloween!

Discover 50 Halloween Social Media Post Ideas

Get access to the full list of 50 Halloween social media post ideas and start diversifying your October content strategy.

List of Halloween social media post ideas

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10 Ideas for Your Halloween Social Media Posts

If you want to run inspiring social media campaigns this Halloween season, you are in the right place. Stay tuned as we discuss engaging content ideas you can share the entire month of October and gain a scary amount of likes, comments, and shares. 

Here are 10 Halloween social media post ideas for brands:

  1. Create a list of Halloween movie recommendations
  2. Run a Halloween costume contest
  3. Create a countdown with spooky visuals for exciting news
  4. Talk about your Halloween must-haves
  5. Show off your Halloween office decor
  6. Tell a scary legend of your community
  7. Share images with your team’s pets in Halloween costumes
  8. Showcase your team’s Halloween costumes
  9. Share a scary-good discount code
  10. Create a list of costume ideas

Let’s see exactly how you can put these ideas into practice and craft social media campaigns for special occasions such as Halloween.

SocialBee Halloween post ideas

1. Create a List of Halloween Movie Recommendations

October is that magical time of year when people want to submerge themselves in the spooky and cozy atmosphere of Halloween. The best way to achieve this is by watching seasonal movies that best encapsulate the spirit of this holiday

So, as your followers scavenge the internet to curate the best list possible, you can be the one to deliver top-notch movie recommendations. We’re talking Tim Burton movies, Hocus Pocus, The Adams Family, Beetlejuice, and more—the more nostalgic, the better. 

Take, for example, Disney’s social media post, where they recommend Halloween movies from their collection. Thus, they managed to use the Halloween spirit to also promote productions from their catalog. In this case, it’s a match made in heaven…or hell. Mwahahaha!

Disney halloween movie recommendations

But don’t restrict yourself to movie recommendations. Broaden your horizons and cover all types of entertainment. You can also offer book suggestions and even curate playlists that are perfect for the Halloween season. 

If you are looking for more reasons to celebrate, get access to the entire list of social media holidays you can post about, and find a good reason to spread positivity every day of the year.

2. Run a Halloween Costume Contest

To make the most out of your Halloween social media campaigns, you should focus on practices that will increase your reach and get people talking about your products.

Get the best of both worlds by organizing Halloween costume contests and giveaways. As a result, you will encourage people to post on social media about your business, thus exposing your brand to a larger audience, their online friends and followers.

Celebrating Halloween wouldn’t be the same without the treats, so make sure you offer an appealing prize for your contest winners to encourage them to get involved.

Crispy Green Halloween costume contest

You can also create an in-person community halloween event to strengthen your bond with local customers and bring more visitors to your brick-and-mortar business.

3. Create a Countdown with Spooky Visuals for Exciting News

Do you want to build anticipation among your customers and kindle their curiosity? Say no more. We have the perfect idea for the job: mysterious countdowns.

These types of posts make great Instagram story content. Since you don’t want to spam your audience every day with multiple posts, you can stick to Instagram stories that disappear after 24 hours and don’t invade your followers’ feeds.

Start by designing some eerie social media graphics for each day of the countdown. You can also leave some Easter eggs to hint at the big reveal. Then share your posts every day till the countdown is over and end it with a bang by revealing the big news.

Maybe you are hosting an event soon or releasing a line of Halloween-themed products. Whatever the subject of your countdown is, ensure you take the right steps to get your followers excited.

Here are some Canva template examples you can use for your countdown social media posts.

Canva Halloween templates

Did you know that SocialBee has a Canva integration? What does this mean? Users can now design and import their visuals with Canva directly From SocialBee’s post editor.

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4. Talk About Your Halloween Must-Haves

Once October hits, we all have our own rituals that put us in a Halloweeny mood. And I bet you do too. 

So take this opportunity to bond with your audience through your love for Halloween and create social media posts expressing how you usually celebrate this spooky season. Share your must-have items and also the habits you indulge in during Halloween.

Halloween TikTok post

Maybe you start drinking your coffee from Halloween mugs, light candles around your apartment, or have the Corpse Bride soundtrack on repeat in the background. And let’s not forget about pumpkin-spiced everything.

Additionally, you can ask your followers to do the same thing and share their Halloween must-haves in the comments. This way, you will boost your post engagement and create more interaction between you and your audience.

5. Show Off Your Halloween Decor

Are you busy celebrating Halloween this month? Take your audience behind the scenes and put a spotlight on your office decorations.

Showcase the process of turning your office from normal to frightening and create a before and after transformation that will gain you the respect of other Halloween enthusiasts.

Halloween decorations TikTok video

Such content will allow your customers to sneak a peek into your company, get a sense of your culture, and thus clearly differentiate your brand from the competition.

6. Tell a Scary Legend of Your Community

There is no better and more fun way to celebrate this time of the year than with a scary Halloween social media post. So, if you are looking for spooky scary ideas to add to your content calendar, our next suggestion is the perfect fit for you. The best part? It involves “real-life” stories.

Every community seems to be haunted by a prevalent scary legend no one can confirm or deny. Most probably, you have one too you can share with your online audience. 

Don’t let it go to waste. Put your storytelling skills to the test and try to capture the essence of your scary legend in an engaging social media post. No need to place a bright flashlight under your chin and turn off the lights, the rules are different on social media.

In order to do this right, you have to keep your story relatively short and make it more visually appealing. The best way to go about this scary Halloween post is to make it into a video or disclose the narrative through a series of images, like in our next example from Freezer Bag Cooking.

Halloween Facebook post

The post relies mostly on visuals to recreate the atmosphere of the story. The text is minimal and the comic book format makes the content even more enjoyable.

7. Share a Scary-Good Discount Code

Getting surprised and scared spark similarly intense feelings in people. Why not combine the two and spook your followers with a scary-good discount? Or even better, Halloween campaigns with limited promotions.

Including Halloween puns at the start of your posts like in the example below will allow you to put a fun spin on your salesy content. 

Halloween sale

Make sure to share your Halloween discounts across all your social media accounts
and spread the word about your promotions. Schedule your posts ahead of time and generate buzz around your marketing initiatives.

To plan and schedule your social media posts with ease, you can use a tool like SocialBee. Create a content category designate to your Halloween content and create a fun mix of posts that will both entertain your followers and direct them toward your website.

SocialBee Schedule Setup

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9. Showcase Your Team’s Halloween Costumes 

Take over TikTok with Halloween-themed videos. 

Host a Halloween party and film your team in full attire to provide your audience with some costume ideas.

Halloween office costumes

Don’t forget to add a popular Halloween song, keep your video rather short and add a CTA that encourages your viewers to leave a comment. The more TikTok users interact with your video the more views you will get as a result.

8. Share Images with Your Team’s Pets in Halloween Costumes

Halloween is an especially exciting time for pet owners as they get to dress up their little friends in adorable, oh, excuse us, SPOOKY costumes.

Halloween pet costumes

We are speaking for everybody on the planet when we say that we want to see those glorious pictures. So, don’t gatekeep. Ask your team members to send over photos and share them on social media. You can even create a public competition and urge your followers to do the same.

10. Create a List of Costume Ideas 

In a world with so many Jockers and Harley Quinns, be the one odd out. 

Help your audience get creative this year by making a list of less popular but equally interesting costume ideas that will get them running to the nearest costume stores.

To make it even more fun, you can create a game around your curated list and enable your audience to put together a more unique costume based on their birthday. Check out the example below to get inspired.

Halloween Facebook post idea

To make things even better, create a challenge around your list of ideas. For example, the best costume implementation could win a special prize. 

But don’t restrict your recommendations for costumes, you can also share autumn recipes or pumpkin carving ideas.

Experiment with Creative Halloween Marketing Ideas 

Are you ready to adopt the Halloween theme this October across your social media networks? If so, give our list of Halloween social media posts a try.

Get your decorations ready, dress up as your favorite characters, eat some candy and get ready to transport yourself from the normal world to the town of Halloween, where social media success is frighteningly easy to achieve.

Speaking of effortless social media management, don’t forget to give SocialBee a try. Start your 14-day free trial today and create, schedule, and post all your Halloween content from one place: SocialBee! 

Discover 50 Halloween Social Media Post Ideas

Get access to the full list of 50 Halloween social media post ideas and start diversifying your October content strategy.

List of Halloween social media post ideas

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