learn how to find relevant blog topics to write about

Learn How to Find Relevant Blog Topics to Write About

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Are you experiencing a shortage of blog topics to write about? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. There are many content creators who, just like you, are looking for blog post ideas to get them back on the right track.

In the long run, finding topics to write about for your latest blog post becomes increasingly difficult. Especially when there’s a deadline knocking on your door. Add to that a few moments of what could be called “writer’s block”, which suggests that you are indeed out of blog post ideas.

So, how do some people always manage to write awesome blog posts, while others don’t? 

In this article, we’ll take a look at how you too can find your blog niche and start giving your audience precisely what it’s looking for.

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What Are Your Blog Goals?

Before you get started though, you might want to set some goals for your website, and especially your blog.

You might want to touch upon the reasons behind starting a blog and what problems they might address. There are some questions you can ask yourself to find out what is the purpose of a blog post:

  • Do you want to generate more leads?
  • Do you want to drive traffic?
  • Do you want to connect to your audience and build trust?
  • Do you want to build a stronger brand?
  • Do you want to boost your ranking on search engines?
  • Do you want to establish your business as an expert in the field?

Depending on the reasons you have in mind, you will be able to figure out the purpose of a blog post and start building from there. It will also allow you to better plan your strategy and get started on delivering quality blog posts for your audience.

You will also need to focus on the best practices attached to blog posts, as there are many types of content writing. This refers to a structure, style, and even content length. For example, it is usually recommended that a blog post should have between 1500 and 3000 words.

How to Find Blog Post Ideas

Now that you’ve found out the why, let’s go on and find out the how. We know how tough it is to find the perfect blog ideas. Worry not, we’ll share some useful tips on how to create blog posts like a pro.

Here are the top four ways to find blog post ideas:

  1. Research your target audience
  2. Use monitoring tools
  3. Perform keyword research
  4. Check your competitors

1. Research Your Target Audience

Before you start to create blog posts, you should first research your audience. Knowing your audience is crucial – you’re trying to reach a group of people who are interested in something you can offer them.

Let’s think of an example: your blog is concentrated on digital marketing, and all of a sudden, you start researching lifestyle blog post ideas. In the end, it’s not a relevant topic to write about on your blog.

You can tackle subjects that are linked to digital marketing, but not subjects that are from a totally different field. Take the time to think about what kind of content would be useful to the people you’re aiming at and what type of content they’d be interested in.

To achieve this, you should leverage the immeasurable power of analytics. That way, you’ll know exactly which type of blog post format to go for.

2. Keep an Eye on Trends

Twitter hashtags are a good starting point if you want to find trendy topics to write about. Popular hashtags and the latest trends can also give you a bit of inspiration when in need. Twitter is all about the concept of microblogging, and one small idea can turn into one of your best blog posts to date.

Identifying the right hashtags for your business is the first and most important step to take. A general hashtag that isn’t relevant for your business is not going to cut it, as you need to remain attentive to your targeted audience.

Here are three sources for finding popular blog ideas:

  • Social Media – Social media platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn should always be monitored if you wish to stay up-to-date on the latest blog ideas. 
  • Google Trends – Google Trends is a free tool that shows you trending topics on Google. Your next blog post idea could come from this platform. You could also try hosting a guest post written by a content writer outside your organization on a trending topic of your choice.
  • News Outlets – Trustworthy ews outlets such as CNN and BBC can be great for your next blog idea. Discover what’s top-of-mind for people and identify potential blog topics.

3. Perform Keyword Research

If you’ve been working on your own blog content for a while, then you probably know by now that performing keyword research is crucial for a successful blog. Most blog ideas should be backed up by powerful keywords.

Here are three ways to perform keyword research before you start blogging:

  • Find niche terms – Identify a list of niche terms related to your industry with a manageable keyword difficulty and a decent search volume so that you have a better chance of ranking on Google. The keywords can be broad terms that describe either your products or services.
  • Use keyword research tools – There are plenty of tools dedicated to keyword research that will help you with your next blog post, such as Ahrefs and SEMrush. These tools reveal the search volume of certain keywords that blog readers might be looking for.
  • Analyze competitors – When brainstorming blog ideas, look at the top search results to see what kind of content is ranking for a specific keyword. If your main competitors have already used similar blog ideas, consider using long-tail keywords that target a precise group of website visitors.

Here’s an example of how you can use Ahrefs to measure a keyword:

Certain keywords might bring in more traffic than others, and also ensure a better user engagement rate. Others might establish you as an authority figure, while others might just boost your online presence. Take a look at metrics and get a clearer idea of what works and what doesn’t.

4. Check Your Competitors

Every business out there has a competitor, and analyzing the blog ideas of your competitors can also help you. Their most popular blog posts could be a fountain of inspiration for you in the very near future.

But how do you analyze your competitors?

Here are a few ways to check your competitors: 

  • Search competitors – Identify the best blog posts in your niche or industry and bookmark the websites. Always keep an eye out for blogs that rank well for the keywords you are currently targeting, as well as on those that made an impact on social media.
  • Study their content – Take the time to read through the blog posts posted by your competitors. Look at the blog topics they cover, formatting styles, and length of their blog posts. Then, inform your own content strategy.
  • Analyze their SEO – Use tools like Ahrefs or SEMrush to identify the keywords your competitors are ranking for and their acquired backlinks.

Your fiercest competitors could become a great source of new blog ideas. Make sure to inform your content strategy accordingly and write blog posts that will give them a run for their money.

New Blog Post Ideas by Topic

We know how frustrating it can be to look for that great blog post idea only to realize that you can’t decide on which one to choose. There’s a multitude of writing prompts out there, but how do you figure out what works and what doesn’t? 

We’ve narrowed it down to some of the most popular blogging niches on the web to make your work easier. From fun blog post ideas to profitable blog ideas, we’re confident that you’ll find your next big idea by checking out our lists.

Here are the top 10 niches we’ve covered:

  1. Business blog topics
  2. Fun blog topics
  3. Fashion blog topics
  4. Health blog topics
  5. Food blog topics
  6. Finance blog topics
  7. Beauty blog topics
  8. Art blog topics
  9. Fitness blog topics
  10. Book blog topics

1. Business Blog Topics

  1. How to create a business plan for a startup
  2. How technology can impact modern businesses
  3. The benefits of remote work policy for a business
  4. How to nurture workplace diversity and inclusivity
  5. The importance of networking for a successful career 
  6. Strategies for managing and reducing business costs
  7. The importance of leveraging analytics for your business
  8. The benefits and challenges of entrepreneurship
  9. How to mitigate business risk
  10. How global events took a toll on businesses

2. Fun Blog Topics

  1. A series of personal essays about your favorite childhood memories and how they’ve influenced you today
  2. A descriptive essay about your bucket list of travel goals and how to make a travel plan
  3. The importance of a healthy mindset and why it matters in our everyday life
  4. A research essay about your musical preferences and your favorite bands/artists
  5. Your favorite holiday traditions and what makes them special
  6. A narrative essay about your favorite food and why it brings you joy
  7. A list post of your favorite books and the reason why you love them
  8. A tribute to the things that make you laugh and why humor is important
  9. A narrative essay about your personal hobbies and the importance of having diverse interests
  10. A narrative essay about your best friend and why their contributions matter

3. Fashion Blog Topics

  1. A series of argumentative essays on the history and evolution of various fashion trends
  2. An expository essay about how to create a wardrobe and choose the right clothes when shopping
  3. A series of expository essays on the importance of sustainable fashion
  4. The role of pop culture in shaping fashion trends
  5. A guide to dressing for your body type and why body positivity matters
  6. The importance of accessories and how they can elevate your outfits
  7. A listicle of the hottest fashion trends for the upcoming season
  8. Some interesting ideas on how to create different outfits from a single piece of clothing
  9. A guide about mastering the art of thrift shopping
  10. A closer look at the role of gender in fashion 

4. Health Blog Topics

  1. A listicle of mindfulness and meditation benefits 
  2. The importance of sleep and actionable tips for improving sleep habits
  3. A listicle of different diets and how they can impact your health both positively and negatively
  4. The importance of exercise for better mental health
  5. The impact of stress on health and how to manage stress
  6. Why hydration is vital and its benefits on health
  7. A guide to understanding what chronic pain is and isn’t
  8. A critical examination of the impact of technology on mental and physical health
  9. A listicle of the benefits that come with spending more time in nature
  10. A listicle of different alternative medicine practices worth trying

5. Food Blog Topics

  1. The history of a certain dish or cuisine
  2. A guide to cooking with a special ingredient 
  3. The benefits of eating seasonally and purchasing local ingredients for you to cook with
  4. A listicle of different diets and some recipe suggestions for each
  5. A celebration of comfort foods and why they are necessary for our mental health
  6. A listicle of the best restaurants in your area and what makes them special
  7. The impact of food waste how to reduce it
  8. A guide to hosting a fun an stress-free family dinner 
  9. The benefits of cooking at home from time to time
  10. A listicle of your favorite recipes 

6. Finance Blog Topics

  1. A beginner-friendly guide about managing finances
  2. The impact of inflation and how to not feel its negative effects
  3. An overview of why you should start building generational wealth
  4. The importance of saving for retirement and why you should start early
  5. A guide to understanding your credit score
  6. How to pay off debt and types of debt repayment
  7. Why insurance matters and which types to consider
  8. An beginner-friendly analysis of taxes 
  9. A listicle of reasons why you should start a side hustle
  10. A listicle of different types of savings accounts and which one fits your needs

7. Beauty Blog Topics

  1. A guide about various skincare routines and the ingredients to look for
  2. The history of makeup and its cultural significance
  3. A listicle of trendy hairstyles according to each face shape 
  4. How self-care and beauty are connected
  5. A listicle of natural and vegan beauty products
  6. A guide about how to find the best beauty products 
  7. The role of beauty standards in society 
  8. A step-by-step guide on how to achieve a specific beauty look
  9. The benefits of maintaining a consistent beauty routine 
  10. The impact of environmental factors on skin health

8. Art Blog Topics

  1. The evolution of a specific art movement or style
  2. A guide about painting, sculpture, or photography
  3. The role of art in pop culture 
  4. A guide on the impact of technology on the art world 
  5. A listicle of ideas to create your own art
  6. A listicle of the best local art galleries and the hottest exhibitions to visit
  7. An essay on the role of art in politics 
  8. A listicle of different art techniques
  9. The importance of art therapy 
  10. A listicle of famous artists and why their work matters

9. Fitness Blog Topics

  1. A listicle of the most efficient exercises and their benefits
  2. A descriptive essay about the importance of proper form during exercise and how it can avoid injury
  3. A beginner-friendly guide on how to starting a fitness routine 
  4. The benefits of strength training 
  5. A guide about nutrition and how it helps with weight loss
  6. A listicle about technology in fitness and the best gadgets
  7. A listicle about the best local gyms
  8. The benefits of cross-training 
  9. How mental health and fitness are interconnected
  10. A beginner’s guide about fitness classes 

10. Book Blog Topics

  1. A review of a recently released or favorite book of yours
  2. A listicle of the most popular book genres 
  3. The role of books in different cultures 
  4. A guide to finding the right books 
  5. The rise of e-books and audiobooks
  6. A listicle of famous authors and how they impacted society
  7. The benefits of reading books for mental health 
  8. A beginner’s guide to finding a book club 
  9. How to choose the right book format for you
  10. The role of books in education 

How to Promote Your Blog Posts on Social Media

Did you know that promoting your blog posts on social media is a great idea? You can now drive traffic to your website and increase your blog’s reach with total ease.

Here are three tips on how to promote your blog posts on social media:

  • Choose the right social media channels – You should always post to the channels your target audience prefers. If you’re catering to a younger audience between the ages of 18-30, TikTok and Instagram are the perfect fit. If your audience is more on the professional side, LinkedIn is a no-brainer.
  • Create engaging content – How do you compel someone to click your blog post link and read it? By posting engaing social media content, of course. Use catchy headlines and efficient captions that appeal to your readers. Also, make sure to use some relevant hashtags to help your content reach a wider audience.
  •  Use visuals – The power of carefully chosen visuals can be unmatched. Find or create images and videos that catch the eye of your audience and convince them to give your latest blog post a read.

RSS feeds are also an excellent idea when it comes to promoting a new blog post. With SocialBee, you can now add multiple RSS feeds and import posts so that they get automatically posted to your social media channels.

Here’s how you can define a RSS from SocialBee:

  • Select the social profiles you want to assign the RSS to
  • Paste your RSS link
  • Click on the “Fetch” button to preview it
  • Select the content category you want to add your RSS to
  • Create the RSS in SocialBee

Furthermore, SocialBee’s AI social media post generation functionality allows you to create content faster than ever before.

SocialBee AI caption generator

Here’s how to use SocialBee’s AI Post Assistant:

  • Open the post editor from the SocialBee app
  • Click the AI button from the bottom-right corner of the text box
  • From the modal, choose the text type you’d like to add to your post (Social Media Post, Summarization, or Ad from product/description)
  • Add a prompt 
  • Choose the tone of voice
  • Choose the number of posts you wish to generate
  • Click the “Generate” button
  • Tick the boxes of the generated posts you wish to use
  • Click the “Use selected results” button
  • Edit your social media post accordingly and then click the “+Save post” button

Start Publishing Blog Posts Today!

Finding the perfect blog ideas to write about is not always a walk in the park. In fact, writing an engaging blog post about a topic is an entire process, and it doesn’t only rely on one’s creativity.

Your new blog idea should also need a bit of structure and research to get to that point of delivering quality content. Finally, it should also become an integral part of your marketing strategy. Remember, you’re writing your latest blog post in order to increase your reach and your chances to convert readers.

Try SocialBee’s 14-day free trial if you’re interested in a social media management tool that allows you to schedule and analyze your blog post’s performance. We look forward to having you join us!

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