What Is Evergreen Content?

Evergreen content is search-optimized content that retains its relevance for readers over a long period of time. Just like evergreen plants that retain their foliage throughout the year, evergreen content is perennially fresh, enduring, and constantly updated.

✅ Examples of typical evergreen content formats:

  • Listicles,
  • How-to Articles,
  • Product Reviews,
  • Beginner Guides,
  • Industry Tips.

❌ Examples of content formats that are not evergreen:

  • News articles,
  • Statistics and reports that will go out of date,
  • Current industry trends,
  • Articles focused on ongoing trends.

Why does it matter?

Evergreen content revolves around targeting topics that people will find relevant month after month, year after year.

It helps:

  • Drive regular organic traffic over a long period of time,
  • Run long-term marketing campaigns that generate leads over time.

Organizations working with an evergreen content strategy are likely to improve SEO efforts, engage prospects more easily, and attract loyal readers.

How to do it right?

Step 1: Establish an evergreen topic.

Stay away from trendy topics and zero in on the ones with consistent search traffic potential.

Step 2: Do your keyword research.
Search for long-tail keywords that people actively search for and make sure to add a unique angle.

Step 3: Conduct SEO optimization.

Integrate SEO best practices by adding alt text to images and the keywords in the title, URL, and throughout the body. Hyperlinking relevant evergreen articles also improve SEO rankings.

Step 4: Target beginners
Evergreen content targets a large and recurring audience, so the topic should be broad enough to cover all bases. The content should be highly accessible to beginners since experts are unlikely to search on broad topics.

Step 5: Avoid jargon or technical language
Use short simple sentences and avoid specialized content to increase reach and enhance comprehension.

Step 6: Repurpose content

When a piece of content is performing well, re-use it in various formats to enhance SEO efforts and reach a wider audience.

What to avoid?

Here are the most common pitfalls related to evergreen content and what to avoid:

Creating only evergreen content — a great content marketing strategy includes a balanced mix between evergreen posts and topical articles that cover trends, news, and industry statistics.

Forgetting about evergreen content — it should be constantly and consistently visible and accessible for all stakeholders. Do this by building a social media campaign, highlighting the content in a sidebar, or re-running top evergreen posts.

Keeping evergreen content out-of-date — this should take minimal effort, but staying on the lookout for new findings, developments, or articles to hyperlink can help keep content up-to-date and improve SEO rankings by updating the published date.

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