What Is Content?

Content definition

Digital content comes in many forms, from text and audio and video files to graphics, animations, and images. Typically, digital content refers to information available for download or distribution on electronic media such as an ebook or iTunes song, but many in the content industry argue that digital content is anything that can be published.

Examples of content types

There are numerous formats of content and, to name a few, these would be:

Blog posts are suitable for increasing your organic traffic when paired with a strong SEO and keyword strategy.

Infographics come across as very shareable which only means increasing your chances of being more visible on social platforms.

Short videos are very shareable as well and can help your brand get found by new audiences by hosting them on platforms like YouTube.

Ebooks are suitable for generating leads as they’re generally more comprehensive than a blog post or infographic, meaning someone is more likely to exchange their contact information to receive it.

Research reports are a high-value content piece that is also suitable for generating leads. This type of content has high chances of being picked up by an established media channel that can offer your brand both awareness and visibility.

Webinars are a more detailed, interactive form content.

Case studies are an effective form of content for those who are ready to make a purchasing decision, as it helps you positively influence their decision.

Testimonials, if case studies aren’t a good fit for your business, having testimonials around your web.

Memes are hugely popular amongst the younger generation. They are often videos and images with humorous text that typically go viral.

Q&A (question and answer) which are a great way to stay connected and close to your audience by bringing a two-way communication that most traditional media mediums (e.g. TV, newspaper, magazine) do not provide.

Quotes which are basically words spoken by another person used often to make a point. Quotes are a great way of discussing things as they are relative to everyone. They are great as used on a more personal level.

Polls are great when you seek the opinion of your audience, and what their preferences are, particularly when it comes to your brand or industry. Giving readers the opportunity of choosing themselves lets them know you’re happy for their contribution, and of course, you want to create content that they are deeply interested in seeing.

Recent analysis has shown that content creation has to fulfill one of these 4 outcomes or mix of them:

  • To entertain,
  • To educate,
  • To persuade,
  • To convert.

Fun fact:

In SocialBee, you can organize your social media content into categories (= pillars, folders) to balance your content mix effectively. Additionally, you can create, automate publishing, analyze, engage, and collaborate—all from a single platform.


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