Impact of Customer Support on Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Written by Remsha Moghis
Written by Remsha Moghis

Guest Author

Social media is a place where people spend more time nowadays. This is the opportunity for marketers to grab their attention towards their products or services. It’s been a long time when people think a lot about making purchases from the online market. The trust is built through some strategies that powerfully impact the users. One of the digital marketing strategies that really work is a social media marketing strategy. 

The way people showcase their brand and pick a large amount of audience to make their potential customers is just a mind-blowing thought. Just social media couldn’t do by itself, some resources are needed and one of them is customer support. 

Let’s say if you just put a picture of a handbag with nice content, that makes your audience willing to buy them. The second action must be taken by her to know more about it. And you have to assist them either with your customer support team or a human-like chatbot. 

So, the combination of social media marketing and customer support agents is fruitful for your business. It is cheaper and you can see the raising of profit at the same time. No doubt, digital media do a lot more for marketers. 

What Is a Social Media Marketing Strategy for Marketers?

To create your brand, increase sales, and boost website traffic, social media marketing is the use of social media channels to communicate with your audience. This includes posting great content on your social media accounts, listening to your audience and engaging them, reviewing your performances, and running ads on social media.

Yahoo, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, and Snapchat are the main social media sites (at the moment). It is a well-planned strategy that includes a few steps that you should cover. 

Create Streamlined Strategy

First and foremost, you have to go through your goals and objectives and prepare your social media strategy that should be targeted with your goals. You can make strategies for driving website traffic and generating sales, and some want to make their audience aware of their brands, some create engagements for the customers, or other activities are going on the different platforms such as the hiring process. 

Your goal should be clear so it is easy to jump over the next step of the social media marketing strategies. 

Planning and Publishing Your Content

To take action on the next step, you need to look at what type of content makes your customer engaged. What are the buyer personas that should be targeted? It can be textual, images, videos, funky character GIFs, Videos, or image-based content that work best for social media channels. It looks great when publishing your content with images or content with related captions and emojis.

Listening and Engagement

Once you hit the people’s minds, they will surely leave comments regarding any query, they tag other people on your comment sections or can share your post in their timeline. You must plan to respond without skipping one.

Monitor Analytics 

It is useless when you are investing too much effort and don’t keep a record of it. To keep an eye on your social media activities, you have to monitor them thoroughly and analyze what makes changes in your ROI. 

Source: Cooler Insights

Your competitors do and what are their activities so you could improve it or come up with out-of-the-box ideas. It helps to recognize what It also helps to evaluate customer behavior by analyzing data throughout the activities. 

The best way to get started in monitoring analytics and understanding the data you’ve gathered is by knowing your industry’s benchmarks. In order to make sense of your social media performance and get a glimpse of your current position, start with those general key insights. 

Sought-After Advertisement Strategy

After having a good time with these initial activities, the next up is to try advertisements that are highly impacted by your social media marketing strategy. Advertisement is an old-fashioned marketing strategy that works splendidly till today. But new advancement makes it more fascinating and powerful. 

Like Facebook ads, it spreads a great impact on the brand and provides better opportunities to grow in the market. There are thousands of active users on Facebook, you can easily target your audience by having an advanced Facebook ads manager. 

What Is Social Media Customer Service?

Provide a better customer support experience on your social media that directly helps to resolve customers’ queries regarding your products/services. Over 60% of customers think solving an issue fast is the most important part of good support. 

Social media is the platform for all. You may strict them according to your target audience to some extent. You have to elaborate on every situation that is asked from your customer’s side. Make sure you are using social media for your brand awareness and be active on it.  For this, a well-managed customer support team is required. 

Every business needs a customer support team to manage customer queries and they have to assist all the customers that can be lined up on the call, and respond via email or text. You need a pool of agents that can handle these regular tasks or it can be costly for your business if you don’t need an alternative. Do you know what the alternative is? Let me tell you in the next section.

An Automated Customer Support Service for Your Social Media

No doubt, there is no exchange of human work but it can be reduced with the help of advanced technology. An AI chatbot that works best in the replacement of customer support agents and reduces workload and cost at the same time. Virtual call centers also play a significant role in enhancing customer support on social media. These call centers offer omnichannel communication features, including social media integration, to provide seamless and efficient support to customers.

There are many perks to having a chatbot for your social media marketing strategy that impact your business positively.  Like you don’t need to sit on the chair and reply to every customer’s query even in the comment section and on messenger. A Tidio study confirmed that about 88% of customers had at least one conversation with a chatbot within the past year. 

Social media needs a marketing manager and customer support agent which can be costly for your business. On the other hand, you can integrate only one chatbot on all your social media channels and the chatbot itself can resolve the queries. You can also use free customer feedback tools to get feedback from customers and improve your products and services.

For example, a visitor sees your ads or any social media post and he gets interested and jumps to talk about your products at any time. So do you think you bear a large amount to hire day and night shift agents to just satisfy your customers? Obviously no, when you have the best alternative like a chatbot.

With the Facebook messenger chatbot, you can create a well-designed chat for your Facebook marketing and provide instant support to your customers. 

The perks you can get from automated customer support agents on social media is:

Round-the-clock service: Chatbot provides 24/7/365 service without any human help. Yes, it might be possible if a complex situation occurs. But live chat is not a bad option.

Cost-effective: It reduces cost because you have only one automated agent and you need to pay for one. No need to hire several employees to assist customers. Make your customer support experience better with an AI chatbot.

Reduce workload: Chatbot can respond to multiple users at one time as you know, there are lots of queries that can pop up from anywhere. For human agents, it’s difficult to respond to multiple queries at the same time but for chatbots, it is the easiest.

Data-driven chats: Chatbots gather data and help you to recognize customer behavior and figure out what customer wants in the future. 

Easy payment methods: With chatbots, your customers enjoy a simple payment method and you don’t need to worry about any transactions. Chatbots can be integrated with other software which makes it easy.

Recommendations: As AI is more powerful than you can experience real-time bidden action. Same with AI chatbots. It helps to recommend people by analyzing previous data or showing products that you were searching for. 

There are many chatbot builders in the market that provide automation like Botsify. They have a website chatbot, Facebook messenger chatbot, WhatsApp chatbot, or many other functionalities that enhance your social media marketing and provide instant support for customers.

Social Media & Chatbots – A Great Combination

After manufacturing your product, the second thing is to make people aware of it and distribute it. So marketing is such a complex thing in today’s time. And aftermarket your product, people raise questions, they have lots of queries regarding our products and ask you for it. Do you make an easy path for your customer to reach you?

You surely hired lots of customer support agents that work for you just to satisfy your customers. Customer support provides a better customer experience if they have much patience and courage to listen to customers’ positive and negative responses. 

Let’s see what you can get if you provide valuable customer support.

Better Customer Experience

A happy chat makes the day better. Once you resolve the customer issue with a happy gesture and acknowledge your mistake without arguing to their point, it provides a customer support experience like a glam. Your customer appreciates that and rates you for excellent service. But in the end, the result should be the resolution of their problem.  

Nowadays people find your social platform and reach you via messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. you have to be active all round the clock on your official social media channels to assist them either in the comment section or inbox. You have to entertain timely.

You couldn’t sit 24/7 in front of it but automation works best for these situations. Customers feel a great experience after connecting with bots and appreciate how instantly they helped you out. In the future, they will not hesitate to buy from you.

High-Level of Customer Satisfaction

By making customers satisfied, you can convert them into potential customers. The consequence must be a high conversion rate. But what can you do about it? A flawless product or service, a reasonable price, or an instant solution for their problems. 

Do you know people love it when you take serious action on their problems and leave it until they are solved? About 67% of consumers are seeking resolutions for issues through Twitter, Facebook, and other social media networks. Just to automate your social media marketing channels, you can get a high reward and provide a high level of satisfaction.

Built Trust by Word of Mouth 

75% of people will likely post something positive about your brand if you make meaningful social media connections. Social media provides an opportunity for marketers but some fake accounts misused it and made a mess for others. It makes your brand affected. 

To make your brand trustworthy, you work on your social media marketing and make it flawless. And when someone experiences it they surely spread words and tell about your brand and your services. If you deliver a good customer service experience on social media, 71 percent of your customers will potentially recommend your brand to others. You can make a strong bond between your customers by just having good social media customer support

High Conversion Rate 

The key players in online retail are investing millions in studies to explore customer psychology. Conversion rate is defined as the percentage of visitors that land on your website who complete the desired action that you want from you. After having vast research, Studies have actually demonstrated that live chat leads to approx. 30% to the rate of conversion. 


All the spices are added and it makes a high conversion rate. No doubt, customer support is a job where you need patience as well as knowledge. And if you don’t have one, you may lose your customers because customers bear rude behavior.

The saying “customers are always right” fits in this situation. Be active on social media to entertain your customer, and try to embed plugins and AI chatbots to make customers’ experiences better. 

Remsha Moghis is a content writer at Botsify, a platform where building a bot is trouble-free. She has over 2 years of experience in this field. She has a strong grip on SEO writing, academic writing, and social media marketing, and has sufficient product knowledge.

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