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What would you say if you found out that there’s a way to grow your eCommerce store with the help of the best people in the industry?

You’d probably want to find out more, right?

What if we told you that there’s a masterclass that can offer both you and your clients the best tools to help you acquire, convert and retain customers?

There is one very plausible answer to that question, and the answer would sound like “Sign me up!

Let us introduce you to the SmartSites Shopify Masterclass Series x SocialBee, a series of courses that will be launched on October 5. 

What Is the Shopify Masterclass Series?

The Masterclass covers the best tools that will help you acquire, convert and retain customers from your store. The benefits won’t stop here, though, as you will be able to continually optimize your eCommerce store even after the Masterclass has ended. 

Are you wondering how?

By making use of the best practices that you have come in contact with during the course, all shared by industry-leading instructors. 

SocialBee will be joining the SmartSites Shopify Masterclass Series because we believe in building and growing your business. We do that by offering a great social media management tool, paired with amazing marketing services

How? By learning from the best! Our Head of Marketing, Roxana, will present you with the top channels and hacks to gain more customers in less time.

Pro Tip: You can connect with Roxana on LinkedIn here and get her input on marketing, entrepreneurship, or kayaking, her latest hobby.

Ecommerce Masterclass 

The Ecommerce Masterclass will contain four main courses. The courses all concentrate on the area of expertise of each group.


Each course will answer some of the hottest topics for those stages in the customer journey.

The course will be hosted by co-founder Michael Melen, and he will also lead a group of panel specialists at the end of the Masterclass.

All the lessons in the Masterclass will be recorded and available for viewing to the audience as soon as the Masterclass goes live.

Join the Shopify Masterclass!

Learn how to aquire, convert and retain customers for your store.

Ecommerce Masterclass Courses

Each course has a name of its own and concentrates on different aspects.

The “Acquire” Segment

In the Acquire course, you’ll be walked through the different strategies that help attract customers to your website. Some of the burning questions asked during this course could sound like:

  • How to increase my organic traffic?
  • How to capitalize on paid traffic?
  • What are the best channels that one can use to acquire more customers?

The “Convert” Segment

In the Convert course, you’ll find out how to translate the newly acquired traffic into both goals and conversions, all within your eCommerce store. Wondering what the questions might sound like in this course?

  • Once the traffic has been acquired, how does one convert users?
  • Are there any automated flows one could use to help eCommerce stores?
  • How can I increase the average order value?

The “Retain” Segment

The Retain course will be your guide to increasing your returning customer base. Here’s a hint at what questions could be covered:

  • What helps me improve my store’s operations?
  • Are loyalty programs beneficial for increasing customer retention?
  • Does using a live chat help my customer service?

The “Optimize” Segment

Last, but not least, there will be the Optimize course, filled with insights and tips on how to optimize all the presented strategies. Here are some questions that will be answered: 

  • What can I do to create a unified brand experience?
  • What can I do to optimize the UX for increasing conversions?
  • What can I do to optimize the checkout process?

How Do I Participate?

You can join the Masterclass by submitting your information through the MasterClass link

You will need to add your Full Name, your Email Address, and your Phone Number to get registered. 

It’s also important to note that upon submission, the videos will be available on demand.

Who Are the Instructors?

Three instructors will share some industry secrets with you.

Say hi to:

  • Michael Melen – Co-Founder
  • Olivia Hendrzak – Ecommerce Masterclass Marketing Coordinator
  • Brian Chung – Ecommerce Masterclass Partnership Coordinator

Do you have any burning questions you want to address the panelists?

Make sure you submit your burning questions on the MasterClass page.

The benefits won’t stop here, though, as you will be able to continually optimize your eCommerce store even after the Masterclass has ended.

Join the Shopify Masterclass!

Learn how to aquire, convert and retain customers for your store.

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