What Is a Timeline?

Before we jump into this, think of all the things you can learn about a friend the first time you meet their parents or the first time you get to know their closest relatives or other friends. These are exactly the kinds of insights your friends may casually leave on your social media platforms like Facebook Timeline, giving others a little glimpse into how you are and making it easy for your audience to get to know you better.

What is a Timeline?

Someone’s Timeline is what their friends look at to get a sense of their life, and it’s also where they leave public texts for each other. In this way, the posts of your friends become, just as in real life, part of your history.

Timeline is where you share your pictures, posts, and experiences. You can add a cover photo on your Timeline, edit your personal information, view your activity log, highlight posts or pictures, update your status, share your app activity, and add relevant events to your profile.

Can everyone post on your timeline?

Even though one of the delights of the Timeline is the constant communication between friends, some people find it a little difficult to ease into it. If you’re someone who doesn’t like the idea that a friend can write something personal on your Timeline, just go on your Settings page and prevent friends from posting on it.

On the same note, you can ensure that closer acquaintances can get access to more personal or recreational posts by filtering your connections, friends, family, and business associates into separate groups, while a more formal profile can be seen by potential employers or acquaintances. On individual posts and tagged photos, you can easily define these settings or change the overall settings in your account.

To get used to the Timeline, the best way is to start using it. Post on the Timelines of your friends, write a status update or a link, and see what kind of response your friends may give you. After all, that’s what the Timeline is all about – sharing your whereabouts with your friends.

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