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What is a newsfeed? How does a newsfeed work? Are my posts appearing in the newsfeed?

A newsfeed is a web page that is constantly updating in order to show the latest information or news. It is the ongoing transmission of data.

The Facebook newsfeed, for example, represents a user’s home page, where he/she can see different updates from the pages and people that he/she follows. This is all controlled by an algorithm.

Are you wondering how the Facebook algorithm works? Well, it ranks all the posts according to how likely the user will have a positive reaction.

In the present, Facebook prioritizes meaningful interactions and focuses more on posts from friends than from publishers. The Facebook newsfeed pays special attention to profile changes, upcoming birthdays, events, etc.

Whenever a user visits their feed, Facebook chooses to show a few updates out of approximately 2,000 updates.

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People need to be aware that in the end, Facebook’s goal is to highlight the most engaging and relevant posts. In 2020, this social media channel is focusing on being more transparent and offering users the possibility to control what they see.

Facebook has conducted various surveys in order to gather data from users. As a result, now we have a new button that can be clicked if a user wants to know why a particular post is showing up in his feed.

Another example is Instagram feed. Instagram’s algorithm is based on three main factors and three additional criteria that also have an impact on the feed rankings.

The main factors are interest, timeliness, and relationship, while the other additional criteria are frequency, following, and usage.

In order to be successful when it comes to the Instagram algorithm, you have to post consistently.

The best way is to create a social media content calendar. It’s also important to consider your analytics because the data will show you what you’re doing right and what you have to improve.

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