What Is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a free web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic and provides various statistics, as well as basic analytical tools for marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) purposes. Currently, it works as a platform inside the Google Marketing Platform brand.

Google launched Google Analytics on the 14th of November 2005, after acquiring a corporation called Urchin Software. It’s the most popular and widely used web analytics service. Google Analytics has an easy-to-use interface and it helps you better understand your customers while giving you all the tools you need to properly analyze data.

The platform comes with a software development kit (SDK) that allows you to use data from iOS or Android app – this is Google Analytics for Mobile Apps. Also, be aware that Google Analytics can be blocked by browsers.

Metrics to track using Google Analytics

These are some of the most important Google Analytics metrics that you should take into consideration for your business: session duration, pages per session, various information on the source of the traffic, the bounce rate of those who are using the site, etc.

Simply put, Google Analytics analysis can identify how long visitors stayed on your website, what pages are performing poorly, where visitors came from, their geographical position, etc.

Other features in Google Analytics

Google Analytics also has several features like – different data visualization tools (a dashboard, scorecards, etc.), custom reports, segments that allow you to analyze groups of users or sessions, as well as subsets of your data (such as conversions). The web analytics service can be integrated with other Google products, for example, AdWords. This way users have the possibility to create and review online campaigns.

Basically, it’s a great tool for processing and sharing your data quickly. The platform provides you a seamless workflow that will save you plenty of time and will increase your business’ efficiency.

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