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What is an eBook? How to write an eBook? What should an ebook contain?

An ebook or electronic book is, simply put, the digital form of a traditional book. It can be accessed by means of any digital platform, be it desktop, mobile, tablet, or other. When it comes to marketing, the use of ebooks is considered to be a very efficient strategy, due to the certain advantages it brings forth. Here are some of them:

Brand authority. Writing and sharing an ebook can position you as a subject expert in your area of expertise. It will help you establish your reputation online and solidify your status as an authority in your industry.

Perceived value. While knowledge can easily be shared through blog posts as well, ebooks are seen by your audiences as a product, rather than information alone. According to a study made by Hubspot, 90% of users prefer reading lengthy content in the form of a PDF, as opposed to a website page.

Effective lead generation. Ebooks are a very successful way of generating leads and consequently boosting your email marketing campaigns. They are often given away for free in exchange for a user’s email address.

While there are certainly many advantages to creating an ebook, there are several things to take into consideration beforehand.


There are several types of eBook formats. Here’s a quick overview:

  • PDF – They are easy to produce and user friendly. However, they cannot include multimedia.
  • HTML5 – This format is easy to load and can include interactive elements. On the other hand, it cannot be downloaded and stored.
  • Epub – Easy to create but limited when it comes to ebook design.
  • Mobi – This is a format that’s only compatible with Kindle.

Choosing the right format depends on what suits you and your business best. For example, if you wish to embed a video in your ebook, then PDF is probably not the right choice for you.

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Ebooks can either be paid or free. As previously mentioned, when it comes to marketing campaigns, ebooks are generally offered in exchange for a simple email address.

There are cases, however, when ebooks are not only used for marketing purposes, but for revenue as well.


Your ebook can either have a traditional layout with black text on a white background or a more visually engaging look created by adding different colors and fonts, text boxes, and links.

It all depends on what your audience would rather see and respond to. Creating a good design is not easy, but it will be totally worth it in the end, so you might even consider working with a design agency.

Ebooks can vary in type of content, length, design, and format. The creation of the right ebook for a business depends on the message that needs to be sent across. Is it a learning guide? Is it a state of the art report? Does it need to include interactive elements? Answering all these questions will allow you to create the perfect ebook for your business.

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