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Glossary Terms

Lead Magnet

What is a lead magnet? How do you make a lead magnet? Do lead magnets work?

Most studies show that the regular individual spends about 15 seconds on a website unless they choose to entertain themselves with long Youtube videos. Because of this short attention span, the chances of converting the regular person to be a loyal customer of your brand are pretty low.

Email marketing was a great way to start this conversion, but because people lose interest more quickly, this marketing method isn’t as efficient as it used to be – especially because nowadays people are more careful with their data. They don’t hand it to anyone who asks for it, even if we talk about a name or an email address.

Due to this unique situation, the concept of Lead Magnets skyrocketed and became the solution to this new time and age in which users don’t really give out information about themselves—unless they gain something valuable from this whole matter.

Because we now know how this construct was born, we can define it as a simple way to obtain information by providing something in exchange. For example, when website visitors come across an alluring offer that they want to take advantage of, they need to enter their email address, phone number, or they have to fill in a quick questionnaire.

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In order to obtain what you need to go further with the process of converting, you need to design a lead magnet that is built in such a way that it will attract your target.

There are 4 things you need to take into consideration before starting designing the perfect lead magnet that will help you achieve your goals

  1. Don’t make it generic, make sure that you build it to fill a specific need of a particular target audience. This way it will grow your chances of convincing people to go forward with this exchange.
  2. Besides being specific, you need to execute it in such a way that it will offer instant value because the targeted audience will want to see a quick result out of this exchange.
  3. Because you won’t be the only one having a lead magnet, you need to make it unique. You have to stand out from your competitors.
  4. Even if it’s free, you should have a high-quality lead magnet. It’s important to invest in a lead magnet because after all, you invest in a method that will determine how people view your brand.

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