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Glossary Terms

Content Curation

What is content curation? How can I curate content? What is the purpose of content curation

Content curation is the process of collecting information that is relevant for a particular topic and then sharing it on social channels by linking back to the original post.

Curated content should be trustworthy and valuable for your audience. It should not become a collection of randomly shared media, but a way to showcase your brand’s value and expertise.

As a highly selective process, content curation should always be done by following a strategy, so before deciding which posts to share, it would be ideal to determine the following:

  • Which buyer persona do you have in mind?
  • Is the information valuable to them?
  • Is the source you are using trustworthy?
  • What is the value of the content you wish to share?
  • Is it original and worth reposting?

Implementing content curation as a highly effective marketing strategy for your brand means, first and foremost, understanding all the elements of the process.

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An effective workflow involves the following steps:

    • Sourcing. Given the huge amount of existing information, your main goal is to handpick the right type of content. It should consist of information that your followers will find interesting and useful. Making sure that your sources are trustworthy is essential.
    • Selection. Once you’ve identified several valuable sources, you should focus on highlighting the best parts of it. After all, curation is not about delivering huge amounts of information.
    • Making it personal. After deciding on a link to share, it is essential to add value to it. The original piece might be engaging, but it’s your own comment, and presentation that will ultimately draw attention towards your brand.
    • Sharing. It might sound like a simple step, however, identifying the right channels for your curated content is crucial. After all, the right message is nothing without the right audience.

As to the amount of content that should be curated, the ‘social media rule of thirds’ recommends a mix consisting of 1/3 personal brand promotion, 1/3 online conversations and interactions, and 1/3 curated content.

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