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We were looking for a solution that would help us serve up the most relevant content to our audience on a consistent basis. So, we decided to use SocialBee because of the simplicity of the platform and the ease of use.

The team are really responsive and always available to help or answer questions.

Now our feed is full of evergreen content and we’re confident that our followers are liking what they see.

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At the very beginning, I was looking for a way to grow my newsletter.

I had a Facebook page I started. I was using Buffer to update it but it was a lot of hours of basically manual labor to find articles and quotes so I spent a good amount of time every day to keep it going.

I knew that my Facebook page would be the primary channel to build a newsletter, but managing it took a lot of time.

Once I found SocialBee, managing my social media became much easier.

After I filled the content categories and set up the calls to action for people to join the newsletter via social posting, I started getting more subscribers. I was getting about 100 subscribers a day on Facebook and Twitter.

Probably around 30% of the subscribers came from Twitter, a channel I never really thought about pursuing in the past because it seemed so much work and I did not know how to do it effectively. SocialBee helped a lot with gaining subscribers.

I don’t think my business would have succeeded at all if it wasn’t for SocialBee.

I’ve been using Buffer for a couple of years before SocialBee and I looked into a lot of other social media platforms. I liked Buffer because the user interface is very clean, but Buffer requires a lot of work to find content and to get the right mix, as it’s all done manually.

SocialBee was amazing by being able to set on a fine level which content goes out in what order and how much of a certain type of content goes out, and being able to invest time in the beginning to create content categories and then just have them run, saves so much time.

I’ve looked a lot at all the other services out there, but there isn’t any that does it like SocialBee does it. For the type of business I run I definitely need to be able to recycle the content. That’s very important to me.

SocialBee worked so well for me and I ended up basically being able to build a business out of SocialBee and earning money so I can now live in Bali.

I can now live the Tim Ferriss four hour workweek life because of SocialBee.

I can talk about the tool, but I think one thing for me you did specifically well: there were often times where I thought things that could be better for my situation with SocialBee, that could make it easier for me, and more efficient.

I know I told you a lot of things that could help me, and you guys implemented like 95% of them. That was really awesome. Your responsiveness to feedback was really really good.

And then the tool – being able to create different content categories and to be able to set them to go out at different intervals is for me really important.

Having the content categories, and being able to recycle content makes it possible to post more often, even if you don’t have a VA or you’re not working on it full time.

Working with SocialBee enabled me to build a large email list which I was able to sell. It allows me to live off the social media postings. The tool has really enabled me to build a business that I would not have been able to build otherwise. Well, I could, but it would have been far less cost-effective. I would have had to spend money to hire a VA or spend more of my time, managing everything.

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I was struggling with a lack of time to create content amidst all the other activities on my to-do list. What ended up happening is that I would schedule a couple week’s worth of posts and then move on to other activities for those couple weeks and then end up skipping the next few weeks of posting. It made my posting very scattered.

As I also got the Social Media Specialist Concierge Service, I was concerned that the content creators would not be able to mimic my tone and style easily, but that was not the case.

I love the freedom to cross the content creation piece off my list. I no longer have to schedule that piece in which the scheduling part alone saves me an average of 3hrs per month – not to talk about coming up with the post part. I also don’t have to worry or wonder if I’m making enough posts of the right type.

Since working with SocialBee’s Concierge services I’m less stressed about social media and I’m getting more likes and follows as a result of being consistent in posting and following SocialBee’s scheduling. I have seen my likes and follows increase. I’ve also been getting additional comments in person on my posting.

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SocialBee helps you drastically improve the efficiency on social media channels, letting you focus on creating the content and managing leads.

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At first I wasn’t sure how legit SocialBee was, but I got to see that they have great analytics and posts are easy to schedule. So, if you want to post evergreen content and have great analytics, try SocialBee!
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Before using SocialBee, we had no organization with social media. No solid plan.

We decided to use SocialBee due to its great features like post categories and evergreen content recycling.

Since then, we are posting consistently on our social media platforms.

SocialBee is a great platform which allows us to organize the content and post on multiple social platforms.

matthias allred
Matthias Allred
Owner, Skyline Insurance Agency
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I didn’t really understand how powerful SocialBee’s scheduling was it was until I tried it a few times and had to post under different scenarios. But now that I do, I love the flexibility and power it provides me.

Now I am able to post to all three of my social media accounts (FB, Twitter, and Pinterest).

SocialBee is a responsive company that offers excellent social media posting capabilities.

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I had used your competitors before and was not satisfied.

At first, SocialBee’s category-based posting system might seem very complicated, but now that I understand how it works, I can say that it is amazing. I’ve scheduled over 200 videos and over 170 images and once I figured out how the categories work I realized that your system saves me so much time and that it is the most logical and the simplest to use.

Plus, the customer service is amazing. The very best customer service I’ve ever received.

The almost real-time chat with Anca really helped me out. And the free half an hour walkthrough with Julia was also super helpful. I have to tell you that Anca was amazing. She was so professional and so patient with me. I asked question after question after question and she just simply answered them all really well.

SocialBee is the very best way to schedule your posts, besides having the very best customer service ever!

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Before working with the Concierge Team at SocialBee, I was having trouble keeping up to date with new content creation.

The good price, many features, and the option to add-on concierge services made me try out SocialBee.

The team at SocialBee is really good at content creation via their Concierge services, and this gave me stress-free social media posts for all my social profiles.

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Before working with SocialBee, we were building some great stuff, but almost no one was aware of the value we were providing to our customers.

The SocialBee content writing service is essential to our business. The SocialBee team helps us explain to the world in simple and effective words how are we helping our clients. But more importantly, they tell the story of our clients to inspire other entrepreneurs to take action and to build something awesome.

They are proactive and available for consultations about our communication strategy. Even more so – they are our thinking partner.

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SocialBee is the first one that has inspired me to actually take action and it’s a super-easy tool to use.

At first, there was the doubt about whether it would work as promised - too many tools and software these days don't, unfortunately.

It took a while to get to grips with it, although the support was first class, and now, it only takes a few minutes a day to schedule several days' worth of posts to multiple social media accounts.

I'm starting to get some traction on my social media, for the first time ever.

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I was posting from a bunch of different apps that were disrupting my workflow and wasted a lot of time.

What I like about SocialBee is the clean UI layout, attention to detail, and snappy response time of the website. Support is also top-notch.

The results I'd say are quite positive. Things are still ramping up. SocialBee is a great partner for managing posts across a bunch of different social platforms.

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Before using SocialBee my social profiles were suffering due to my lack of time!

I decided to use SocialBee because of its categories for content posting, good pricing, and the ability to post on all the major social platforms.

I was worried I wouldn’t be able to figure it out, but it is very user-friendly and help is just a click away. Emails are answered quickly, updates and information are relayed in changelog notices, and the willingness to reach out to “competition” to keep the customer’s options open is Ah-Ma-Zing.

Since working with SocialBee the timely posts keep my customers engaged plus they catch the eye of future store owners.

Our chain has more than doubled thanks to being able to get the word out and looking like we have more hours in the day than anyone else.

SocialBee is a sweet spot to drop articles and news as you find them, yet ensure that they are delivered like clockwork to your audience. The best silent partner I could ask for.

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Before we started using SocialBee we had to manually post on each of our Social accounts. As a startup and wearer of many hats, it was difficult to find time to post regularly, frequently, and across all our platforms.

I do a lot of research into companies and products before I commit. Especially looking at "hot/trending software". My past experiences have caused me to have some pause when seeing an offshore based company. But, all of my interactions with SocialBee were fantastic and I quickly felt comfortable.

SocialBee empowered me/us to schedule, customize, and push posts to all of our platforms (currently IG, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter) for both my umbrella company and subsidiary. That saved me from having to login to 8 accounts!

I'm not a Social Media specialist and am delighted in what I am empowered to accomplish - SocialBee helped me post content often to all of my platforms, thus, saving me a ton of time to run my business.

In the future, as we grow, we plan to add more accounts to SocialBee and fully utilize all of the other features they have. They have a lot of features, many which we have yet to explore. My career has been in the software world. Often having a lot of features can reduce the quality of the primary features. They have done a good job handling it.

Their customer service is refreshingly wonderful. You don't feel alone. In all we do we seek being extraordinary. It's great to find another company which seeks excellence.

They’re great peeps who save me a ton of time by automating, customizing, scheduling, analyzing, and managing posts across the large number of social media platforms in one place.

In addition to the people at SocialBee, I found their pricing to be very reasonable for the power they provide. Awesome work all!

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One of my challenges in Social Media Marketing was smart content posting on multiple Social Accounts.

Before using Social Bee, we thought that most Social Media Marketing Software applications have issues with integration on multiple platforms and deliver poor support.

We found out that Socialbee is an efficient, feature rich software that is easy to use and provides guidance on how to simplify the management of content posting on Social Media Accounts. It showed good value for money too.

SocialBee helped me develop Smart Social Media Content Marketing Strategies for my business and reduced 50% of the time spent on marketing campaigns.

It is one of the most Powerful Social Media Content Marketing Tools in the industry.

More Leads, Less Effort.​

14-day FREE trial, no credit card required.

SocialBee's content calendar with post ideas resource

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