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Before I began working with SocialBee I was taking so much time away from my clients and from my own family to try and do all the social media for my Facebook and Instagram, even though social media was not my area of expertise.

I was in search of someone or something that could really take that off my plate and in return be a good and useful resource for my business. I’ve been researching for a while, and in a particular group I am a part of several people began commenting about SocialBee.

What really sold me was that you had the Social Media Specialist that I could also use if I wanted to. SocialBee ticked all the boxes that I needed.

One of my biggest fears is that I have a very specialized niche and so I would not have a social media specialist who knew what I needed and what would fit my exact niche.

I’ve been working with Hilda, my designated social media bee, and I can not say enough great things about her. She is on top of everything. I never had to ask for something to be done. Everything is on time. If I have something that I want to have revised, she’s right on it.

Also, she does a lot of research. She has really found my niche, knows what kind of articles I look for, what captions to write for my blog posts, and what pictures to make for what that caption, besides making sure everything is loaded onto the platform.

It might take me 30 minutes out of my week to review everything, make adjustments, tell her if I want something added. SocialBee has exceeded my expectations.

The biggest outcome of working with SocialBee is that I feel like there has been a huge weight taken off my shoulders. I am not constantly in the morning or in the night scrambling so that my social media is taken care of.

I feel like I have given more time to my clients and to my business and that I have a lot more family time because I’m not consumed in social media anymore.

SocialBee is a lifesaver, especially for those who want to really focus on the business and the things that they enjoy (like their clients), putting 100% into your clients and taking the entire social media aspect off your shoulders.

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Before using SocialBee, my main issue is reaching the right people. That’s probably most small businesses’ problem.

I work as a professional speaker and an author, I’ve written 18 books, given 3100 speeches all around the world, so I’m pretty out there. I’m well connected. I’ve got a website with over 700 articles, a robust LinkedIn profile, a strong presence on Facebook, a little bit active on Twitter, but the only one that was easy for me to use was Facebook. I was looking for a way to do that much more easily.

I was previously using a system called Meet Edgar and it was good, but I like SocialBee better. It’s just been good for me.

The nice thing for me is that I don’t notice you’re there. I just notice you did the job.

I’m logged into Facebook and I see a post that came automatically through SocialBee. And it was easy to upload all of my content onto and easy to designate when I wanted things to appear, how often, and on which medium.

It’s very low effort, doesn’t require me to learn all new craft in order to be able to use SocialBee, and once I’ve got it loaded with a lot of valuable content, then it’s just a matter of occasionally creating new posts that can fit into the flow.

I’m reaching a lot of people I would not be able to reach without using SocialBee.

When we started working together I just had a few thousand people on LinkedIn and on Twitter maybe I had a couple of thousand. On Facebook, I was getting pretty close to my limit, but I’ve added Facebook pages and those are growing, and my LinkedIn is nearly 9K people now, and that’s just in the last year we’ve been together, so I see things growing pretty nicely.

Since using SocialBee, I’ve reached more people more regularly, and have a more loyal following.

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Before working with SocialBee, I had been wanting to share daily value posts across all my social media profiles for a long time, however, I never managed to get this done consistently. I also had a dormant Instagram profile and I wasn’t sure how to get more followers and engagement.

The benefit of a done-for-you social posting Concierge service for such a great price compared to the cost of hiring a VA to create daily posts made this really attractive for me.

I wasn’t sure how difficult the on-boarding process would be and whether my assigned SocialBee would know what kind of posts would work for my niche, but my dedicated social media bee, Ioana, is fantastic!

The style of posts is spot on, the quality is excellent and I’m getting lots of engagement on all my profiles.

People are commenting that they’re seeing me everywhere and this is thanks to Social Bee – it really is an excellent service at an amazing price. I also love that my daily posting is taken care of because this is something I’ve never been able to do consistently on my own. Big thumbs up from me!

The Instagram service is also getting good results and my followers have increased from 50 to over 500 in my first month.”

Since working with SocialBee, I’m getting good engagement (likes, comments) on my social posts and people have also contacted me offline to let me know they’re seeing me everywhere and enjoying my daily posts.

The SocialBee Concierge Social Media Specialist is a fantastic service that creates tailored daily social media posts and automatically posts to all your platforms.

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Before using SocialBee, I was looking for a tool that would allow me to automate having a wide yet focused reach on multiple social channels.

Even though I had uncertainty about my own social media strategy, I decided to use SocialBee as it came highly recommended by a trusted mentor. They have great customer service and an internal innovation strategy.

I get great value for money from using SocialBee’s tools and services and highly recommend it to anyone looking to create a coherent social media content strategy

Since working with SocialBee, I’ve grown a good size audience and have put a lot of valuable content out on 5 different platforms.

SocialBee offers social media marketing automation with a good mix of human interaction.

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Before working with SocialBee, I had an issue with managing posts and increasing user-engagement across my multiple social media platforms.

SocialBee is competitively priced compared to other solutions and offers more features than most other solutions. The bottom line is that you get more bang for your buck with SocialBee.

I have actually taken of SocialBee’s a la carte Concierge options in addition to their main platform.

SocialBee has saved me a tremendous amount of time by allowing me to easily post content across multiple social media platforms for an affordable price.

Since working with SocialBee, I have been able to post more content across multiple social media platforms in less time.

SocialBee makes it affordable and easy to grow your social media outreach efforts and increase the exposure of your business.

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I didn’t get on with Hootsuite and Buffer too well and didn’t have the funds for the more expensive but (and I’ve learned since) sometimes feature-poor alternatives.

SocialBee has been reliable, user-friendly and I haven’t needed to look elsewhere since I found them. It’s helped me automate social media posts for my clients and me.

SocialBee helps people post to various social media platforms at once and enable us to create a schedule for ongoing posting in a loop.

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I decided to use SocialBee because it is user-friendly, I like its graphic layout, and the fun messaging, besides the fact that it is very functional, efficient, and easy to use. It was love at first sight, just like after dating a long time with other potential partners.

I’m also really happy with the customer support service, and the friendliness of its members.

Since using SocialBee, I like to use social media and I don’t feel overwhelmed by the idea that I should be on social media for at least one hour a day.

SocialBee is a very user-friendly and effective social media organizer.

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Before working with SocialBee, I couldn’t stand scheduling posts for my social media profiles.

I’ve seen some reviews, but doubted it could really work as advertised – seemed too good to be true; so I researched it and watched videos and made my decision.

I am now convinced. Since working with SocialBee, I’ve been able to rest more and be at ease with posting.

SocialBee made my social media life much easier.

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Before working with SocialBee I was doing all of my posts manually.

I found SocialBee while I was looking for a social media scheduler.

They offered me great customer service, timely responses; updates, and more.

My work life is a whole lot easier! It makes my side business worth doing!

Hope Eden
CEO, The Organized Therapist
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Before using SocialBee, I was overwhelmed by social media!

The good price and ease of use convinced me to give SocialBee a try, even though I wasn’t sure how good you are but YOU ARE GOOD!

Now I can see how my media​ is laid out so I can adjust and move to better time slots if I need to.

Since working with SocialBee, my traffic is being generated even though I am not online 24/7 (I am human after all!).

SocialBee makes my life easier, and more controllable​.

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I love using Social Bee. It is easy to use and makes scheduling to social media a breeze.

It has made a huge difference in my social media presence.

Thanks, SocialBee, for doing what you do so well!

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I chose SocialBee because of all the possibilities it offers. Their posting calendar is great and I love the ability to import posts as CSV. I really needed to save time!

I am able to promote my new book and blog post thanks to automated social posts that save me time, money and headaches!

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I am a mom of three kids 4 and under, and I run a professional photography studio out of my home office. I don’t have time to sit down and write content for my blog. It takes me too long to plan out ideas and then formulate an outline. Then I have to fill in… not to mention the formatting and headline tags. Oh, have I mentioned pictures yet??? It takes me 4 hours to forever to post a successful article to my blog.

SocialBee really took the time to get to know what my needs were. I was super impressed with the first article they wrote – I only had to make a few minor tweaks.

SocialBee were really good at the onboarding and listening. You really got my messaging through all the questions you asked on the intake form. I was super impressed by the roadmap you sent me outlining my business better than I have. You nailed it!

SocialBee is a social media scheduling company that also helps with content curation and creation. If you need a scheduler for your own content, then they are great! If you need to create content, they can help with that too.They will save you a ton of time if you are willing to put in the time and effort up front to communicate what you want.

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Before working with SocialBee, I had challenges managing multiple social platforms and many sources of content to share. There are so many social media management tools it is hard to know which will live up to its claims. SocialBee is one of the few that does!!

SocialBee makes managing social media much easier.

I’m all about efficiency and SocialBee allows me to schedule content from a variety of sources, and distribute it across all of my channels. There is INCREDIBLE power in the curation and scheduling tools!

Since working with SocialBee, I have reduced the time and headspace dedicated to managing social media.

SocialBee is a service that is easy to learn, incredibly powerful, and incredibly configurable. A service that just works.

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I could not find a Social Media Auto-posting tool that would post to all my Facebook groups as well as all my 14+ pages. I run 5 Facebook groups and was manually creating posts for them each month, as you can imagine that took tons of hours and I could not get any real productive work done. Not to mention all of my multiple Twitter accounts.

Thank God for Social Bee literally saving me hours of my precious life. The team are awesome and it’s the best Social Media Auto-posting tool on the planet.

At first, it looked a bit daunting and took me a while to figure out, but once I did with the free onboarding session, I felt I can finally fly and truly automate all my business while I sleep. The future possibilities with Social Bee are endless.

SocialBee excels at customer service. The auto-posting tool is amazing. Posting to Facebook groups is the essential feature that I think other companies lack, because groups are where the credibility building happens, and those people are likely to buy your products and services the most, after you have nourished a relationship with those people in them, which requires you to be seen in them frequently, so thank you to Social Bee for allowing me to do that.

Since working with SocialBee I saved hundreds of hours, I managed to build and maintain a relationship with people in my groups and got tons of lead opportunities on Twitter.

Social Bee is the best Social Media Auto-posting tool I have ever used in my life.

Once you get used to it, it’s a lot easier to use than others and will save you hundreds of hours of your life, so you can be more productive in your business. It’s a great tool to use for your social media campaigns and their customer service is outstanding. If there is one company that can help make you money while you sleep, this is it.

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