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One of the biggest and time-consuming problems I had before SocialBee was having to schedule manually content every single day. I didn’t have a way to save some of the posts for future sharing or even create an evergreen queue to regularly share my own content.

I chose SocialBee first and foremost for its ease of use. It’s so easy to use, so intuitive that it doesn’t require you hours to learn how to use the app.

Second, having the “categories” feature is awesome. When you start using the app, you can create categories for different types of content. Then you only have to focus on adding content to those categories.

The best part is you see at every moment the type of content to be published next, in what category you should add more content and so on. You can literally create a social media sharing strategy directly in SocialBee.

And the third thing that made me choose SocialBee over any other tool out there was the speed with which the team works on improving and adding new features to the app. I haven’t seen anything like it.

Oh, and the awesome customer service. Thumbs up, guys!

SocialBee is the sweetest partner to work with, for sure. They did a lot of stuff I like. Here are my faves: always working on improving the app, making quick changes when algorithms change and keeping us in the loop, stellar customer service.

SocialBee is taking the stress out of my day regarding sharing my content and my clients’ content on social media. Now it’s fun to schedule content in advance. Plus I have more time to focus on creating content rather than spending time scheduling.

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I’ve never had the time to stock my social media queues and I was fed up with creating posts about my published articles again and again.

SocialBee was the first service that had a good price AND content libraries (content categories) and the ability to pull in third-party content via RSS feeds.

When we first started using them, in 2016, the user interface was a bit confusing, but it has become very tidy and fast to work with since.

I love the quick support, the focus on customer value and the ability to supercharge my work by booking additional concierge services.

I figure we are saving at least 4 hours a week of work. For us, that translates to savings of at least 2.000 € each month.

SocialBee is a no-brainer for us. I recommend it to every agency owner as well as to any entrepreneur who wants to put their brand awareness campaigns on social media on autopilot.

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My business was expanding. I had gone from it being just myself as a freelance marketing consultant to needing a team which is a nice problem to have.

Previously we had been pretty much managing all of the social media organically. We hadn’t used any scheduling system at all. We were doing everything day by day. We were planning ahead the content but we were not scheduling ahead.

When it was just me, I quite liked doing it that way, because I was always a little nervous of planning a bit too far ahead, not being organic, not being reactive to whatever was going on, but we were getting to the point where we were just too big to be able to manage that anymore.

When we were starting to look for a better way to plan and schedule the content for our customers, we had looked at HootSuite and briefly at Buffer. There is a limitation with everything.

With HootSuite, I liked the platform but it was just completely cost prohibitive for the level of use I wanted. It was going to be a really expensive investment that I just could not afford because of the number of different accounts that I may be doing only a small amount on.

Somebody recommended you, that’s why I got in touch with you guys so it was to potentially solve my scheduling issue.

SocialBee gave us a platform that we can do pretty much everything we wanted to do on, which is great, rather than use multiple different platforms.

SocialBee helped to free up our time as a reasonably large agency to be able to focus on the details knowing that the big picture is being covered.

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SocialBee’s customer service is great, I love the brand, and that the tools are continuously improving.

Since working with SocialBee, my clients are happier to be working with me, and I am winning back my time spent on organizing posts for various clients.

SocialBee takes the boring things out of my daily routine. It’s the best tool to handle your social media “buzz”.

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SocialBee is the perfect way to streamline the posting process, prepare a schedule and publish posts across platforms in an easier, more efficient way. This increased the efficiency and amount of posts that I make.

The SocialBee platform is intuitive and easy to use, I particularly like the ability to add directly into the schedule the posts I want to publish. SocialBee allows me to work with multiple social platforms, with easy scheduling and analytics all within one intuitive interface.

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We needed a robust system to manage evergreen posts for our small business clients. The concept of subject categories is genius. It enables us to devise unique combinations of posts, then spice them up with a few random posts.

Whenever working with a new supplier, reliability can be a big issue. But it was never an issue with SocialBee. The Concierge on-boarding is excellent and the system just works.

I now have a solid partnership on which to build my social media offering. SocialBee is the best tool for managing evergreen social media posts.

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I didn't believe anyone could make a Social App that didn't need to be fed like a baby. But — SocialBee has proved me wrong.

I was losing so much time creating posts and fresh content for myself and my clients. And also failing to make the most of the Google Business Profile accounts.

With SocialBee's evergreen content, Google Chrome extension, and Google Business Profile integration, we're able to save a ton of time and get much better reach across channels. So, I’ve definitely gained a tool that will help me grow my and my clients’ businesses.

It brings a fresh, time-saving approach when it comes to increasing online exposure. They’re friendly, helpful and even the CEO responds to emails.

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I needed to focus on growing my business, which requires me to take on a lot of different roles. I was looking for a platform that would automate my social media so I could increase my presence online.

I have used many other social media platforms in the past and I have been frustrated that they did not reach my audience as they claimed they would. I loved how SocialBee curated my content and released it during the optimal times that my audience would be able to engage with it.

SocialBee has far surpassed my expectations, and I am delighted.

I loved how easy the platform is to use, and the customer service is superior. I felt like a part of the SocialBee family, not a customer who paid and was left to wander the platform alone.

Since working with SocialBee, I have grown my audience and increased engagement.

SocialBee is, by far, the best social media platform I have worked with. The curated content and customer service options are superior and have made the task of engaging with potential clients online more fun.

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SocialBee is a product I was scouting for so long. I grabbed it and upgraded it to the level that will make sense for my agency.

The support is excellent and very understanding. They’re always willing to help, even though I may have repeated a couple of times, seeking answers.

It’s a cooperative beehive and a team that works to create a win-win situation for everyone.

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Before using SocialBee I had a hard time keeping track of and planning the content for myself and all of my clients’ social media profiles. SocialBee makes this process a lot easier!

Today I am using SocialBee for my client projects in order to manage the clients’ social media profiles and schedule their content.

SocialBee makes my work easier and my clients are very satisfied with the results.

I decided to use SocialBee because the product is very solid and it handles all the social media platforms I need. Initially, my biggest concern was related to SocialBee’s Instagram integration, but I’ve realized that setting it up is actually quite easy and now I use it daily.

I also LOVE the transparency of SocialBee: I can keep track of what is coming out on the SocialBee roadmap and see all of the new features the team is working on. I just love it how SocialBee keeps giving us (the users of SocialBee) awesome new features! I would only wish SocialBee was translated into other languages (as English is not my native language), but I’m sure this is coming down the road as well.

SocialBee makes it easier to post new content that inspires my audience which in turn brings me new clients. On top of this, using SocialBee to administrate my client projects saves me a lot of time.

Since working with SocialBee I’ve become more visible on social media.

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Not every business needs automated Social Media posting, but mine did and SocialBee had the best interface compared to other tools I tried. Therefore, I moved from another platform to SocialBee.

I needed to bring in RSS content from all sorts of places. I needed categories. I needed a scheduled posting. SocialBee has all that.

I was worried the interface would be terrible, or not make sense, or there would be too many clicks to accomplish simple tasks. But, the interface makes sense and the price is also great.

I can set it and forget it. I scheduled the content and I trust that SocialBee will be posting it for me. I don't need to check on SocialBee. SocialBee is an automated Social Media posting tool with a great calendar system.

I logged into my social accounts and saw new comments on the content SocialBee has posted for me. It's really nice. My followers counts have increased, and the amount of engagement on Twitter and LinkedIn has definitely increased.

They actively try to improve your outcomes by suggesting best practices for your campaigns. Bees are cool!

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