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What is LinkedIn? Should I have a LinkedIn account? What are the benefits of LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a social networking platform designed exclusively for business professionals. It allows users to highlight their skills and employment history, to share work-related information, as well as create and grow an online list of professional contacts.

Using this platform can help you stay in touch with past co-workers, exchange recommendations and find a new job or potential business partners. For HR professionals, the network is a useful recruiting tool where you can connect with top talent and meet your next hire.

Focused primarily on career growth and professional networking, LinkedIn allows you to post your work experience, accomplishments, referrals and updates in a resume-like format. It also encourages instant messaging, sharing and liking content, as well as using their career board to find and apply for jobs.

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The platform’s main features include the home page (where you get a news feed from the companies and professionals you’re following), your profile, your network (contact list), a job section (where new listings are posted every day; the recommendations that pop up on this page are tailored according to the information you included on your profile), and a search bar where you narrow down contacts and companies that are a great fit using customized filters.

The origin of the name is rooted in its networking functionality – it comes from the concept of being “linked” (engaged or connected) “in” to your professional network as a means of widening your range of opportunities and referrals. The platform is meant to help you increase both the quantity and the quality of career growth options and connections.

LinkedIn is an American-based business and service that is available both on mobile apps and as a desktop version. Founded in 2002, the website was officially launched on the 5th of May, 2003. With over 315 million users globally, LinkedIn has now become the go-to platform for business professionals all around the world.

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