What Is a ICYMI?

ICYMI definition

ICYMI (In Case You Missed It) is a new abbreviation that continues to grow rapidly in popularity especially on Twitter. However, this acronym has been around for quite some time now, as it was first mentioned in 2006 when Twitter was born as well.

In case you missed it, ICYM is a popular hashtag on Twitter that is trending and picking up steam as we speak. Because of the platform’s 140 character limit, the hashtag has become popular for its conciseness and the ideology behind it, which is to bring to the front old information that has been lost between piles of content.

When is ICYMI used?

It is usually used when people want to bring something to someone’s attention and point them in the direction of an online source so they can check it out in case they missed out on it.

This abbreviation is mentioned in all kinds of social media channels, in headlines, but in the copy of traditional media as well. It is not considered to be an acronym, but an abbreviation or an initialism.

People started to notice its proliferation quite slowly but the abbreviation started to pick up momentum on Twitter. At first, it was popular amongst professionals journalists and writers, who mostly used it for special situations such as books publishing or communicating important news.

While conducting research through online articles on ICYMI, experts have noticed that people started to find it quite common and present more and more on social media which led to feelings that range from neutral to negative. In today’s world, information spreads faster than ever, and some internet users stated that news can easily become irrelevant. Therefore, ICYMI comes in handy when people want to offer follow-up links to sources of pieces of information that are a few days old.

More and more institutions started to borrow it and integrate it into their content whenever they share an article or a piece of news. While some believe that this abbreviation is both useful and powerful, others think that it’s rapidly losing its essence and meaning.

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