Content Types and Ideas Guide

Did you ever wonder what type of content you should post on social media?

Read our Content Types and Ideas Guide and learn how to organize your
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Writing can be a puzzle.

A challenging puzzle composed of different relevant pieces you need to put together…in the right way.

The more pieces you get right, the greater the chance to achieve your full picture (in writing).

Content Types & Ideas is one piece you’ll need to add to your writing puzzle, so things would start falling into place.

In this guide, you’ll find all the pieces of this writing puzzle and deliver it to you as clear as possible.

Understanding what each piece does and how it helps you become a better writer/marketer is key in the writing process.

Content can be anything from a blog post, an eBook, infographic, to a video. Basically, it’s what everyone consumes on a daily basis to get informed or simply to be entertained.

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The only way to win at content marketing is for the reader to say: This was written specifically for me.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this guide:

1. Introduction to the Content Types and Ideas Guide

Just like with everything else, everyone responds to different stimuli. What speaks to me, may mean nothing to you.

That’s why it’s so important to find the type of content your audience prefers. Some love videos, others enjoy good reading.

2. How to Post the Content Your Audience Wants

Yes, it can be challenging to come up with new content on a regular basis.

Especially that content creation is a repetitive thing. But content is also key in marketing – for traffic, and of course search engine optimization. 

3. The Types of Content that Help You Tell Your Brand’s Story

Your brand story is essentially everything you do, each aspect of your business or brand – from the colors, the texture of your packaging and business cards, the office design you create, to the staff you hire is all an important part of your brand story. And the point of all these aspects, specific features is to reflect the reality about your brand, back to your target audience.

4. Product Marketing Content for Sales Enablement

But first, what is sales enablement?

Sales enablement has to do with creating alignment between marketing and sales. This means that it is extremely important that marketing and sales teams work together to identify critical questions customers have at different levels in the buyer’s journey.

5. What Content You Should Use on Each Network

If you thought you can create the same social media posts for all social platforms, think again.

Not all types of content need to be shared everywhere because not all types of content are suitable everywhere. That simple. But then what goes where?

Content Types and Ideas Guide

Create a solid content marketing strategy with different content types and ideas!

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