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What is Facebook? How does Facebook work? What is the purpose of Facebook?

Facebook is an online social media networking website launched in February 2004 where people can post and share information and photos about themselves as well as others. It represents an easy way of keeping in touch with family and friends through messages and online connections.

Currently, Facebook has different public features, such as Marketplace, where users can post certain items that are for sale; Groups, which allows members who have similar interests to come together and interact with each other; Events, where one can publicize an event that is due to happen and invite their friends or acquaintances; Pages, which aims at gathering people who share the same passions regarding a given topic to promote and build around a certain subject.

In order to use this platform, you must create a personal profile first and foremost, where you add information about yourself and then choose to make that information public or private, depending on your wants and needs. Once your profile is ready, you can receive and send friend requests, like pages, join groups, share events or photos, and more.

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Just like other social media websites, Facebook offers its users the possibility to keep their information private as well as blocking certain individuals with whom they might encounter difficulties. Members can always choose which part of their profile is public and determine exactly who can view their posts on their newsfeed.

Members can easily upload and share photos from your smartphone without any limitation of quantity, however, for security reasons, Facebook will remove any content that is inappropriate or copyrighted.

The interactive album feature allows users to tag individuals in their pictures as well as comment on each other’s photos. All these interactions are published on the NewsFeed, distributed in real-time, and are also visible to other members whom you already befriended.

In a nutshell, Facebook is a way to keep in touch with your friends and family or just your acquaintances while being one of the most popular social media sites in the world.

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