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Need actionable, step-by-step content that gets your readers to take action… but don’t want to write it yourself? How about a Content Mavericks step-by-step guide?

Our Content Writing Bees will write you a Content Mavericks style guide for $499. It will cover a single topic in-depth, like Content Mavericks blog posts do.
The guide will be 100% tailored to your business, SEO-friendly, and edited by a professional editor with whom you can even have a short interview to share more insights. 

Guide Creation Specialist Monthly

$ 499 per Guide
  • 3000+ Words
  • SEO-friendly Guide Structure
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Unlimited number of monthly guides

What to Expect?

 How does this work?

We’ll send you the Intake Form
Step #1
After you purchase one of the Guide Creation Specialist Services, we will send you an intake form you’ll have to fill in. The intake form has several questions about your business and your goals.
We’ll send you the Intake Form
Website and Socials Analysis
Step #2
In this stage we analyze the answers you provided us in the intake form. We’re also going to make attentive notes while examining your digital presence.
Website and Socials Analysis
Designated Bee
Step #3
You get introduced to your designated Content Writing Bee. They will be the ones in charge of creating and delivering your guide.
Upon introduction, they will present you with a comprehensive outline sketching the look, the tone and the info your guide-to-be will contain. They will not start your guide until you've given them the go on it.
Designated Bee
The guides
Step #4
We will craft the guides according to the information you provided us with in the intake.
But you can share with your designated bee any sort of materials you'd think would help them get a better idea of your desired end result.
The guides
Sit back and Relax
Step #5
We want our writing to reflect your vision. We're happy to hear your feedback and open to editing every guide that we create for you.
Sit back and Relax

Guide Creation


Word Count




Interview-Based Guide

Royalty-free Images

Guide Visuals

3 per 1000 words

1 After Title

In the Body

1 After Each Subtitle

Delivery Method

Google Docs Draft​

CMS of Choice Upload

$69 Add-on

PDF Design

$199 Add-On


Providing Edits Interval

2 Weeks

Implementing Edits Interval

5 Working Days


SEO-Friendly Guide Structure​

Optimized Titles & Subtitles

Initial Keyword Research

1 Primary Keyword

5-7 Secondary Keywords


Specialized Terminology

Social Media Posts

10 for $99 (Add-On)



Internal Links

1 per 1000 words

External Authoritative Links

2 per 1000 words


3000-word Guides



Any additional 1000 words

$99/1000 words

Quotation Created with Sketch.

I have to be honest, I have ordered a lot of articles before, and none of them were done to this level. I feel like lots of research went into what I have received, I love it.

Scott Hughes
Freedom Prepper


How exactly does it work?

After you fill out the intake form, it works like this:

1. The outline will be agreed upon.
2. The first 1,000 words will be delivered.
3. The second 1,000 words will be delivered.
4. The third 1,000 words will be delivered.

It’s generally 1 week between each stage. This is so you don’t get the whole thing back and don’t like it, the quality is always meeting your expectations and you can work with your content writing bee to give feedback for them to apply to the next 1,000 words, etc.

Do you have any writing samples?

Yes, we wrote this guide for Scott Hughes from Freedom Prepper. Scott specifically asked us to write a guide on the topic of “surviving natural disasters”. 

You can send us your topic like Scott, or we can find the best topic for you.

What is the average turnaround time?

Four weeks, unless you ask for it to be faster on the intake form. Great content takes time.

What sort of length of content would we be looking at for this here?

3,000 words. You can pay $99 per additional 1,000 words if you want longer.

Can I whitelabel it for my clients?

Yes, the deliverable is a Google doc so you can easily resell it to your clients. No one will ever know your secret weapon.

Will I have control over what’s created?

Yes, you will.

Once we finish the 1st draft (actually it’s more like the 2nd, as we first do internal editing and review before sending it to you), we send you the new guide via a Google Doc file, so you can easily comment and give us any feedback you might have.

Usually, after a couple of rounds of feedback, we get in sync with you, and most customers have little to no comments going forward.

You can further opt to have your guides uploaded and published to your CMS of choice. Your designated bee will send you the link to the published guide every time they upload a new one.

How can this be so accommodating?

We’re using internal trainings, tools, and procedures to really streamline our content creation activities. We’ve removed most of the overhead regular agencies have, and this allows us to offer this service at a convenient price.

Will we need to do the research on the title and keywords etc or will you all do that?

You can supply the topic you want to cover OR the content writing bee assigned to you will use the information you supply in the intake form to do the research for you. You can choose.

Is this generic “industry” content, or is this only for me?

You’re unique and we treat you as such.

The strategy and content are 100% tailored to your needs based on your existing content (mostly your website and other materials you can share) and your response in the intake form.

Where can I use the content you deliver via the Guide Creation service?

We usually deliver the guides in Google Docs (this way you can also easily provide exact feedback). You can then use the content as you want.

Most of our customers use this:

– on their website 

– in a newsletter

– or even as a guest post on another website.

Just make sure you let us know if they are not intended for your website, so we can craft the guide to suit your needs.

What’s the intake form?

The intake form is a small form that we ask our Concierge customers to fill out, so we can provide the best services. Shortly after you fill out the intake form and you become a customer, we’ll email you the link.

Depending on the service you have, the form will differ, but the main idea is for us to better understand your business and your needs.

Who writes this content?

Our amazing content writing bees.

These are real humans (we did not manage to train actual bees to write as well, yet) with experience in content writing and who are guided by an editor who helps them craft the best content for you.

What happens if I want some changes made?

You just comment directly in the Google Docs guide or email your Content Writer Bee. 

How Do I Get Started?

For any questions you might have, email us at

Step #1

For Monthly Guides and Add-Ons, go to our store here.

For One-Time Guides and Add-Ons, go to our store here.

Step #2

Select the number of guides/ add-ons you want to purchase and finish checkout. 

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