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Looking for a way to take your online presence to the next level? Look no further than Content Machine, our new content marketing service designed to help your business stand out from the competition.

Whether you’re looking to increase brand awareness, establish a stronger digital presence, or simply connect with your audience, Content Machine has you covered. With options for every budget and tiered services to meet your specific needs, we’re confident that our service will take your business to the next level. Get started with Content Machine today and start seeing results!

Content Machine Light

$ 1299 per Month, per Business
  • 10K Words per month
  • Upgrade, Downgrade, Cancel Anytime.
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Content Machine Standard

$ 1599 per Month, per Business
  • 10K Words per month
  • Upgrade, Downgrade, Cancel Anytime.
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Content Machine Plus

$ 1999 per Month, per Business
  • 12K Words per month
  • Upgrade, Downgrade, Cancel Anytime.
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

How It Works

Here’s what to expect: 

Tell Us About Your Business
Step #1
Choose the service type and get started. Once you've made a purchase, we will send you an intake form with several questions about your business and your goals.
Tell Us About Your Business
Meet Your Designated Bee
Step #2
After you fill in the intake form, you get introduced to your designated writing specialist. They will be the ones in charge of delivering your content and making sure that it fits your needs.
You will have a call to meet each other and discuss the next steps.
Meet Your Designated Bee
Reseach Phase
Step #3
This is when we have a look at the answers provided examine your digital presence. Then, based on these we will start crafting your Content Marketing Strategy .
Reseach Phase
The content
Step #5
As soon as we receive your feedback and finalize your customized Content Marketing Strategy, our team will get to work creating the content. We understand the importance of timely delivery and strive to provide you with the best possible service to meet your deadlines and exceed your expectations.
The content
Sit Back and Relax
Step #6
At the end of each month, we'll provide you with a comprehensive report that outlines everything that happened during the month and the results we were able to achieve.
Sit Back and Relax

content Machine

Content Machine Standard

Content Machine

Onboarding time

Two weeks

Two weeks

Two weeks

Monthly number of words

10 K

10 K

12 k

Keyword Research

Meta Description

SERP analysis

Content gap analysis (you VS competitors)

Optimizing non-ranking existing content


Custom Featured images

social media posts

1 per article

2 per article

3 per article

Customer calls
















Before working with SocialBee, I had been wanting to share daily value posts across all my social media profiles for a long time, however, I never managed to get this done consistently.

The SocialBee Concierge Social Media Specialist is a fantastic service that creates tailored daily social media posts and automatically posts to all your platforms.

It really is an excellent service at an amazing price. I also love that my daily posting is taken care of because this is something I’ve never been able to do consistently on my own.

Caroline Labour
Money Mindset Expert, Personal Empowerment Academy
SocialBee SMS sample

Download a Sample of the Service

See some of the posts our social media specialists create for our SMS clients by downloading the sample below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens during the Onboarding stage?

The onboarding takes place right after you purchase the service. This is when we do most of our research about your business, when we have an initial call with you and also when we work on your Content Marketing Strategy.

Can I customize my Content Machine service to fit my specific needs?

Yes, each Content Machine service is tailored to the specific needs of the client. While there is a standard procedure that is followed, the services provided can be customized based on the client’s requirements.

Will I have direct communication with the Content Machine team during the writing process?

Yes, clients will have direct communication with the Content Machine team during the writing process. This allows for feedback and revisions to be provided quickly and ensures that the final product meets the client’s needs.

How long does it typically take to produce a piece of content, and what is the process for revisions?

The timeline for producing a piece of content can vary depending on the complexity of the project and the client’s requirements. Revisions can be made during the writing process based on the client’s feedback and may be subject to additional charges or possible delays, which will be communicated, depending on the specific situation.

How experienced are the writers who will be creating content for my Content Machine service?

The writers who will be creating content for your Content Machine service are highly experienced and skilled professionals with a deep understanding of writing and digital marketing. They have a proven track record of creating high-quality content that is engaging and effective.

What types of businesses or individuals would benefit most from using Content Machine?

Content Machine is designed for businesses and individuals who need high-quality, customized content to enhance their online presence and reach their target audience. It is particularly useful for businesses that have limited resources for content creation and need a reliable and efficient solution.

Can I do this myself?

How much time will it take you to get things right and how will this lack of focus affect your core business activities? Or how long would it take you to recruit, and train somebody else for this? Then what will you do when they go on holiday, are sick, or decide to quit? You’ll have to start that process all over again.

The business of business is business. Let us take care of your content so you can focus on the rest. It will cost you less than your time’s worth. Besides, we really know how to create great content 😉

Can I cancel my Content Machine service at any time, or is there a minimum commitment period?

You can cancel your Content Machine service at any time. There is no minimum commitment period or long-term contract required. We believe in providing our clients with flexible solutions that meet their needs, and we understand that circumstances can change over time.

How does Content Machine differ from other content creation services available in the market?

Content Machine differs from other content creation services in its customized approach, tailored to each client’s unique needs. It offers three tiers of service, each with its own level of complexity and features, and the team works closely with clients to ensure that their content is effective and targeted to their specific audience.

How do I know that the content created by Content Machine will be effective in reaching my target audience?

Content Machine uses a proven process to ensure that the content created is effective in reaching your target audience. This includes keyword research, optimizing for search engines, and creating content that is engaging and informative. Additionally, the team will work with you to create a content marketing strategy that is tailored to your specific goals.

Is this generic “industry” content, or is this only for me?

You’re unique and we treat you as such. The strategy and content are 100% tailored to your needs based on your existing content (mostly your website and other materials you can share) and your responses in the intake form.

How do you generate the content?

We use your existing content (website, brochures, etc), our own creativity, a variety of tools – free, paid, and internal, plus multiple internal trainings and procedures to generate the best content for your business.

Do I need a SocialBee Platform license?

Not necessarily. You can purchase this service without using one of our SocialBee platform subscriptions. If this is the case, please get in contact with us at and we will make it happen.

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